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I can't believe it took me this long to add the 'we found badspot's stock sound effect cd' thread to the list, that was a super big deal and i just completely slept on adding it for all this time

everyone cared when it was posted but forgot about it not long afterwards

I've just been very busy this year, so when the initial excitement died down, i ended up forgetting about it i guess

boy howdy do i love the fact that my stupid middle-high school self made some entries on here

this thread always makes me sad qq

Man that time I ratted out Zapk was fun

God i remember the stupid stuff i posted on here back in 2013-2015, i feel a great sense of regret along with the regret of making a stupid username for the forum.

this thread always makes me sad qq
Me too, but I always try to be happy I was here to witness the weird and amazing stuff that's happened here, lol. This place is gonna stick with me for a looong time.

I picked a nice time to log back on a whim for nostalgia's sake lmao

Does have a good chunk of the forum saved or is this place going to die slowly from mismanagement and be lost forever

edit: jk i read more of the thread, looks like a lot of you are saving what you can, awesome to hear <3 consider me interested in a full copy of an archive btw, im updating my storage and gotta fill it with cool stuff
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Where we dropping, boys

aight bro i get that you dont like me and dont want to link my post but this joke makes absolutely 0 sense unless youre linking to my thread

never mind yall i misinterpreted the post and only saw the link in the quote

never mind yall i misinterpreted the post and only saw the link in the quote
ass whooped.

Almost forgot about this thread, i thought the last post was in October