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Someone needs to archive the forums in case it gets surprise-shutdown.
surprise buttsecks  :panda:

Someone needs to archive the forums in case it gets surprise-shutdown.
no thanks

the saga has come to a close

Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): so here's the scoop
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): So obviously yes that whole situation was just a really low effort gag at Tony's expense
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Few clarifications though
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): 1. I never actually got banned for it (check the original post, it's still there with the dead image hosting link and everything). I wasn't silently banned either - or at least I wasn't in the following month that I was active for
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): 2. I very much doubt that anyone else could see it bar Tony. The script was set up to explicitly test for his IP which I got from his blockland server.  I tested it with several people beforehand
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Also the fact that I wasn't banned really means that badspot/rotondo/whoever couldn't see it when they started reporting me
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): My running theory is that tony was in a discord with those kids that started posting about it (tito and whatever) and just posted a screenshot
Foxscotch: that's pretty interesting
Foxscotch: it's been about three years since then so I obviously don't remember exactly what I was thinking, but at least based on my posts I never guessed that it was specifically targeted at tony's IP
Foxscotch: I'd just assumed you changed the image after getting confirmation that he saw it
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Yeah nah I wanted to avoid actual children seeing it so I went with a simple PHP script targeted at Tony specifically
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Originally I was going to do it over a MUCH longer term, like register the website a year in advance to avoid suspicion
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): but in the end I was going to quit the BLF anyway so I just went with it knowing they'd figure it out quickly (still took them longer than I anticipated)
Foxscotch: one of my earlier posts in the thread was about how easy it would be to fake a video like the ones they'd had, and I went as far as to do it myself when someone expressed doubt
Foxscotch: but I'm not confident that zelau or any of the others would have had that idea, or the (granted, minor) technical knowledge required to pull it off
Foxscotch: so it was probably just tony's recording
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Yep  100%
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): unless those kids share his IP
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): The whole thing ended up being a bit of a dud because I didn't get banned, that's why I just left ultimately
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): badspot has really let the place go
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): So yeah fun little piss-take at Tony's expense but not much more
Foxscotch: at the time I'd made that post I was firmly on the side that you didn't do it
Foxscotch: but that changed over the course of the thread as I and others were taking a closer look at the site itself
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Haha yeah I actually felt terrible when people started defending me
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Drydess especially I think took a hard line on my side
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): I did think that checking the site registration was going to be the first thing everyone did but was surprised they didnt at first

Foxscotch: I'll make another post in my thread with the confirmation in case anyone else was interested, if you don't mind. but if it's a big deal for some reason then I won't lol. mostly I was just curious for myself
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): yeah go for it, happy for you to post whatever out of this
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): i'm sure people will dispute whether or not they could see the pic but i'm 100% positive that's all BS
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): as for why I haven't logged in, I purposefully changed the email and pass to some random junk string to stop myself in case I got tempted to come back lol, but yeah last I was on I wasn't banned

and to be clear that is his actual steam display name right now i did not add that myself

Wooooow I'm actually pretty sad I missed that, must have been during the time I forgot my password for like 2-3 years?