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Someone needs to archive the forums in case it gets surprise-shutdown.
surprise buttsecks  :panda:

Someone needs to archive the forums in case it gets surprise-shutdown.
no thanks

the saga has come to a close

Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): so here's the scoop
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): So obviously yes that whole situation was just a really low effort gag at Tony's expense
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Few clarifications though
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): 1. I never actually got banned for it (check the original post, it's still there with the dead image hosting link and everything). I wasn't silently banned either - or at least I wasn't in the following month that I was active for
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): 2. I very much doubt that anyone else could see it bar Tony. The script was set up to explicitly test for his IP which I got from his blockland server.  I tested it with several people beforehand
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Also the fact that I wasn't banned really means that badspot/rotondo/whoever couldn't see it when they started reporting me
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): My running theory is that tony was in a discord with those kids that started posting about it (tito and whatever) and just posted a screenshot
Foxscotch: that's pretty interesting
Foxscotch: it's been about three years since then so I obviously don't remember exactly what I was thinking, but at least based on my posts I never guessed that it was specifically targeted at tony's IP
Foxscotch: I'd just assumed you changed the image after getting confirmation that he saw it
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Yeah nah I wanted to avoid actual children seeing it so I went with a simple PHP script targeted at Tony specifically
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Originally I was going to do it over a MUCH longer term, like register the website a year in advance to avoid suspicion
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): but in the end I was going to quit the BLF anyway so I just went with it knowing they'd figure it out quickly (still took them longer than I anticipated)
Foxscotch: one of my earlier posts in the thread was about how easy it would be to fake a video like the ones they'd had, and I went as far as to do it myself when someone expressed doubt
Foxscotch: but I'm not confident that zelau or any of the others would have had that idea, or the (granted, minor) technical knowledge required to pull it off
Foxscotch: so it was probably just tony's recording
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Yep  100%
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): unless those kids share his IP
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): The whole thing ended up being a bit of a dud because I didn't get banned, that's why I just left ultimately
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): badspot has really let the place go
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): So yeah fun little piss-take at Tony's expense but not much more
Foxscotch: at the time I'd made that post I was firmly on the side that you didn't do it
Foxscotch: but that changed over the course of the thread as I and others were taking a closer look at the site itself
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Haha yeah I actually felt terrible when people started defending me
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): Drydess especially I think took a hard line on my side
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): I did think that checking the site registration was going to be the first thing everyone did but was surprised they didnt at first

Foxscotch: I'll make another post in my thread with the confirmation in case anyone else was interested, if you don't mind. but if it's a big deal for some reason then I won't lol. mostly I was just curious for myself
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): yeah go for it, happy for you to post whatever out of this
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): i'm sure people will dispute whether or not they could see the pic but i'm 100% positive that's all BS
Boltster (The Horse's Mouth): as for why I haven't logged in, I purposefully changed the email and pass to some random junk string to stop myself in case I got tempted to come back lol, but yeah last I was on I wasn't banned

and to be clear that is his actual steam display name right now i did not add that myself

Wooooow I'm actually pretty sad I missed that, must have been during the time I forgot my password for like 2-3 years?

The Blockland Forums reaches a record low of 8 posts on April 4th
Let's go!

Man, how did we ever deal with 100+ threads and more than 6,000 or 7,000 posts per day years ago? That seems so crazy to think about nowadays

The doomsday clock is set at 8 posts from midnight

Man, how did we ever deal with 100+ threads and more than 6,000 or 7,000 posts per day years ago? That seems so crazy to think about nowadays
yeah its kinda surreal just how much traffic this place had

i remember complete 50 page drama threads just coming and going within a day without myself understanding any of the memes that came out of it

it was wild

the drama board is a different plane of existence at this point

remember when topics grew so fast you'd get that message warning about 10+ new unread posts

There were times, especially during drama threads, where you couldn't even post because that warning would keep preventing your post from going through, so a lot of people just ended up disabling that warning