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Author Topic: B.F.B.B-2 [No Longer Interested]  (Read 256275 times)

TheMrDoors ignores the battle and continues towards the mountains.
i meant keep going till i arrive at the battle when you gave me the option to turn back but ok i guess

if i'm not at the battle then head there

if i am, stab the enhanced runner

Throw the pencil of doom again

SOBP fires an incendiary round to the general vicinity of the attacking group

The Orbital deployment module fires a carepackage around the players.

Assistant drone finishes the LTS

I begin constructing a hangar to the space station.
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Just forget that enchanced runner's stuff up

Upgrade MG42 To Laser MG42, witch takes 3 rounds to upgrade

Glue spikes all over myself.

A new challenger approaches! Its a duck that can talk. It can fly fast as well
It has low health.
It poops out very strong acid crap on the gilder!

Turn 58 Results

AL-22 orders the T-70 to shoot down the Glider.

T-70 fires it's main cannon at the Glider. Inflicting 180 physical damage.

TableSalt slams a hammer into the First Runner. Inflicting 70 physical damage and shattering the ice, doubling the damage.

Redconer leaps at the Glider, delivering multiple airborne kicks to it's head, inflicting 125 physical damage.

AverageDude offers the Enhanced Runner a hotdog. It accepts his gift, overcompensating in it's hospitality. It consumes the hotdog and his arm.

TheMrDoors Heads back towards the battle.

Failbros2 throws the pencil of doom again! The Enhanced Runner once again falls over and takes 150 physical damage.

Nicepoint begins constructing a Hanger.

Bloo Kirby the 2nd headshot's the Enhanced Runner. Inflicting 210 CRITICAL DAMAGE.

ZeUberMedic begins upgrading the MG42 to a laser version.

shinyarceus4 glues spikes all over his body.

A talking duck stuffs acidic crap onto the Glider. Inflicting 110 physical damage.

The O.D.M delivers a care package to the players. This package opens upon arrival, providing a Player-wide damage bonus for the next cycle.

S.O.B.P fires an Incendiary Round towards the enemy group. It detonates midair, shrouding the attacking group in hot incendiary flame and napalm. All enemies catch fire.

AEGIS-1 delivers focused laser fire on the Enhanced Runner. Inflicting 95(+10%) energy damage.

AEGIS-2 focuses fire on the Glider. Inflicting 110(+10%) energy damage.

AEGIS-3 delivers it's aggression upon the First Runner. Inflicting 105(+10%) energy damage.

HVACS-4 focuses fire on the Glider. Inflicting 130(+10%) physical damage.

The Goliath Tank fires it's Quad-Cannon at the Glider. Inflicting 160 physical damage.

The Ice Warriors fire Frigid Missiles at the First Runner. Inflicting 95 ice-element damage.

The Ice Golem crushes the First Runner beneath it's Frozen Fist. Inflicting 215 physical damage.

Hive Incursion
Wave 1-of-3

Enhanced Runner

The Enhanced Runner is turned into a smoldering pile of flesh.


The Runner is flattened into a pancake by the ice golem's fist.


The runner shatters into many pieces.


The Glider is blown to pieces by the goliath tank.

The Research Pen will be complete on Turn 59

The Hanger will be completed on Turn 60.

The First Wave has fallen! The second wave will approach soon. Now is the time to patch up and prepare!

The assistant drone helps me build the hangar and it is finished this turn.

Production quarters assembles a Deployable shield generator that can be launched through the ODM

I load both tanks with fresh ammunition.

The duck starts thinking of a good insult, as well as encouragement for his allies.

Equip myself some special footwear.