What should the next "Edition" title be called?

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8 (33.3%)
6 (25%)

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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 60362 times)

yes, i'll be the backup speaker at parties.

push the button and you gain expert level knowledge on any topic you like; but you become legally handicapped in other topics which aren't essential (e.g. breathing, walking, talking, etc).

yes. the contents of the internet is my topic

press button for pizza but it has pineapples


press for maps to come back, but you can only play blockland by using telnet

maps aren't coming back

have the ability to fit ANYTHING in your ass but your family disowns you because you are famous from having the ability to fit ANYTHING in your ass


gain the ability to dish out inconceivable amounts of energy/power at will from your body, but one hit from something substantial and you die instantly


if you press the button, , if you dont,

the button is also immune to any damage


you gain a lifetime supply of your favorite foods but you immediately lose your sense of taste before you take the first bite

...obviously not...

you get perfect skin but dermatologists hate you and will try to assassinate you


Press the button and you can ride in a personal rocket, however, the Jimmy Neutron theme plays in very loud ear rape everytime you use it, only ending when you stop riding.

yes. ear plugs are nice

press the button to end the world


world ended

press the button to colonize mars, but it's already inhabited by roosterroaches

aaaaah forget no

press the button to instantly dissolve any and all large multinational corporations or monopolies but you instantly become ineligible to get a job, start a business or make money for the rest of your life

Yes, i can never get a job anyways

Press to have all of your hopes and desires granted, but your childhood bully comes by and takes half of it and gives you a wedgie

no tthats dumb

press the button to


Press button to get  :cookie: but  :cookieMonster: is all like  :panda: