What should the next "Edition" title be called?

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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 57231 times)

Yes, just buy a protection force.

Press the button and you get humanity unified under you however 50 years later, one of your children kills you and then humanity gets incredibly religious and purges what they consider heretics which can include other lifeforms and random people.


get however money you want but every dollar is one day off your life

No, cause if I get One Billion Dollars, I would die instantly.

Press this button, and all toxic fanbases are immediately clensed and are now "purified", meaning no more innapropriate fanart, no more kids, and no more spam. However, the purified fanboys are now immediately way smarter than the average human being, and if you were to even become a fanboy of something you like, you are looked down upon no matter what.


if you press the button you will have a lego set but the lego set has one piece missing
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if you press the button you will have a lego set but the lego set has one piece missing

eh, sure

You can move to any country you want, but the borders will blacklist you from exiting the country.


you will get one million dollars, but they will be a mile away and will be set on fire in 10 minutes of you pressing the button

yes because i can just move to the money and press the button

if you press the button you will create a paradox

No lol why would I ever press it

There is a behavior card day at your school, however, there is a 75% chance that you will get a bad card.

(NOTE: Here is the legend, Blue: 1 Week off school, Green: 2 Days off school, White: Nothing Happens, Pink: 10 Minute Detention, Yellow: 1 Hour Detention, and Red: Expelled for 3 months and you will have lots of homework to do.)

no because i don't want to experience goanimate

if you press the button net neutrality is permanently set in place globally but ajit pai will haunt you

press that stuff, imma exorcise his ass

if you press the button you will disappear from the world, as though you never existed so no one feels any grief or misses you

no because i don't know what would happen to me and that's incredibly sad pomp, do you need like a hug or something???

you push the button and you get something completely random, but if you don't you'll never know what will happen if you pressed it. can you take a lifetime of wondering if pushing the button could have given you a ton of money?

forget you press it

if you press the button you will say yes

press it

if you press this button you will realise badspot has a family he is taking care of
and how you shouldnt have been rushing him to update his game
and how family comes first

Yes then I'll show this to everyone.

If you press the button, [You need Blockland Gold to view this message.], however, [You need Blockland Silver to view this message.]

Ah, nice to see another Blockland Gold member. yes, ill press the button

If you press this button you get $100 million with only 1 string attatched: the one you love most is $100 million in debt