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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 60251 times)


If you press the button you can rewind time but only to just before you pressed the button


If you press, you get to visit anywhere in the world for a month with full expenses paid, but must then spend a week in CIA territory with nothing but your clothes.

If you press the button you can rewind time but only to just before you pressed the button

also I know it wasn't my turn but this is loving useful, you basically get a free save state for your life that you can go back to and use as many times as you like, and if you don't want to have the power anymore you can decide to stop at any time, there's no downside to this

Was gonna press it, but then you mentioned CIA.

Press the Button, and North Korea will explode, killing everyone inside. South Korea then takes up North Korea's land (since the explosion wasn't nuclear), and change their name to "The Land of Korea". However, Russia will launch their nukes at all of the countries for seemingly no reason whatsoever, with a single nuke on each country at a random location.


if you press the button you have to read the god of small things

why not, seems like a decent read

if you press the button you get the power to fly freely, like superman, but you must sing "I believe I can fly" as loudly as you can for as long as you fly, and everyone within 10 miles can hear you clearly. If you stop singing, you fall.

wouldn't work because every time i try to think of the words to that song it turns into the pina colada song and i would fall to my death

if you press the button you gain all the knowledge, HOWEVER this means you'll know what yer parents having secks looks likie...

pressing it because southern matters

ascend to physical matters which has never been seen before on this planet earth and have the most magnificent body that aliens go stay on Earth just because they're wet on loving you but you can't get a big tiddy goth gf

who needs a big tiddy goth gf when you look like a mf pillar man, press that button

press to have your body go invisible until you die a la the invisible man

no, cause the consequences are so vague and, so, uh, invisible that it's driving me crazy.

all neuro-degenerative diseases are wiped off the face of the planet, but there will be another ebola outbreak in the U.S., this time, in your home state.

no, i dont wanna get even more loving sick

press to have 5 million dollars, but you cant spend it on anything but applesauce

ill loving solve world hunger bitch

million dollars but your legs bend backwards for the rest of your life

press then i can spend it all on fixing my legs

press to gain 25 years on your life but you lose both thumbs

no, I like my thumbs

press to never feel pain ever again, no matter how severe