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Opening Blurb

It’s finally here! Capture the Base is a new TDM gamemode that has been in development for the last few months. Two teams battle for control of a central base. Once one side gains control, they must defend the base from the opposing team in order to win. The minigame will feature classes for defenders, which remain constant during gameplay. Attackers choose a weapon path, which upgrades their weapons as time passes. Defenders can turn on the power to lockdown the capture point for an added layer of security. While attackers have C4 to breach new ways into the base. More information on the lockdown, C4, and other mechanics are laid out below.


As a defender, you have the ability to lockdown the capture point. Doing this will seal two of the three doors into the capture point room for 45 seconds. The lockdown requires special power to function. Everytime ownership of the base changes, the power is reset. In order to use the lockdown, the power must be on and someone has to hit the lockdown button. The lockdown can also be shut off any time if the power is turned off. However, use caution. If the attacking team overruns the base and the power is on, they can turn on the lockdown and make it hard to defend!

Using C4 and Breaching

There are marked ‘breach points’ around outside and inside the base. These points are meant to provide easier pathways to the capture point, power, and to surprise the enemy. To use them you need the C4 item. Place the C4 on the breach point and wait for the timer. The C4 will blow a hole in the wall, creating a new path. These breaches will stay blown until the base ownership changes, or defenders win.

Classes and Paths

A ‘class’ is the term used to describe the loadout system for defenders. Classes are pre-defined loadouts that players can choose. Defender classes are picked once and stay the same until they either win the game, or lose control of the base. A ‘path’ is essentially a class but tuned differently for attackers. Attackers choose their path the same way defenders choose a class. Attackers cannot change their path until they either lose the game or capture the base from the defenders. Attacker paths are special because they include weapon levels. Players start with the lowest level and automatically get upgraded to higher levels and better weapons as time passes. (We’re talking an upgrade about every 2-4 mins most of the time. It depends on the total players in the minigame). Specific classes and paths are laid out below.

Defender Selections
  • Ranger
    • -HK: Ranger
    • -HK: Walter PPK
    • - Twenty HP Quake Shield

  • Predator
    • -HK: MP5K
    • -HK: M9 Silenced
    • -Combat Knife
  • Trooper
    • -HK: M16
    • -Fragment Grenade
    • -Pill

Attacker Selections
  • Veteran
    • - HK: Scar-H
    • - HK: M1911
    • - Pill
  • Rush
    • - HK: FAD
    • - T+T Conc' Grenade (2)
    • - Combat Knife

  • Breacher
    • - HK: Mac-10
    • - C4 Explosive
    • - Syringe

PlayFlow Diagram

Build Gallery

Server Administration

E The Brighter Dark (2227)
E Conan (4928)
E Buddy (28116)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Herecy (216)
Sylvanor (378)
Faraday (1481)
Floppy (1681)
E Crown (2143)
Khaz (2973)
SphericalCube (7504)
Smallguy (9373)
bµbbler (9772)
Whirlwind (8429)
E Pah1023 (12247)
WALDO (13063)
Jakob (14941)
Ostinyo (15269)
Mega Bear (15972)
-Qiw- (17849)
secret man (19388)
DragonoidSlayer (29131)
Allun Pentax (30881)
TF141 Ghost (31788)
Knox (34242)
E Visolator (48980)

Server Rules

Do not spam in any form.
Report any abusive players, admins, glitches, events, etc.
Use common sense and show everyone respect.
If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from above.


  • The Brighter Dark - Main build, Gamemode
  • Buddy - Core gamemode code
  • Pah1023 - C4, Item display, bricks
  • -Qiw- - Build Dev / Planning
  • TF141 Ghost - Build Dev / Props
  • Floppy - Build Dev / Props
  • Smallguy - Build Dev
  • jemmykanga23 - Build Dev
  • Steee - Build Dev
  • Blockking124 - Build Dev
  • spuds - Build Dev
  • Allun Pentax - Screenshots
  • Jakob - Screenshots
  • Dragonoid Slayer - Screenshots
  • Lego Lad - Hiding the treasure chests
  • }[Crazy]{ - Event Help
  • Drake - being cool

There's even more to see on the server, Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to add in!

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forget yess!! the build for this is seriously one of the best I've ever seen. I can't wait to play on this will a full server, it's gonna be amazing.

hey you forgot sponsored by researchHub

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keep in mind that HK's recoil falloff makes the guns stuffty at all medium to long range combat

also one thing i notice: predator and ranger have identical roles in terms of their gameplay style. ideally you'd want to have one flanking class on defenders, who can circle around attackers unnoticed and unleash damage at the maximum level. close range makes the most sense because there's less time for you to be spotted by an enemy if you pop around a corner and blast them away.

ranger is probably a shotgun class as i understand, which means it already fulfills the flanking role. but predator appears to be a discount stealth class with the silenced guns and the combat knife. they both fill the same niche in your game but ranger is superior both in technique and mechanics. it promotes guerrilla play styles and makes use of hallways and corridors in level design. meanwhile the combat knife basically does the same thing but is even more dangerous for the wielder (getting 5tu close is a lot to expect from people), and the silenced weapons pale in comparison to a shotgun because you already have a huge first-shot advantage with the shotgun anyways so pelting enemies with silenced gunfire will deal less bulk damage than the shotgun in the time before the enemy notices and has time to fight back.

i suggest you merge ranger and predator into one flank-stealth class, and replace the missing class vacuum with a trapper/sentry/surveillance class that will suppress key choke points and stuff...

Ranged Path for attackers seems incredibly useless for an offensive playstyle. Since defenders' most advantageous location will be inside bases, there wont be much need for a long-range attacker. It really has to do with your map design, but based on the information above i'd say a sniper is useless. Replace with an aoe/healer would make better use of offensive capabilities (healer is supportive but that strengthens your teammates' offense so it counts)
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Saw the build in game. Can report that it looks absolutely incredible.

this seems pretty heckin awesome :o

Can confirm that this build rocks! Can’t wait to play on it, should be lots of fun! Great work as always. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, i'm looking into changing some stuff around.

Build has been posted

damn that build looks insanely good
i love the team signs too

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