Which CRP server was the best?

Yorktown95 Mar 2012
Wink Jul 2012
Furdle Aug 2012
Jasa Feb 2013
Yorktown95 Jun 2013
Yorktown95 Apr 2014
CRP2 July 2019

Author Topic: CRP2 - Update Pg8  (Read 72450 times)

Okay! Keep me in mind for beta. I'd love to try it :P

holy heck that looks fire (made image smaller using URL magic)

also you should count me in for testing, I've been told that I've got a good pair of eyes for finding bugs
Blockland name/BLID and discord tag's on my forum profile

I put way too much effort into the sublot visualizer

Construction on the beta city has begun. Estimated opening: late December to January. If you have already contacted me about playing the beta I might message you about some 1 on 1 testing in the upcoming weeks.

I think I will crawl out of my grave for this :)

cityrp zombies in this thread

hi Custard
hi Suburb

Still waiting on some models before I can start the beta test, then we can start the beta test sometime soon after that probably.

sorry im handicapped, ill try to fix my brain tonight

This gamemode, and your work is fantastic. I commend you.

sorry im handicapped, ill try to fix my brain tonight

Sums up my own life pretty well, except my brain is un-fixable :)

Sorry for the delay guys. I really was trying to aim for a January opening but my work keeps promoting me >:(
Anyways I should have something up by the end of March for sure.

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