Should the Drifting Supra's be Right-Hand-Drive? (Steering wheel on PASSENGER side of car)

Yay! European Integration
Nay! Keep it all to one side.

Author Topic: NightHawk's Development Log - Pagani Zonda F "Voltage" (Pg. 4)  (Read 2663 times)

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It's happening

I have 5 projects/cars that I would like to release in the next "batch" of addons; some are new to the crew, some to be polished up.

Starting with my childhood-favorite supercar: The Pagani Zonda F.

Ingame name to be decided: Voltage

This is by-far the proudest I have ever been when it has come to modeling vehicles. The Zonda is such a unique project that it took me TWO. DAYS. to get this model done, and it was worth the challenge!

+ Optimized interior details
+ Minimal set of CVS parts (The gray sides might be temporary?)
+ One Variant, AWD

fcking insaaaaaaaane quality vehicle

I have to say dude, that Zonda is your magnum opus, incredible work so far!

Update 1.1.0 of the Nakata Aseed Released


Badge and Vehicle Title on the Rear

Interior Updates

And Gauges on the Dashboard!