Author Topic: Anyone just remember an old name and wondered what happened to them?  (Read 19506 times)

what about lil ol Ana 🤷‍♀️

ana is just zapk/subpixel

magick mage was really something man. I was a part of the AoB clan in which he was a senior member of. (one of the oldest building clans even back in the day)

The leader, General Jake actually responded last time I brought AoB up but i missed his PM :(

i miss all of them

stratton and i keep in tabs a bit!

magick mage was literally a saint. the most friendliest person on this game to be honest. i think he was in iEvent at some point too. i do miss them all :(.

Heya, I'm 3 Admin Server 3 (BL_ID 21009), I used to play alot back in the day especially in RP servers. I'm just going through a bit of a nostalgia trip and it's so weird/a bit emotional to see a load of people's usernames mentioned that I can recognise. I doubt many will remember me, but if there are those who do I would love to get back in touch. I cannot name many usernames but some I do remember: Bsc54/Annie (pretty sure they were the same person tbh), Matrix Dude, Undead Knight and Daniel S.

Also if there are any people who knew Bladeboy, I'm still very close friends with him so hit me up if you wanted to talk.

Love ya guys, it was something really special to be apart of this niché community. Maybe see you in another few years.

Hey man, I remember you! Wow it's been so long I don't even know how we knew each other, but I definitely recognize the name. I think we built some stuff together? I don't know where the time went hahaha. Hope you're doing well!