Author Topic: Anyone just remember an old name and wondered what happened to them?  (Read 46980 times)

what about lil ol Ana 🤷‍♀️

ana is just zapk/subpixel

magick mage was really soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning man. I was a part of the AoB clan in which he was a senior member of. (one of the oldest building clans even back in the day)

The leader, General Jake actually responded last time I brought AoB up but i missed his PM :(

i miss all of them

stratton and i keep in tabs a bit!

magick mage was literally a saint. the most friendliest person on this game to be honest. i think he was in iEvent at some point too. i do miss them all :(.

Heya, I'm 3 Admin Server 3 (BL_ID 21009), I used to play alot back in the day especially in RP servers. I'm just going through a bit of a nostalgia trip and it's so weird/a bit emotional to see a load of people's usernames mentioned that I can recognise. I doubt many will remember me, but if there are those who do I would love to get back in touch. I cannot name many usernames but some I do remember: Bsc54/Annie (pretty sure they were the same person tbh), Matrix Dude, Undead Knight and Daniel S.

Also if there are any people who knew Bladeboy, I'm still very close friends with him so hit me up if you wanted to talk.

Love ya guys, it was soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning really special to be apart of this niché community. Maybe see you in another few years.

Hey man, I remember you! Wow it's been so long I don't even know how we knew each other, but I definitely recognize the name. I think we built some stuff together? I don't know where the time went hahaha. Hope you're doing well!

damn this thread made me emotional. i wonder how many homies i placed baseplates next to aren't with us anymore.
I've made a couple of posts about this before

I've posted about the stats b4

information from these two posts
it's closer to 100k at this point* but it's probably safe to say that well over half of them are bots. probably even more than that
*uh, what. I guess maybe that 13k difference is deleted accounts?

pretend edit: so it looks like 16385 members have at least one post. probably all of those are not bots, and it seems reasonable to me to say that someone who never posted was never really here in the first place, and therefore couldn't have left
even at the peak of users online at one time (1608), that was only like 10%, and all the rest can be assumed to have left by the time that happened
the average online per day is about 400, and that may be skewed by rare occurences of numbers like 1608, but even that is only around 2.5%
so a lot of people have left
there are probably a good deal of players who have died but we just don't know because in the real world parents don't post on forums about the deaths of their kids
the "crude death rate" for the world is apparently 7.89, and in the US specifically it's like 8.15 so it'd probably be fair to meet halfway and say about 8 of every thousand members has died per year
I don't have any way to reliably estimate how many users are genuine vs bots, but there are definitely at least a few thousand genuine users, so
gives us a pretty reasonable estimate of like 131 forum users having died

most of these would probably be no-name, <100 posts users, so it seems unlikely that anyone really well-known who disappeared actually died. but you never know

I would like to know what happened to skelolego and vegetarian zombie. skelolego especially remains embedded in my heart to this day

Oof. Was randomly thinking about BL yesterday. Looking at my past posts; wow I was so cringe. 13 year olds should not be allowed to use the internet.
Felt that. I mean look at my username on here, I wish you could change it. welp.

Big ole bump, but I wonder what Nasoa is doing now; played with him a lot and he made a few maps during V20 and maybe beforehand

iirc the reason Spade left was because he became a military chef and was always on tour.


Edit: And its nice of you all to keep this thread going for a full year
Its really cool reading peoples past experiences and hearing old names I havent heard in forever.
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anybody remember Narco? i used to force him to roleplay with me lmao

says the person formerly named night fox
look here pal