I have posted a possibility for the election outcome in 6 variations. Choose your preferred below.

A. https://i.imgur.com/F6TVPLY.png
8 (34.8%)
B. https://i.imgur.com/uuRmNcE.png
3 (13%)
C. https://i.imgur.com/JK2OSsA.png
1 (4.3%)
D. https://i.imgur.com/sl6MVas.png
2 (8.7%)
E. https://i.imgur.com/K1GHlD3.png
2 (8.7%)
F. https://i.imgur.com/br3Sp06.png
7 (30.4%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Author Topic: United States Politics Thread | War with China? We must avoid at all costs.  (Read 70064 times)

people don’t go “mad with power,” they attain it with a specific agenda in mind and their representing party makes sure they carry it out. you’re being arbitrarily obtuse

I'm confused who you're responding to

now is a really good time to say forget israel

now is a really good time to say forget israel
forget israel.

Carful, reality may be Jewish

jews are cool i said forget israel

Ah the classic "not likeing/hating israel is the same as hating jews." position.

No. That's just attempting to push people to ignore what's going on out of fear of smear labels.

People are still grinding gp and selling for currency just for a meal or two, maybe less.
this definitely has nothing to do with international sanctions

If we automate labor as we've been heading towards but we do so acknowledging that in the current system people will be displaced. We could tax the companies that automate labor fully and pay the displaced workers as though theyre still working that job. Just a BI and not a UBI here but...

UBI would expand from there of course. As displaced workers are nolonger forced to work for poverty wages doing back breaking work into the grave. They could contribute in other ways.

The more mentally endowed could study up into higher positions.

Those who are still more physically skilled could use their laboring skillset or abilities for more artisan goods than traditional labor.

And we could continue to step up the taxes on wealthy mega corps slowly to get the money needed for a complete UBI.

We'd need to become less lenient towards countries that dont have similar policies. and start sanctions and embargos to begin punishing those who dont start the automated UBI road. And for those who do wish to get on board, we should begin assisting in advancing their automation in labor.

Automation is inevitable. If we do not get in front of it we will go under it.


Putting this first and foremost. Funding internationally from the government itself is not a decision Fauci could have made.

This had to be passed through the house, senate and the white house. This happened just before covid.

This along with increasing likelyhood that the lab leak is now the most likely cause of covid.

The Annoying Orange Administration and the Republican Party funded the Lab that caused COVID19.

This pandemic is all Annoying Orange and the Republicans fault.

I should have never supported this maniac.

This is a level of negligence and hypocrisy on Annoying Orange's part so bad i can only describe it as a historical blunder.

Holy forget.

No the current problems are all 100% on Biden, thats how it works, the current president is always responsible for anything that happened before, just like Annoying Orange and obama.


We must avoid this war at all costs.

We should consider some ideas becoming normal.

Surrender, will likely be necessary in a war scenario.

We could adopt more pro-chinese policies to cool tensions.

We could also adopt some chinese culture nationwide for similar reasons.

dagnabbit someone let the bloody communist mathew out again

china wont nuke usa cause of mad, chillax. china is pretty isolationist and mostly just want other countries to not try to forget with them doing their own thing (like suppressing hk demonstrations, uyghurs, taiwan policy, etc)

read marx's das kapital, it dives into how automation affects the proletariat

I'm starting to think MM is pulling the most dedicated troll since like late 2010s Lord Tony or something