Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 717512 times)

You get a Blockland Soda. It's missing the opening tab and the slot the tab would open.
But hey, it looks pretty nice.

I insert CactusCoin.

You get pricked by the coin while inserting it. The machine accepts the blood on the coin as extra credit. You get 17$.

I insert a soda can tab.

The machine makes a weird clicking sound and then it starts smoking.

I insert stonks.

you get a solid brick with engraved text "wall street crash"

I insert conkers bad fur day 64 cartridge

i need nuke

*inserts nuke*
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after not following the game correctly by not answering to the previous message the machine rejects giving you anything, good job

i insert a very old and rusty key

You recieve the same key back, only polished and brand new and- wait a minute... this isn't your key! it's a cheap walmart minute key replacement for it!

I Put in a $2 Bill.


I insert one DVD with no art, labeled "Fortnite" in marker.

The machine shudders and spits out a physical copy of PUBG written in erasable colored pencil, turns out this box is actually just paper and tape with a blank disc which happens to have a family guy episode burned onto it

I insert the numpad 9 key

you get the numpad 4, numpad plus, and numpad 5 keys

i insert the scroll lock key

Nothing happens because the scroll lock key is almost useless nowadays.

I insert a floppy disk drive of unknown origins.

the floppy disk does not process. the vending machine was updated to be more modern, and as a result does no longer process your ancient technology

I insert a USB flash drive of unknown origins.

The vending machine starts to corrupt, as the USB had a virus on it. Fortunately, the vending machine didn't break, and you got a free drink.

I insert a punch card containing code from a unknown origins into the machine.

the machine folds the card into a paper plane and charges you 2$ (by giving you a -2$ coin)

i insert the concept of a concept itself

you get the realness of realness itself, but before you can grab it Plato lectures you for five hours about the possible non-existence of the world and how everything could be a hallucination in your mind

I insert chocolate chip ice cream