Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 752945 times)

You get non binary m&m

I insert lord tony thread

you get an empty beer bottle. still doesn't answer the question if he drinks too much

I insert a beer cap

you get a collar made of other beer caps the machine probably got, how nice!

i insert a bunch of possibly cursed amulets

You get one huge amulet.

I insert a q-tip.

you get an r-tip

i insert oxygen

You Receive Carbon Dioxide

I insert life support.

You get a syringe of euthanasia.

I insert my pinky

you get a living hand

i insert the divorce papers of an extremely unhappy couple

you get family therapy

i insert gloves

you recieve a copy of The Room on VHS.

I put in an expired credit card

... It got declined. What else did you expect?

I insert a DMCA takedown notice.

You recieve get a legal team that hands you a finely crafted paper that simply states the following

"forget you."

I insert a grilled cheese sandwich

You get, a cheesy mess in the slot.

I slide my NFTCryptoDogelonMuskCard and select a can of Fiat-Cola.

you get a 16 year old thread that people are still responding to

i insert my richard

predictably it is chopped off like all the other times people have done it throughout the aforementioned 16 years. good job

i insert something the length of all of what i just said