Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 707644 times)

You get a nasty bitch who smells like nickels and drinks white gatorade

I insert a cheese stick

you get a yogurt branch

i insert an MRE—beef tortellini in tomato sauce

i press the cancel button and take back my tortellini

i insert a cool rock i found outside

you get an even cooler rock

i put in chesed

you get richard cheese

i put in loving hardcore ass motherloving thermonuclear loving bomb

you get a sudden, loud rattle, and a very small puff of smoke

i put in my midi keyboard

you get a melodica

i insert a jar of peanut butter

this starts blasting out of the machine at full volume

i insert a very stylish set of clothes

you get a pair of socks and sandals.

i insert a well-used wii balance board

You got a pair of cool ass Nintendo themed boots! and a broken ankle.

I insert 1 (one (1)) 1.75-liter bottle of cheap gin

you get piss

i insert sparkling water

you get sparkles and no water.

I insert the vending machine into itself.

You get a blackhole.

I insert a supernova.

you get a soupernova. it's an explosion of flavor!

i insert a mason jar full of mud

You get a jar with a plastic figure of Jack Sparrow in it.

I insert an old Toshiba laptop.