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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1692635 times)

It probably is up. The master server is down, so you won't see any servers at all.

Oh balls. Any word from Badspot?

Oh balls. Any word from Badspot?
I have messaged him about the issue with his servers, I doubt I will get a reply anyways.

This is the 3rd time this week. *shakes fist at air*
>overreacts when trying to be helpful and giving an answer

Bad timing for admin additions. :l Also...

Pecon, were you ever thinking of adding the moderator file so someone that doesn't want to be an admin, but also wants to be able to stop evil doers.


I don't want to deal with having a separate process for approving less-qualified people for a position where they can help less.

 (Read 240001 times) :o

Name: Visolator

BL_ID: 20490

Previous administration experience:
Prince Jay's servers
Kong123's servers
My servers (RPG, Freebuild, Survive the Disasters)
Wrapperup's servers
Agent Blue's Jail Escape and Zombie
Chrisbot6's Super Creeper
That Blue Creeper's servers

Who recommends you?:
True Johnny
Johnny Blockhead
PowerDag (Forums account)
Darksaber2213 (Forums account)

Why should I accept you?:
   The server has had things go on and off with things, such as arguments, unreasoning rage, but sometimes they just do not stop, and when there are not any admins around, things can get pretty bad. If a new player connects, I will be there to help them if they have any questions, as well for the others too. No other people shall be treated differently at all, so they will be cared at all times. I care about everyone on the server, willing to serve for administration. There are a lack of admins sometimes when I am on the server, I am able to watch the server as much as possible.
   I know I have had bad experiences from being on blockland, but I have learned from all of them. I have changed over the years of my administration and my maturity about everything. There might be some days that I will act very stupid, it's probably because I am having a bad day, but we all have our days. I don't change my status when I change my mood. I don't want to be that kind of person that wants to ban everyone when not in a mood, or takes things too seriously. Sometimes I do because I care about the server, as well as the people inside the server. I love to see people cooperate instead of fighting, as long as I see people having fun, I am happy.
   I would help new players to learn how to play and how to win as boss or normal. If something breaks (Which rarely happens), I would be there to attempt to fix it.

Timezone/Region: Mountain Time, USA
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visolator's not an admin?

regardless i recommend him

D'Awww they're so cute!
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Name: Raddition
BL_ID: 20310
Previous administration experience: Pizza Man's Army RP & Feline's Deadliest Warrior TDM
Who recommends you?: Pizza Man, Feline
Why should I accept you?: Although I have not been playing for years, and the above probably aren't all that I recall (but are definitely the recent), I still possess the qualities of being a good admin. I support small humor and provide a good leg to stand on for others. I am a natural leader, and I've been told so by numerous people that I've met over the past 3 years. When the going gets tough, I am the go-to guy for ideas and overall help. Although I may not please well enough, I can be very persistent and will do anything I can to please anyone, no matter what the character. And on a side note, I have also been known as Sir Vince, Vincenzo Dematos, Aokark the Saiyanhog Mario Gonzalez, and Markus Enderton.
Timezone/Region: Pacific, United States of America

(I may have also submitted a form by accident. Please don't take mind of that one.)
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Viso! Good to see you applied! I would definitely recommend you since you have been on the server often, and seem to behave well.   :cookieMonster:  Good luck.
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Viso, hmmmm

idk Viso you better convince me