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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1665886 times)

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Beginning with applications posted before the new application system...

Name: Slippery Soap
BL_ID: 48143
Previous  administration experience: I only started administrating a year ago"  However I have experience with being a good and fair admin. I'v Been  admin on multiple servers, usually just too keep people in line,  although I can help with building and eventing.
 Who recommends you?:
 Pro Tear, Big Steve, Kyber, Oak, Sanctus Rem, pizza boy, EVO...People who play on the server.
Why should I accept you?
I  have had past experiences as admin at many other servers, and I have  been very good at moderating servers, I like the server, I won't abuse, I  have ideas to help the server, I can event and build, I will ban  cheaters rulebreakers and annoying people" See I wont abuse" I am good  at boss battles and often play I have alot of x points" see I like the  server" You should accept me because I know how to inflict harsh  punishments, I can mute spammers. And just help around the server anyway  I can.
Time Zone /Region: Eastern / USA

Pecon7 - No - You quoted part of the 'what not to do' and then didn't follow it anyways?
Trifornt - No - Unfortunately you failed to actually make your own application, instead just copying the entire list of things to do and believing that'll get you through here. Plagiarism doesn't make you seem professional, it makes you seem lazy.
Ry: No - "Keep people in line" "fair admin" "admin on multiple vauge servers" "People who play on the server." "Ideas to help" "Won"t abuse" "I will ban cheaters/rulebreakers annoying people." Buzz phrases and words that make you seem like you want to justify that you know what you're doing. Always bad.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: No
Tophat: No thanks. You're trying to take an oath, not making an application which defeats the purpose of applying.
siba: No
Ike: No
Xalos: "You should accept me because I know how to inflict harsh punishments" - if we wanted to dole out permabans for minor offenses, we'd just need three admins.  No.
Visolator: This just burned my eyes..
Muzzles: I say no. You say you have experience but dont explain further. No elaboration on any points you made
Jetz: This reads like someone ran one of those janky learning chat bots on the application page and a few rejected admin applications then had it output a reason to accept you. No.
Aware: Please organize your sentences better if you apply again. No
Ipquarx: Not naming any past experice = no
Marioguy0:  No.


Name: Sirspyman
BL_ID: 16944
Previous administration experience: N/A
Who recommends you: N/A
Why  should I accept you: Well. There is not much I can say that would make  you want to accept me, but all I can say is, I want to help. I have only  see 2 admins on at the same time. And about 40% of the time there  aren't any admins on the server, and then chaos breaks out.
Timezone/Region: eastern, USA
Pecon7 - No - You cannot just leave out required fields.
Trifornt - No - It's nice that you want to help, and we could really use some help around here now-a-days especially now that some of the admins are getting tired out (COUGH TOPHAT COUGH) but unfortunately you failed to flush out the rest of your application. You didn't make yourself stand out from the crowd, you just said you wanted to help.
If you want to help so badly, I'd suggest helping the admins out when they are busy doing other things, such as when they are trying to fix some device they planted into the map and people found out a way to exploit it, block the way to exploit it.
Sure, it'll make you look like a tool, but you'll be our favorite little tool. And I'll give you free points. Paid Tool. Sound fun?... Wait, did I just describe admins as a whole?

Ry: No - Too short didn't read.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No.
siba: No
Ike: No
Xalos: You've outright stated that you have no reasons to convince us to accept you.  No.
Visolator: No.
Muzzles: Nah
Soroxzion: Way too short, no enough effort, needs experience and recommendations. No.
Jetz: "There is not much I can say that would make  you want to accept me" Well then that's not much of an application, now is it. No.
Marioguy0:  Thank you for failing to meet the minimum requirements so I did not need to read your garbage application.  No.
Ipquarx: Nop
Aware: N/A


Acçµr cy²
BL_ID (Blockland Identification #): 37977
STEAM Identification Number (website): http://steamcommunity.com/id/accuracymatters
How I would play:
-10+ players or atleast 1 other admin are on the server: out of minigame/switching back and forth
-0-9 players or no other admin on the server: in minigame all-time
      -My servers (Of course, Host)
      -photokevv's servers (Co-Host)
      -Mr Queeba's servers (Admin)
      -Block king124's servers (Old RTB friend, admin)
      -TheOnlyOne's Server (Mod, then admin)
      -Gibus' servers(Admin)
      -That Blue Creeper's server(s) (Admin)
      -Google Glass' Server(s)(Admin)
      Who recommends me?
      -Block king124
      -gun zombie
      -That Blue Creeper
Why I want to be accepted:
       I obviously know that being an admin for the server is important.  Admins on the server are great, so I want to be helping, at least. I  have played this server for at least 1.5 years now, and I feel it is the  time to be admin. I know, you are VEERRYY serious on how you edit the  applications. It's pretty obvious. So, I am wanting to be admin because I  want to contribute to the server, and put full effort into the support,  when I can! Oh, I also event, so maybe...I could become an eventer for the server while I administrate, maybe? Well, I have experienced MANY  issues and I want to suggest that you can fix them. Anyways, back to  subject. This server has ran for 3 YEARS, and I only played about half  of the time it has been up. The admins are nice  like I am on other servers  and  I hope that the server continues it's progress for getting very  well-known. I alos am one of those peeps who think for themselves. Let's  move on to paragraph 2, shall I not?
     Ok. How would I  contribute to the server? Well...lets see...Read paragraph 1 and look  for the part for eventing. That's one. There is also many more:
-I would build more things while I am out of the minigame watching the others and moderating the server.
-That statue, I force-quit myself to do it. DO NOT INCLUDE THIS.
-And, I would make new music loops for the server, along with giving you one right here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kmvsvw8j4ib9vrk/Dark_Impetus.ogg
Ok.  That might be it for this paragraph. Oh, I forgot. If you want to ever  get some help, please pm me on the blockland forums (here). Paragraph  (conclusion) below.
     Well, that's all I have to say this time.  One more thing: if you add me as admin, I swear that I will obey the  rules (I have already read them like, 25 times), listen to the others,  and make sure I behave like any admin and normal player would. I also  use no hacks. I only use rapidfire with the tools, not weapons. Unless I  am allowed to. Please read this and mistake me if I spell anything  wrong or if I use wrong grammer. Quote², eventer of most servers, OUT!

Pecon7 - No - I appreciate your effort in this application, but you didn't actually fill it out correctly. There is a format for a reason.
Trifornt - No - It pains me to say this, as you put a lot of effort into this, but this doesn't sound right. You do sound like you know a lot though, so maybe, even though I've said "No", you can still help the server out in other ways?
I dunno. You went out of your way to say how useful you were as a person, but not how good of an admin you were.
This is also just one of my nitpicks, but having your name in special letters like that doesn't make you seem cool. It makes you seem stupid, and like you're trying too hard. It also messes around with admin commands, as most keyboards can't actually type with those letters.
Ry: Abstain - Being useful to a server doesn't make you a good administrator unfortunately. Though it does make you a useful member of society which is more than 90% of the apps here. IDK, call me optimistic, but I feel like you can be trained. I'ma abstain because changing the format of the application makes it so we can't accept you due to technicality.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. So we can call if you we need help. Useful. Can't be on all the time, understandable. I believe effort was pushed to the max with this one and couldn't decide where to go. Continuing what Ry said; I agree for the most part, just going to add that I am not a willing trainer. I'll suggest to study current admins. Also, making a heavier application doesn't improve chances just because it's more words, but you did get your point across decently, although it could've been given more...orderly? Maybe. Seems like it was kinda thrown from a distance but has more to it. I'll have to say no because I can't say yes. Edit: Remembered who you were; didn't you get banned for spamming for an aimbot download link?
siba: No
Ike: No
Xalos: We have a format for a reason, and to me referring to the paragraphs in your own application feels like padding.  No.
Muzzles: No format, no real structure to your writing. I felt a bit uncomfortable reading it
Visolator: You do not need to add extra layouts of the app. No. Also, don't talk about the server to make it look like an essay.
Jetz: "Let's  move on to paragraph 2, shall I not? Ok. How would I  contribute to the server? Well...lets see...Read paragraph 1" Stuck in infinite see-also loop. Send help. No.
Marioguy0:  He who makes his app read as an unusual format makes himself out to be less than acceptable.  No.
Ipquarx: Use the format, no
Soroxzion: You need to follow the format, no.
Aware: Well god forbid someone actually puts the time to fill out extra information, while the application is a *bit* unorganized it still fills out all of the required information. It is clear that you put more effort than most into your application. I suggest that you try applying again while following the tips the others provided. No.


Name: Ethan8014
BL_ID: 114871
Previous administration experience: Silboy20's Jailbreak EV0's Servers And The Servers I host.
Who recommends you?: Spartan101 Silboy20 Ev0
Why  should I accept you?: I really like  Your server, I am willing to help  out since there is alot of trouble on servers when an Admin is not  there.
Timezone/Region: N/A

Pecon7 - No - Really weak.
Trifornt - No - Jail Escapes in general have notoriously terrible administrators and I doubt Silboy20's will be any different when I really think about it. The poor grammar and the fact that hardly any effort was put into this was especially jarring. Accuracy had a way better application than this, and he still got denied by me, so how do you think you'd fare against my STAFF OF STUPIDITY AND JUDGEMENT?!
Way better than you actually think you would...
Ry: No - Your grammar is terrible.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No thanks.
siba: No
Ike: No
Soroxzion: Effort is required to even get a chance to be an admin here. No.
Xalos: Despite how much I hate basing all my opinions just on someone's grammar, that's essentially what I have to go on here.  This is a twenty-second sentence which you haven't even managed to use correct grammar for.  No.
Muzzles: Weaksauce
Visolator: No. Why does no one look at the applying guidelines?
Jetz: "Timezone/Region: N/A" Do you live on the moon or something? No.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: Nop
Aware: Please spend more than 5 minutes making your application. No.


Name - AussieGuy
BL_ID - 33828
Previous administration experience -  I have been admin on many servers similar to Boss Battles.. Example  -> (Some other Boss Battles and was once Mod on Tezunis.)
Who recommends you? - No one in particular recommended me... I'd just love to help out the server.
Why  should I accept you? - You should accept me because I have recently  been admin on other servers and have experience hosting/helping servers.
Timezone/Region - Queensland, Australia

Pecon7 - No - Does not meet the minimum requirements.
Trifornt - No - I'm just going to say it for every admin that's about to come upon this review and comment on it. "YOU DO NOT REQUIRE ANY EFFORT TO BECOME AN ADMIN AT TEZUNI'S, AND HIS ADMINS SUCK!" I'd hate to boast, but hardly any of the other Boss Battle servers have actually gotten up to the caliber to Pecon7's server, and there's a reason why it's still around in comparison to the others. You also lack any form of recommendations, and while your Timezone might actually prove handy, by the time you'd log on to the server (at night at least), it would be either extremely early or extremely late for everyone else, so at most there'd be like, six people online.
Ry: No - You failed the basic intelligence test that requires you to answer all of the questions thoroughly.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No recommendations. We did have someone before who did that and still got in. Had a huge application though, very detailed, which this one is not.
siba: No
Ike: No
Xalos: "some other Boss Battles"which?]  No.
Muzzles: No. Not convincing at all
Visolator: Not good enough for me to even read.
Jetz: The only specific details you gave us were your name and timezone. Everything else was left vague. No.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: No actual examples given of past experience, no
Aware: Please spend more than 5 minutes making your application. No.


Name: Andrew123
BL_ID: 13928
Previous administration experience: Blax, etc (i cant remember who else because there's to many...
Who recommends you?: Blax, etc (same etc reason)
Why  should I accept you?: Well I'm not that spoiled little 12 year old who  plays Blockland asking for admin. Also I'm a responsible administrator  and i don't actually remember the names of the people who have made me  admin but i can assure you that I'm a good player. Your server is good  Pecon and you've improved a lot over the years and i really hope you  would consider making me an admin on your server.Oh and uh thanks for  reading this if you did.-Andrew123 
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Pecon7 - No - Does not meet the minimum requirements.
Trifornt - No - Who the heck is Blax, and why did you not even bother to find out where you have administrated on in the past? I mean, I'd think people would write it down like I do, but sheesh, that pretty much means you only have one recommendation and one bit of previous experience! The compliments are nice though, really, and I'm sure we all really appreciate them (I do) but in the end I don't think you're suited for admin JUUST yet.
But hey, at least you're not that spoiled little twelve year old who plays Blockland asking for admin.
Ry: No - Who is Blax and why do you remember him but literally nobody else. I find this very suspicious, also you have no grammar, how did you get your computer to ignore auto-correct for capitalizing your I's. I can't think of a good way to word the rest of my response without sounding rude, so here's an ascii frowny face :(
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: No, failed to meet minimal requirements.
Tophat: No. I can see what you were going for but did not execute it properly. Or maybe you DID execute it properly, getting confused on which meaning you were supposed to use.
siba: No
Ike: No
Xalos: We need to actually know the names of people who have made you admin so that we can verify that they did in fact make you admin and feel you made a good admin.  We can't simply take your word that you've been admin at a lot of places because that defeats the point.  No.
Muzzles: No. Zero effort
Jetz: "(i cant remember who else because there's to many..." If there are so many, why are you struggling to think of more than one? Also, you forgot the close parenthesis.) No.
Visolator: Nah.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: Try to remember them better next time, nope from me
Aware: "i cant remember who else because there's to many" I just want to stress how much this shows that you can not be trusted. It isn't even hidden that your statement is a lie, it is just a straight up VERY obvious lie. How stupid do you think we are? No.


Name: Jjosiah98
BL_ID: 22685
Previous Administration Experience: TheFlamingLemons Ski Server
Who Recommends You: TheFlamingLemon
Why  Should I accept you: I am hard working and trustworthy. I do as I am  asked and rarely question. If I think of any suggestions I tell an admin  if I can. I don't have a short temper and am a team player. I also like  to assist those who need any help of any kind.(Such as helping those  who don't know how to play the game)
Timezone/Region: Arizona, USA

Pecon7 - No - Your reasoning is okay but you still didn't meet the minimum requirements. You should also work on your general writing skills a bit, we like people who can write very formally.
Trifornt - No - Hey, look, a decent application! I haven't seen one of those since... well, Accuracy's application... But, unfortunately, I would say Yes if not for your pitiful administration experience and recommendations. If your reasoning just had a little more spice, then I'd accept you regardless.
Ry: No - Red flag at "I don't have a short temper" having to say this is a really bad sign. Also more buzzwords and a short uninteresting application.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No, I do not want a robot. Sorry.
siba: No
Ike: No
Xalos: This is like packing as many résumé buzzphrases into as small a space as possible.  No.
Muzzles: No. One piece of experience and recommendation isn't enough. Doing as you are asked and rarely question is the opposite of what an admin should do.
Jetz: "I am hard working and trustworthy. I do as I am  asked and rarely question." You don't sound like someone capable of administrating the server so much as you sound like a robotic vacuum cleaner. No.
Visolator: You should already be trustworthy, since that is one of the points of applying. No.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: Not enough reccomendations
Aware: Atleast you *tried* to make your application longer with filler words. No.


Name: Abstract
BL_ID: 23722
Previous administration experience:  AbusivePillow's Falling Tiles, Dr. Block's Prison Escape, Meadowman's  city build, Anthonyrules144's Knife TDM, Tezuni's(one of the nicer  admins), and a few more from a couple years back that I can't recall.
Who recommends you?: Oholiba, Meadowman, Silleb, Ultimategamer101, Kyotou, OfficerKenny, AbusivePillow, and Kurai
Why should I accept you?: I can be on the server for at least 30 minutes a day  an hour a day, 5 days a week. I am not new to Blockland and have  gathered a lot of experience dealing with players on multiple servers. I  strictly stick to the rules and enforce them but I am friendly with  other players as well. I'm not applying just to get admin and to have  more power than the average player, but because I want to help the  server out. I hope you'll consider me as a candidate for administrator!
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Pecon7 - Yes - Sounds decent all the way around.
Trifornt - No - Bad history with this certain person.
Ry: Yes - Short but well written, you have already proven your intelligence is above that of the average person who applies for admin. Lack of Buzzwords, no noteworthy flaws besides the shortness.
Frontrox: Yes
Tophat: No. I don't like dealing with you and I've had to in the past. You're not the type I'd want as an admin in the server. Maybe you were better in the past, or only if you had admin, but you haven't made a good impression on me.
siba: Undecided
Ike: I've seen your administrating skills firsthand, so yes. This server needs more active admins.
Xalos: I'm divided between your good app, Ike's accounts of you being a trustworthy admin, and Tophat's accounts of you spamming the server chat with terrible meme phrases.  Ultimately, I have to err on the side of caution, so no.
Muzzles: I'd say yes, although the last two sentences weakened your application a bit
Jetz: This is a duplicate of one done through the new system, so I'll just go review that one instead. No.
Visolator: I've seen you around, but I don't see if I can trust you. No.
Marioguy0:  I do not know you, but this app is okay.  I will lean towards yes, weakly.
Ipquarx: Seems good to me, yes
Soroxzion: I'm going to have to say no from what Tophat has said. No
Aware: I've seen you ingame a lot, and don't have a problem with you. I would even vote yes. But your reasons ARE SO WEAK. WHY IS THIS SUDDENLY A GOOD APPLICATION WHEN SO MANY OTHERS HAVE MUCH LESS GENERIC REASONS. IM SO CONFUSED. No.


Name: EV0_
BL_ID: 122066
Previous administration experience:
Kyber's server [Super]
EeOneGuy's server [Admin]
Ethan8014s server [Admin]
DatSpaceGuy's [Admin]
No Name_'s [Admin]
Nuclear Bear's [Admin]
Aoki's [Temp Mod]
CheeseAndButter's [Admin]
Yoke's [Super Admin]
maybe one or two more.
Who recommends you?:
Skylom: "I think you'd make a good admin."
mysterio(I  don't exactly remember how to spell his name and I know that he has one  or two numbers at the end of his name that I don't remember): "You have  the ability to keep your head cool, which is good in position of  power."
hrabia1333: "You're really helpful and nice."
I'm pretty sure at least one more person.
Why should I accept you?:
This is almost a quote from Mysterio, "You can keep your head cool"
I'm  known for being on the positive side, example: If I lose on BB, which I  do quite often, I say something like "xD" because of my funny defeat,  or "weeeeee" because I went into the sky.
May sound a little childish.
I'm fair to everyone, and I only want to help the server's people be safe from people that are doing bad things.
I  don't have a temper and I don't just ban people. If I ban/kick (will  probably be kick) than I always have a good reason, even when it comes  to friends.
Before kicking, I always give someone a warning so then, they don't hate the server/think I'm a bad admin.
Helping other people is my nature. I've already helped two people get good(ish) at boss battles.
jemmykanga and some blockhead?
I  play on Boss Battles a lot in the morning, when there aren't other  admins around, and I have wished before that there were admins then.
While  I may lack in personal experiance, I've gotten a lot of experiance just  watching people like Visolator and Kalim, and where I lack experiance, I  make up for it in knowledge.
I have lots of experiance as shown above. I'm also very mature for my age.
Also, how many admins do you have who aren't willing to make a ban much longer than a day, much less a perma-ban?
Timezone/Region: Pacific Coast Time.

Trifornt - No - First off, the spacing is a nightmare. The Enter Key should not be abused, people! The reasoning, and the recommendations/experience are all substantial, but I don't know... something seems off. First of all, you seem TOO kind. Almost like you're making stuff up. I'd hate to say this, as I prefer to see people who are kind rather than the kind of guy who perma-bans you for questioning whether or not it's ethical to eat Mormons, but questioning how much of us are willing to ban someone for longre than a day sounds... strange... So much so that I'd question if you'd even ban the people who actually deserve it, and if you did it would you ban them for appropriate times? That's the one thing you don't want in your admin application above all else, you don't want them to be questioning how good you are overall as an admin when your application should be showing how well you are right off the bat! You put a lot of effort into this, and I see that. I appreciate that. But you have made me question on whether or not you'll even do your job as an admin, or if you'll just stand around and hold up a peace sign/rapid-fire nuclear missile launcher the entire time. And because I cannot answer that question, I ad-here to "No".
Ry: No - The spacing on this makes me want to kill myself. Though it probably looked better on the text editor you wrote this on. Detailed recommendations but questionable reasoning. "Not perma-banning people" is apparently unacceptable behavior? Grammar at the explanation part is also shifty, I have trouble reading what you're trying to say sometimes.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: Yeah no.
Tophat: No. From what I've seen, you seem a bit *too* eager. Visolator and Kalim aren't even on the server much so I don't see how you'd get experience from watching them. I don't see what you're getting at of how we ban people either.
Ike: No
siba: No
Xalos: "While I may lack in personal experiance[sic], I have lots of experiance[sic] as shown above."  I feel like you're lying to inflate your application.  No.
Muzzles: No
Jetz: Your app helped me come up with a new trick that people can use to self-check their applications: "If all your sentences could be rearranged in a random order with nothing lost, do it again." No.
Visolator: No. "I'm  known for being on the positive side, example: If I lose on BB, which I  do quite often, I say something like "xD" because of my funny defeat,  or "weeeeee" because I went into the sky.
May sound a little childish." This already bothers me. This has nothing to do with your reasoning. No.
Marioguy0:  App was difficult to read, content not impressive.  No
Ipquarx: No. I'm just going to go with what trifornt said
Aware: FYI don't have Kalim be your role model. The application is really good (complaining about spacing? come on...) and I've seen how you act on the server. Yes.


Name: It's Boshy Time!
BL_ID: 34072
Previous Administration experience: God of Terraria's Hero's, Luigi of Luigis' and about 7 more ( I forgot them :/ )
Who recommends you?: God of Terraria's Hero, Luigi of Luigis
Why  should i accept you?: I'm an experienced player on Blockland and can do  many things. I'm not soo good known as a good guy, but im fixing it  already.
Timezone/Region: GMT+/--1:00, Poland

Trifornt - No - This guy has been banned from the server multiple times, and even permabanned once for harassment. Why he keeps being unbanned, I don't know, and I honestly don't think banning him again will keep him banned from the server, because clearly people can't get over the fact that this guy is a repeat offender and bar him out of the server. Even if I discard the countless times he has been banned, he has still openly harassed admins on the forum, and heck, one time sent me a Personal Message telling me to go die and that he hated me. A person like this should not get admin, at all.
Ry: No - It most certianly is not Boshy Time.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Doesn't feel like any effort was put into it.
Sorxzion: No. You have been banned and kicked  several times, and to top it off your application has little to no effort what so ever.
Ike: I've kicked and banned you on multiple occasions. If you can't meet the bare minimum of playing on the server, who says you could be a passable admin? No.
siba: No
Xalos: "I'm an experienced player on Blockland and can do many things." [vague]  No.
Muzzles: No. Zero effort
Jetz: Still trying to figure out how you keep getting unbanned. No.
Visolator: Never.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: After reading what trifornt said... hell naw.
Aware: You've been perma banned enough times. I don''t really know how you keep coming back. No.


Name: Spikeman
BL_ID: 94463
Previous administration experience: PEGMAN's servers (not dedicated) va11jr's freebuild (not dedicated)
Who recommends you?: PEGMAN since he knows I can be trusted.
Why  should I accept you?: I treat people equally and fairly, I would work  to serve everyone the fun they deserve and most of all, when someone is  giving someone else a hard time, I will see what's going on before  thinking about kicking/banning.
Timezone/Region: New Zealand

Trifornt - No - Not bad, overall. But again, the lacking experience and weak recommendations come back. The reasoning is pretty good though, albeit a tad short.
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: No. Little effort put forth in this application.
Tophat: No. Even though it's short, I like the reasoning. Ideal.
Ike: I've met you ingame a few times and you seem like a decent person, and probably a good admin, so yes.
siba: No
Xalos: No.
Muzzles: Close no. Not enough experience and recommendations
Jetz: You need more experience. Nothing particularly wrong but noting really stands out either. No.
Marioguy0:  Needs more stuff, but not bad.  No.
Ipquarx: Not enough experience
Aware: geeeneeeeeeerrriiiiiiiiiiiiii cccccccc reasons. No.


Name: mr.coolguy32
BL_ID: 37676
Previous administration experience: pepismen's Boss battles server tobyOS's prison escape
Who recommends you?: my friends
Why  should I accept you?: Because I am a really good at eventing and little  good at a building, Nice to people, will mute or ban who Spam crap,Be  immature and ect
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Trifornt - No - This is the last of the old admin format, and it ended on a low note by far. Another Jail Escape "experience" and a random Boss Battles server that I don't even remember seeing on the server list at all, not even once. The reasoning is absolutely garbage, and you failed to elaborate on who your friends even were. If you don't even have enough time writing an application to say who your friends are, then you definitely do not have enough time to administrate this server.
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. I was going to say something along the lines of personal experience, but then I saw "little good". It also looks like you're saying you'll ban whoever spams but at the same time be immature which you weren't trying to achieve with your writing. Details are important for this.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: No
siba: No
Xalos: I happen to have had encounters with you before, and you don't seem like the sort of person I would want to be an admin.  In addition, your recommendations are just "my friends", and as I said above, there actually is a reason that we ask for recommendations.  No.
Muzzles: No. Zero effort
Jetz: "Who recommends you?: my friends" Well gee that's reassuring. No.
Visolator: Who are these "friends" and how many are there? No.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: No actual reccomendations given, not enough experience
Aware: Stop putting "im good at eventing" on your applications. Just stop. pls.


And now we'll do the applications from the new system.

Name: Creative Name       
ID: 40403       
Experience: I have helped others on my servers, banned build spammers and muted chat spammers!       
What is my job: I believe that an admin's job is something that helps other people enjoy the server, and helps keep the server good!       
Why should you accept me: I hosted a lot of servers, and I have evented things for others, built things for others, and banned rulebreakers, chat spammers, and build spammers!       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Trifornt - No - Very puny, overall. Just like this response!
Ry: No - The "what is my job" section and the "why should you accept me" have completely seperate points. These should flow into each other. Also this app just does not seem liek you put any thought or effort into it.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Meant to be a joke application as far as I know.
Ike: No, cret, no...
siba: No
Xalos: This app looks like you didn't care about getting a "yes", so I'm giving the other response.  No.
Muzzles: No
Soroxzion: Try harder. No.
Jetz: "I believe that an admin's job is something that helps other people enjoy the server, and helps keep the server good!" Technically true, though the same could be said of literally any other aspect of the server. No.
Visolator: My eyes are hurting again. No.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Ipquarx: Application is lacking
Aware: "new format" doesn't mean "less effort," No.


Name: HunterG       
ID: 34631       
Experience: I have had admin experience on drumStix's server, Tezuni's server, and experience on servers outside of Blockland.       
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to not just ban or kick or punish people, but make sure everyone has a good time. I believe that admin helps and teaches new players to know how to play. Admins also help other staff with problems they may encounter with other players and/or map issues.       
Why should you accept me: I have been known to be a good staff member by people from even Tez's server, which is an extremely hard community to please. I do not abuse, I treat everyone the exact same as if I would with my own children. I'm good at building, but eventing, i'm still learning (Not as easy as it looks).
Thank you for reading, HunterG       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Trifornt - No - The "What is my job" part is rather spot on, but Experience is rather poor. However, what really makes this stand out is how you stated that you're one of the good admins at Tezuni's. So in other words, you're a decent admin. Great.
Ry: No - Tezuni and desire to state that you don't abuse.
Frontrox: Conflict of interest
Tophat: Yes. Since the others haven't, I at least know your intentions, but you'll probably need to improve upon your applications for a better chance.
Ike: Undecided
siba: Tough choice, I lean towards yes but still remain undecided; I wish I had more of an app to work with
Xalos: Treating players like your children does not seem like a good modus operandi.  No.
Muzzles: Close no. "What is my job" is done correctly, but "Why should you accept me" doesn't have enough content
Jetz: Job understanding is good, but the reason to accept you is vague and plain. No.
Visolator: No.
Soroxzion: Improve your application a tad, then send it again. As it stands I'm going with the majority and saying no. Just revamp your application.
Ipquarx: Not enough reason to accept
Aware: "Eventing" as a reason again! AUUGH! Other than that, I like your application, it's a bit short but good. The "I believe an admin's job is to not just ban or kick or punish people, but make sure everyone has a good time" is my favorite part of the application. My vote is: Yes, yes, yes. Since this got voted down, you should really apply again. I suggest changing up the "why should you accept me" part a bit. Don't just use filler words to make it longer, it make the applicationa drag to read. Make sure you keep the good parts in!


Name: Dark-Knight       
ID: 72380       
Experience: I am playing every day and admins are fixing bugs, helping players and awnser questions       
What is my job: Admins have to help the server and the players
They have to be nice and respectful       
Why should you accept me: I am nice to players and help them if they need help
I awnser questions and am respectful         
Timezone: europe       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Trifornt - No - Your experience isn't even experience. It's not even RPG "Experience". It's just what we do on a day to day basis. "What is my job" is also short and poorly done. But it's the "Why should you accept me" part that really takes the cake. Nice spelling error you got there, and incredibly small. I've said earlier that if you don't even have the time to state who your friends are, you don't deserve admin. But if you don't even have the time, or rather, effort/actual determination to become an admin to fix ONE SINGLE SPELLING ERROR, then please walk out through the revolving door. Pizza is 30% off on Tuesdays, so make sure you come back then!
Ry: No - Too short.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. I've had to deal with you in the server. Unpleasant.
Ike: No
siba: No
Soroxzion: No
Xalos: Once again, an app that doesn't look like the author cared about getting a "yes", so I'll go with the other option.  No.
Muzzles: No
Jetz: See this is exactly why I campaigned for the new "What's an admin's job" section. If you take this app and strip out everything in the reason to accept section that was already in the what's the job section, you're left with "I awnser questions". No.
Ipquarx: Everything in this app is lacking.
Aware: answer* Please come up with your own less generic reasons. No


Name:  RedDragon       
ID: 150845       
Experience: I've hosted a free build once. I caught some blockheads building a giant "you know what." I banned them. And in some server's I've been respected for my report's/bans. I think I'm a good admin if I do say so myself.         
What is my job: I believe that a admin's job is to make sure that everything is under control. To make sure that there isn't any cheaters. To make sure all the mean ones are gone. To make sure Blockland server's are as good as they can be.         
Why should you accept me: I've been a pretty good admin in very little yet good server's.         
Timezone: southAmer       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Trifornt - No - Doing one thing does not make you a good admin. It means you know how to use the "Ban" button when people are building giant babymakers. At least you know what your job is... sort of. But the fact that the "Why you should accept me" is so laughably short gets a quick "No" from me, and most other admins.
Ry: No - Too short; not enough experience.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. I don't think you'd do well as an admin as you've already claimed you "think you're a good admin", "in very little servers".
Ike: No
siba: No
Xalos: I need an acronym to say "you didn't care about my saying 'yes', so no."  YDCAMSYSN.
Muzzles: No. Not enough experience, "What is my job" is alright, but zero effort on "Why should you accept me"
Jetz: Kinda lost momentum at the end there - the reason to accept you is the main part of the app, not a footnote. No.
Visolator: "Why should you accept me" part is just...
Ipquarx: No punctuation? No admin
Aware: Not really what we were looking for in the Experience section... just because you banned some people for building a snake on your free build doens't mean you are a good admin. No.


Name: Zokomah       
ID: 29049       
Experience: I had been an admin on a couple of, not terribly popular but one of the bigger instances was kewlkid1's Prison escape and also when it became into a halo tdm at a point and i did the normal requirement and started from moderator, than to admin. I helped the normal traffic work of keeping down free kills. To be admin on that server itself i had to apply but not on a full website like this but via email       
What is my job: I believe that an admin must first monitor the keep a good atmosphere of the server and not abuse, or threaten to do. An admin should be kind to others and make a server as enjoyable and fun as it can be, even if it takes up the admin's time, but for the greater good of the environment. An admin is to fufill the orders of the host in every way and to enjoy themselves like the players do, but keeping responsibilities       
Why should you accept me: I have been a blocklander for a while now as seen in my BL_ID and I am fond of the server but this you do not care about, I am fairly active on blockland at times and would be good to monitor from time to time, I also have a basic level of eventing, but most of what i was good at had been removed through updates. My building is decent so map making and assistance with building structures on map and so on, I have ideas to balance the gameplay for i had experienced it alot myself, and at times it feels pretty broke. I can only hope to expand upon and help grow this grand server that remains one of the oldest in blockland. I do have to obey the laws of school hours so from the typical week of school days i have my limits, but in the time i am available i can be completely subject to any and all requests to be worked upon and find out on my own new ideas to add on or suggest to make boss battles, greater than it already is.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Trifornt - No - Okay, I take it back, bigger is not better. The grammar in this is terrible, like unbelievably terrible. And a Halo TDM and a Prison Escape don't really fair as "HIGH QUALITY ADMIN EXPERIENCE" to me. You can find those everywhere. Again, you know what your job would be like. The reasoning is overall rather mediocre at best, so I'm not going to really comment on it too much.
Ry: No - Your grammar is so awful that it is entirely possible you do not actually speak english as your first language. Please make this apparent at the beginning of your application if it is true if you want us to adjust the way we read your application. Though speaking English is not a formal requirement, it is an implied requirement, because an Admin has to be able to communicate.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. I feel like you're trying too hard and trying to do too many things at once. Along with the buzzphrases this doesn't appeal.
Ike: No
Xalos: This feels like a so-so application, but the grammar and reference to BL_ID makes for a bad first impression.  No.
Muzzles: No. You didn't even mention why you would be a good admin or what sort of situations you would maintain
Soroxzion: No
Jetz: Might be a decent app if the grammar and sentence structure didn't make reading it an experience comparable to trying to walk a straight line while drunk and being chased by aggressive bumper-car operators. However, I use grammar as a measure of effort and by extension dedication to getting the position, so find someone to edit this. No.
siba: No
Ipquarx: Holy run on sentence, batman!
Aware: You say most of your eventing skills are gone because they were "removed through updates,"  I can not think of many events that were removed, and if they were removed they were probably removed because they were abused to death. Also, STOP BRINGING UP EVENTING IN APPLICATIONS. Sadly I have to say no.


Name: Abstract       
ID: 23722       
Experience: Servers that I've administrated on and helped with include Tezuni's Prison Escape (Admin, quit), Google Glass's Grapple Shotgun (SA addon manager), AbusivePillow's Falling Tiles (Admin), Meadow's We Built This Citybuild (Admin), and a couple more from a few years ago.       
What is my job: An admin's job is to enforce the rules of a server, deal with trouble makers, break up extreme arguments, and help with ideas and/or add-ons.       
Why should you accept me: I'd like to be an Admin on your server because I see the interesting and fun game mode as an opportunity for me to learn some more about scripting in Blockland and maybe even help out with new things that could be implemented into the server, and I would love to help out with just normal administration!
I hope you'll consider me for the position.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Trifornt - No - Mixed history with this one. I remember him to be an absolutely obnoxious person who would get on my nerves all the time, but hey, the application is actually pretty good. You sound like you have changed, but as I've learned with other people who have been accepted as an admin, some people will never change, even if they sound different. So I'm forcing myself to play it safe, and say "No". Sorry.
Frontrox: Conflict of interest
Tophat: No. I do not like dealing with you in the server. Not in the past, not now. You're not  the correct person to have admin here. I can't trust your application based on what I've experienced, as well as other players in the server. Edit: As I recall you're on the thin line of nearly spamming as well.
Xalos: You do not need to be admin on a server to learn to script.  The rest of the application feels mediocre as well, so no.
Ike: Yes
Muzzles: No. You seem to be more focused on learning scripting than administration
Jetz: Experience is good, reason to accept is plain, job understanding is simplistic. Expand upon it. Also seems like you have some work to do in winning over some of the other admins. No.
siba: No
Ipquarx: You won't learn anything about scripting... I've been here for ages and had absolutely no opportunity to. I suggest you try to make things on your own. "Why should you accept me" section is lacking, no from me
Aware: Hey, looks like you are getting reviewed twice. Sadly your reasons are still weak. I am curious why you quit being an admin on Tezuni's server. No.

But you're still being considered because your application on the previous system was considered. Reviewers and being bipolar. Please check back soon.

Name: M_M_M       
ID: 19725       
Experience: I was a moderator for an MC PvP server back in 2013 over the summer. Job included working with the various server plugins, banning exploiters(required video proof as well as plugin logs for validation), and generally dealing with the drama that came when you mixed egotistical players together in a game. Status lasted about 3-4 months before the server was taken down due to real life issues the host had.
Community jump-started itself again in late 2013 after host left, shortly got status back for another 2ish months before it died again near the start of 2014. Same business as before.
If any absolute certification is required for this part I'm probably capable of getting ahold of both the original host and the community-ran host via skype, but I'm not 100% positive if the original host is still contactable via the current info I have.       
What is my job: An admin's job is to upkeep server rules and try to keep the playing experience fairly decent for everyone on at the time. This involves dealing with exploiters, muting unruly/crude people, and keeping the chat from degrading into a playground fight over how Mandy has cooties or some stuff like that.
The important part about this is to realize that not everyone will like you for doing your job of upkeep, and you have to learn to deal with it and only punish when rules are actually broken. Outright kicking/banning someone because they managed to strike a nerve in you probably isn't a valid enough reason. A muting, maybe, if they're being unruly in general.
In short: keep the server running smoothly, deal with trouble-makers, and if a few players like you for doing your job, that's just a bonus.       
Why should you accept me: I've been playing this game on and off for the past couple years, starting around mid 2012. I have experience with keeping server peace in a similar environment, as well experience with the game mechanics itself. The earliest memory of playing on this specific server was when the bedroom was still a thing and Kaje was just a player inside a mech vehicle, so I have a fairly good idea of the server atmosphere and what's expected from both players and admins.
I also have experience in media, as the past year or two I've been taking media art classes to help improve my general knowledge of video-making and general scene requirements (camera angles, effects, ect). This means I'm capable of producing any video content the server may require (trailers? teasers? events?).
With the above mentioned classes, My weekdays will probably not be the most active, but I'll be able to idle to watch for issues from around 4-10PM EST. Weekends will probably be better depending on whats going on.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 02, 2015

Tophat: Yes/Recommend. I'll be the first to say anything for this. Ideal. Knows what he's doing and can back it up if need be. I've seen you in the server and can safely say that, even though it isn't required, I recommend.
Ike: Yes
Xalos: This is a strong app.  Yes.
Muzzles: Yes. Great app with strong points
Jetz: I was starting to worry that I was being too critical. Everyone else has you to thank that I'm not reconsidering them. Job understanding section is simple but reason to accept and experience sections actually show some effort. Also your montage videos were hilarious. Yes.
siba: Yes
Ipquarx: Very detailed, more than adequate experience and looks like a great candidate. Yes from me.
Aware: Well, heres at least one wall of text I didn't want to stab myself while reading. Yes.


Name: 03o T_T       
ID: 23687       
Experience: Super Admin- Helping out server       
What is my job: I believe that a admins job is to Take care of a server and when someone is spamming, etc, give them 1 chance, 2nd time kick, then ban.       
Why should you accept me: Because, I want to help out Boss Battles and make it even better than it  is now.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 04, 2015

Trifornt - No - Your name is literally emotes, and you have zero experience. You also only understand how to deal with a spammer rather than the rest in the crowd, so watch out, spammers; the /mute command has been given a life of it's own!
Ry: No - I can make emotes too, this one is called the "you failed" emote :(
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. You're more on the receiving end rather than the giving end of rules, if you catch my drift.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: Little effort, No.
Muzzles: No. Zero effort
Jetz: I guess this app had to be made to juxtapose M_M_M's app. No.
siba: No
Ipquarx: Zero experience, zero effort into application, nope
Aware - No -  ;-;


Name: CheeseAndButter       
ID: 45175       
Experience: I hosted a few server including Endless zombies Rising lava and others.       
What is my job: A admins job is to help people with question of sort. They make sure everyone is being nice in ways no cyber bully no trolls. I take this job very seriously.       
Why should you accept me: I have many idea including map ideas my main purpose id to help the server reach its goal and help new players learn what to do. I have been playing blockland for two years now maybe even more.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 06, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Taking it seriously sometimes is a good thing. Taking it seriously all the time is not. Map making isn't a reason of acceptance either. Buzzwords make me deny.
Ike: No
Xalos: Too short, too vague, and too nope.
Muzzles: No. You don't mention what you think an admin should do
Jetz: You need more experience. With Blockland, administration, the English language, writing, life in general, etc.
Ipquarx: I don't think you're taking this seriously enough, nope
siba: No
Aware: I actually saw your server in some previous experiences earlier. But unfortunatly, your understanding of admin isn't worded very well and your reasons to be accepted are fairly weak. No.


Name: We are toast       
ID: 30485       
Experience: Been admin on some servers for years but those servers come into the master list rarely.       
What is my job: An Admins job is too keep the server under control, make sure nobody breaks anything (Like the rules, game mechanics, etc) and make the server fun for everyone       
Why should you accept me: Well on most servers that accepted me as an admin, the players said that I was a responsible well-being admin and that they would give me super if they could host servers...       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 06, 2015

Trifornt - No - Experience not specified, decent job on knowing what being an admin is, but absolute failure in why we should accept you as a whole. You sound unconfident and the reason ends abruptly. It feels like you aren't trying.
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Your reason of acceptance is unsure-sounding and is the old format of recommendations but you wouldn't be able to supply them. At least you know how to be an admin. Won't make me accept it, though.
Ike: No
Xalos: No.
Muzzles: No
Soroxzion: This is an application. Treat this seriously. No.
Jetz: You used your reason to accept you as a secondary spot for experience. Also apparently hypothetical experience, which doesn't really count. No.
Ipquarx: Not enough experience, all fields in general are lacking
siba: No
Aware: Yeah, some players like to kiss ass, they say lots of stuff that's inaccurate. No.


Name: Redconer       
ID: 33688       
Experience: -Kalim's Mini Empires
-Trifornt's Mafia Madness
-Visolator's Boss Battles/Deathrun/RPG/Survival
-Tophat's Dev
-TheBlackParrot's Falling Platforms
-Swollow's 4th of July
-DragonoidSlayer's Deathrun
-BlueDryBones1's Boss Battles
-Kong133's Deathrace/Trench TDM
-Blake1's Simon Says
-NuclearNacho's Endless Zombies
-Zix's Randomizer
-Wrapperup's Crouchrace/Randomizer/Bedroom
-Crispy_'s Disease
-Yoke's Parkour Knife TDM
I also have experience in real life in instructing students in my father's martial arts school.       
What is my job: Of course its not the opportunity to spread havoc, it is my duty to monitor the flow of activity in a server, to display myself as a role model for others, to cleanse any unwanted disasters, to keep an iron stabilizer to prevent a server to collapse. I also believe in helping out players that ask any question.
Why should you accept me: Administration is not a toy in my hands. Its equivalent to a tool that is being used in a proper manner when I'm monitoring a server. One of my important tasks is to peer carefully and cautiously around the gameplay and chat. I unearth any eyewitnesses and evidence of a problem, but I let the issue run to see if it dies out or not (either way, I come out to stop a situation). If it doesn't, my instinct is to look into the problem to see what/who is in guilt. My punishments rise after my warnings, both depending on the size of the player's flaws and if they're repeated offenses. If I decide to clear a ban, I discuss other administrators to determine whether or not to dispatch it, based on the victim's actions with explanation. My second objective in a server is to regulate entertainment. Even though I have a serious side, I contribute different varieties of interests and amusement to a server and its players. Whenever I sense heavy boredom roaming around, I terminate it with clever and laughable ideas filling in. Now about my minor tasks, one of them is to wipe any flaws in a map, and there's a possiblity of me requiring additional assistance from a fellow staff member. During the process of repairing mistakes, I harvest notable previous content from the entity being modified that is worth for future use. Another minor objective of mine is to report anything that I am unable to comprehend to a higher ranked staff member. There will be the rare times where a situation makes it impossibile for regular admins to handle with ease, which would require me or another admin to call him assistance with more unlocked powers.
Moving on from my activites to my characteristics, I am a person who is an early bird and a night owl, depending what day it is. Whenever its the morning and there aren't any admins to patrol (except when Tophat is around, but he's usually exhausted as hell), I am the closest person to look around the server. When the time is late at night, I can stay in the server for a long period of time. Like Andrew Jackson, I may be a hothead, but I am a determined and a strong leader. However, there are some cons that I have. For one thing, I do not take jokes that feel uncomfortable to me, such as a false statement like, "the acid pool heals you" with a "jk" at the end, and others that are plain stupid. Another issue is anger, my rage can convert me from a unique leader to an enraged national socialist. Its very sad for me to admit that it causes me to ignore my thought process of a situation and just drive it into the cliffside of chaos. On the bright side, there are some who can break my curse, and it can be anyone. Many people favor me to continue on with my administration and entertainment, and they want me to be kept in this place.       
Timezone: central       
Date: Mar 09, 2015

Trifornt - No - All this intravenous stuff is no good for you. Stick to smoking.
Ry: No do overs. Nice try.
Frontrox: Uhhh...
Tophat: No. I'm going to do this one step at a time. First of all, you cannot put my 'dev' as experience because I gave you admin for the sole reason of using the orb and I had to keep it together anyways. I do not recall you having admin at BlueDryBones1's either, since I was a super admin of his server, so I was there often. Trifornt's mafia madness? I went there every time save for a few, I never saw you have admin nor even come into the server.  You say that you're hot-headed, but in my experience you convey this taking it out on players, rather than rethinking what you're getting angry over. Even people who don't mean to anger you cause the same effect, who you've requested to be removed from the server even though they've done no harm. The first time you acquired admin and then promptly a de-admin, I felt you lied to me just so I would recommend you. To me, you felt like an ideal admin, discovering everything else after the fact. I can't say you've changed much from then, either. Do you throw a dart at a wall covered in punishment notes to deal with players when no other admins are on? Because that's what it felt like. As soon as someone cracks a joke at you, or anyone else, you get set off, want them gone and forget anything you've said here. No thank you.
Ike: No
Xalos: You've been accepted before.  Then, you proved such a bad admin that we had to de-admin you.  I also happen to know Visolator, who says he would not recommend you for admin.  I'm giving this a big fat no.
Soroxzion: I don't know. Honestly. So I'm going with the majority. No.
Jetz: If there's one thing your dramatic tone, lack of concision, and choice of words says about you, it's that YOU'RE ACTUALLY AN EVIL ROBOT TRYING TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY. Like seriously look at this: "During the process of repairing mistakes, I harvest notable previous content from the entity being modified that is worth for future use." You made the meaning of that absurdly flexible and the result is that it looks like it was written by someone from space posing as a human. On an unrelated note you'd probably be pretty good at programming in Java. No.
Ipquarx: Sorry mang, but I just can't trust you and the way you wrote this doesn't ease my fears of what might happen, no from me
siba: No, your history is absolutely untrustworthy in an administration situation
Aware: I don't think anyone has ever mentioned this to you, but when you were "accepted" last time we had a debate. By the end of the debate and we agreed that you would secretly be a trial admin for a month and then we would decide if you were to stay admin. We never decided at the time a month came, and unfortunatly, you kept your place as admin. It is no secret to us that you created the maps in hope that you would become admin again. You had your chance at admin and you let us down, and the people who supported you down more than anything. No.


Name: Ahead       
ID: 33159       
Experience: Nails' Prison Escape (server currently remade)
Anthonyrules144's Speedykart (used to)
Prince Jay's Boss Battles (been there with Tophat, currently defunct)
Visolator's Private Servers
My own server (tinkering with builds, scripting with the add ons sometimes)       
What is my job: An admin's job is to take care of the server, moderate everyday, and have everything balanced at a fair rate.       
Why should you accept me: I've had experience with playing Blockland since I purchased the game in 2011, and I know my rights (Well sometimes.)
I have a friend here named Tophat who is super admin at your server, and I have worked with him in Prince Jay's server since 2013-2014.
I also have another friend named Visolator who is regular admin. I have also known him since 2012.
I moderate most the time,(preferably 3:30-11:00) balance things out, and have very much experience since I first played this server when I bought Blockland (2011).
I take care of things most of the time, often when there is a server issue, at a major rate.
I've been encouraged by Tophat (No, this does not mean recommendation)to do this because I talked to him, he says that not always everyone gets in.
I do go AFK sometimes,(I'm taking a technology class, so I have to focus on work) so I can't guarantee that I can go on everyday.
I am a fair player, I follow all rules(because why not), listen to higher ranks, and does what is told to do.
I hope looking forward to working with you and your team.
P.S: I do go a bit on suspicious behavior, though. But it happens rarely, though.       
Timezone: pacific       
Date: Mar 09, 2015

Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Honestly, it seems a bit...shady. The P.S at the end threw me off as well. Experience is possibly questionable too. No one's expected to be at the server all of the time either. Sorry, it has the wrong feel to it but I still understand the direction you meant to go.
Ike: No
Xalos: Again, I personally know Visolator, and he would not recommend you for admin.  No.
Soroxzion: No.
Jetz: Just because we removed the recommendation section from the application doesn't mean you shouldn't collect them. Dropping Tophat's name might have helped you out if he actually approved or recommended you. No.
Ipquarx: Suspicious = not good, no from me
Aware: No, name to similar to mine. In all seriousness, the "what is my job" section is a little lacking. Is the P.S at the end saying that you watch for suspicious behavior or that you have suspicious behavior, it's pretty unclear. You probably shouldn't have a "P.S" at all and just work what you wanted to say in it into your "why should you accept me" paragraph so that it is clearer and better constructed.


Name: Roli       
ID: 30570       
Experience: 2015.03.10       
What is my job: I'll ban cheaters/jerks/rulebreakers
I like the server
I want to help the server
a nice regular
I answer the question
Why should you accept me: Not much I can see the server administrators
I preserve the server Like: 1,2,3 Hours
Thanks you
Timezone: europe       
Date: Mar 10, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. :(
Ike: No
Soroxzion: Effort is needed to become an admin here. Please try again. Denied.
Jetz: Tried to decide how to reply before I realized spending more than fifteen seconds on this would be putting in more effort than you did. No.
Ipquarx: um   no
Aware: Uhh... is this a serious application? I hope not.


Name: Archeus       
ID: 149585       
Experience: I have been admining one of my friends RP server for a while now, and i have been keeping it under control, and helping people when they need it.       
What is my job: To keep the server under control, and to help people. Also, keep the rules under control if they are getting out of hand.       
Why should you accept me: Due to i can spot rule breakers easily, and wont ban if they would be annoying. Also, i would help people anyways cause i am a admin when this is accepted (not like im begging for it, im not).       
Timezone: pacific       
Date: Mar 11, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: Nope.
Tophat: No. So you can spot a rule breaker, but won't ban them if they're annoying. You're also not begging to be admin, so you thought you'd include that in the application...why?
Ike: No
Xalos: WHEN this application is accepted.  Not if, guys, WHEN.  Looks like we have to accept it now.  No.
Jetz: I've never known the rules to get out of hand, just the players who are supposed to follow them. What kind of administration abilities would that require? No.
Ipquarx: Aren't you that forum spammer? Archeus forgets stuff up? No thanks.
Aware: Ehhhhhhhhhh admining on an RP server? What's your friend's name? You should mention the name. You should spend a little more time on your application so you can construct your sentences better.


Name: Soule       
ID: 34107       
Experience: - /Ty's City Rpg
- My own server (Used to host Boulder dash while Brotatoe's was down)
- Zix's Randomizer DM
- Bladeboy's Boss battles + Mini empires (He is a friend)
I am not sure if this counts since i barely remember this but back in either v20 or v21 I used to be a temp admin on a deathrace server (with stunt planes)       
What is my job: Now here comes the part where i'm probably gonna be shot down.
Simple as this:
An admin's job is to in this case. Ban rulebreakers, Read other reviews (maybe)? and help around on the server. (And /Togglegizmo) (Sorry i just had to do it)       
Why should you accept me: I am fun and energetic while also managing to be serious when required to. I may seem like one of those people you would shoot down and never consider but while my application may not seem like much i have potential to be a Admin to live up to the requirements. The reason why I think I would be a good addition to the team is because during my timezones the only admins i really see on are Pecon7, Tophat and Aware. But who knows, I could be wrong. One main reason why i am applying is because of the amount of rules that are broken during when admins aren't on. And i intend to atleast lower that amount.       
Timezone: australia       
Date: Mar 12, 2015

Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: I know a few things about you, oh and believe me you're not going to get the chance to take this server down. No.  :)
Tophat: No. If you think you're going to be shot down, you're probably going to be shot down. I feel like you were playing around with the application, not really taking it seriously.  Experience is a bit iffy, seeming a bit strict by your wording although I know you wouldn't be to that degree. We know we've had a lack of admins, and while we do want more it doesn't mean it scores anyone extra for realizing this. Sorry.
Ike: No
Xalos: No.
Jetz: Another good example of an app where you could scramble all the sentences and lose almost nothing. No.
Ipquarx: "Experience: - /Ty's City Rpg" Nope. /Ty is a piece of stuff that tried to sell a backdoored addon (for real money, and then got banned for it), then went ahead and distributed it anyways. He then abused admin at another server to draw attention to his own, and it's been proven time and time again. (He even got permabanned a 2nd time too I believe.) Accepting admin at his server is an immediate blacklisting. Don't even have to read the rest.
Aware: "(And /Togglegizmo) (Sorry i just had to do it)" uhhh okay then, moving on... Yes, more admins on the server would mean less rules broken when admins aren't on the server. Ipq's comment disturbes me even though I have no idea who /Ty is. No.


Name: yawa200       
ID: 17399       
Experience: I've been admin on many servers (alot of friends) I've been admin on MasterChief's Deathrun and moderator on alot more on minecraft and other games.       
What is my job: an admin's job is to make sure nothing is wrong with the server everyone's having fun making sure everyone follows the rules and to make sure no one is spamming, caps, ect.       
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I've always wanted to help others and make sure things go how they should and to see if everyone is doing their part.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 12, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Sounds more like a group meeting than an admin application.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: One. More information needed. Two. Take your time in making appplications. Three. No.
Jetz: Nothing in this application is specific to Boss Battles. The reason to accept you isn't even specific to being an administrator. No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Aware: Time is required for applications. If you can't spend the time to fill out a worthy application, then you don't deserve admin. No.


Name: epic pie       
ID: 148614       
Experience: i was admin more then 10 times and super admin 5 times and moderator couple times and reg in tezuni's server       
What is my job: admin job is to help the players and moderators and keep the server alive       
Why should you accept me: cause i have difrent time zone as normal admins so when i log into it i dont find admins online so i wish if you accept :D       
Timezone: africa       
Date: Mar 13, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Was going to say something about how all servers were confirmed to have a timebomb strapped to them or that we need to perform CPR, but then I got down to the reason of acceptance. I was able to understand it but it's just so broken.
Ike: No
Xalos: YDCAMSYSN.  Well, you claim you do, but it's still so devoid of effort that YDCAMSYSN applies.  No.
Soroxzion: No.
Jetz: "admin job is to help the players and moderators and keep the server alive" We don't currently have moderators here. Are you sure you applied to the right server? No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Aware: What? you were admin 10 times on Tezuni's server? Does that mean that you only showed up 10 times? You were demoted and then got admin again 10 times? What is this? What is the point of words? Why can't we just communicate with dance? Someone teach me how to dance "No."


Name: Lolrus       
ID: 45519       
Experience: I used to be a admin at zombiehunters server sadly it shutdown but ill tell you my administration experience. I was a great admin he even made me a super admin. I was mostly watching for people who are mean people and I banned lots of people because they were hackers. I also helped a lot of people who needed help with some things such as, how to build something, or if someones being mean. I also helped zombiehunter. That was my previous administration experience.       
What is my job: A admins job is to find people who are not following the rules and help build stuff. Admins should also not ban people for no reason. They also should not be a bully. Admins should also not get mad at other people.       
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I am funny and can sometimes be a good helperbot. I am not that much of a very good builder but I can help find people who are breaking the rules. And no I am not a copy of loleris I just say lol from time to time and I am a walrus XD. So yeah that is why you should accept me.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 13, 2015

Trifornt - No - You sound more like an eight to twelve year olds' comedic relief rather than an admin. Absolutely not.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: Take this seriously. No.
Tophat: No. We should accept you because you're a robot who laughs. Who is also a walrus. Or a walrus XD. A robot walrus XD. Ehm, I think you have the wrong address; you meant to go to the school play, yes? I hope?
Ike: No
Xalos: If we wanted a robot to administrate the server, we would just make a robot to administrate the server.  Be a human; until then, no.
Jetz: Well, I have to at least admit that you managed to not mix your experience, job understanding, and reason to accept together and distribute the sentences randomly so that puts you a couple steps ahead of most of the others here, but everything about what you've written is simplistic. Also, thinking you're funny isn't a reason to make you an admin. No.
Ipquarx: Not enough experience
Aware: You banned lots of people because they were hackers eh? Eh? EHHHH? Eh, No.


Name: General R       
ID: 16882       
Experience: I have an enormous amount of administration experience in Blockland, but not that much recently because I have quit off Blockland for a while. Although, I have been admin on Sanctus Rem's Grapple Knife server which had a number of players daily where I had to moderate the server solo most of the time. Also, I have been a Mod on Tezuni's Servers(Please don't hate), but I believe I am one of the good mods on there, because I never act handicapped like most of the staff on that server; I enforce the rules and keep the server from crashing down. There are a number of small servers that I was also admin on in the past that are now no longer online. Outside of Blockland, I have been a very trusted player in games like Minecraft where I have administrated and watched over the players.       
What is my job: I believe that the job of an admin is a responsibility that is very hard to earn, but so easy to lose by mistakes made. Admin's are supposed to moderate the server and keep control of the players to make sure they don't get too out of hand and end up blowing up the server. Although, you may have to deal with disrespectful players and you need to know how to properly handle them without upsetting other people. Overall, admins are there to make sure the server doesn't collapse due to the players on the server.       
Why should you accept me: I believe that you should accept me because I tend to not get overwhelmed by other people easily, and I also handle situations with players and chat very efficiently. This can improve the server because there are some times where no admins are on, and players get easily annoyed by some immature kid trying to be funny. That's where I would come in. I can pick out small details that can lead to a bigger idea which can help with finding cheaters, spammers, and annoyances. Another reason I think you should also accept me is because I make commitments to things I want so I would use my time and try to get on this server as much as possible and not just come on rarely to play for 5 minutes.       
Timezone: central       
Date: Mar 14, 2015

Ry: Yes - Well written reply that manages to hit all the right notes with me, a few really minor buzzwords and word choice issues, but you wrote this like a person who actually has a mind. So I'm not going to penalize you for having a personality.
Trifornt - Yes - It wouldn't really take too much to have me accept you at this point, and heck, had you asked I probably would have recommended you. You're all around trustworthy and you have had some experience with the admins on the server (personally, in fact) so you know what we're like and what our job is, and in the end you sound fit and ready for the task. Proof? This application.
Ike: Yes
Xalos: Yes.
Jetz: Plain, but well written, and the experience sells it. Yes.
Ipquarx: Seems good, though I would've liked to see actual examples of administration experience rather than having to rely on you saying "I have lots of it." Gonna have to say no.
Aware: General R? More like General Re- you know what, never mind. I came accross an interesting drama topic where you stole someone's name and ended up getting them banned from multiple servers. http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=272866.0 This is what I'm talking about. I would like to know your alt's ID that way we can check and see if you've been shifty with it. I have to say no, because you seem like a Generally untrustworthy person.
Tophat: No. I like the application, how it's written, and would accept you based on the application alone, but I've switched my vote after doing some rethinking. The drama being this past January, along with the fighting we did even though it was fixed, I can't look past it.
Soroxzion: I read the drama too, and I'm with Tophat on it. No


Name: kougrhuntr       
ID: 40690       
Experience: I was looking around.For people not following the server rules and i was not abusing i banned kicked the people who would not listen.       
What is my job: To kick/ban people wont dont follow rules listen to other admins and keep the server safe.       
Why should you accept me: I will not abuse i will follow orders from you and other admins/moderators       
Timezone: northAmer       
Date: Mar 15, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. "to kick/ban people wont dont follow rules". So, you'll punish those who follow the rules, and let the rest go free. But if someone's in a higher place of power, then you'll be a good little robot. Yeah guys we should totally accept this application.
Ike: Double negatives? You aren't not unaccepted.
Xalos: YDCAMSYSN once more.  Actual humans are going to be reading these, so write these like you yourself are an actual human.  If we wanted spam apps we would get better results with a Markov-style text generator.
Jetz: You wrote this application with the same mindset you'd use when writing a text message, didn't you? I'm going to stop trying to find something to say about this now since you may as well have left it blank. No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Soroxzion: Too short, write more, try harder. No.
Aware: I wont dont say yes. No.


Name: Baller General       
ID: 175416       
Experience: It went very well. We always had a full server because i maintained order and stopped chaos.       
What is my job: Maintain a good, clean, and fair server       
Why should you accept me: I enforce the rules and make a clean environment in all servers.       
Timezone: northAmer       
Date: Mar 15, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. It's short. Not the good kind of short. There's no character limit, we're not texting here. It needs more all around.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: Denied.
Jetz: Okay somehow you actually wrote an application shorter and less substantial than the last guy. That's one achievement you can congratulate yourself for, I suppose. No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Aware: Why did you even waste your time writing this? Oh I guess it was only a few seconds. No.


Name: Alcatraz [US]       
ID: 42729       
Experience: Yoke's Bounty Hunter 24/7 (only one time, but I did ban one problem user because this individual user baited players into receiving penalties, to be specific this certain user was Ron Paul), The Young Avenger's Servers, Aidan12's Vietnam War RP, (I think its called that), TobyOS's Prison Escape, (one of my major embarrassments due to the server's highly poor administration) Copper360's Left 4 Dead servers,
Some popular servers that go up once but then you never see the server again.       
What is my job: My point of view on an admins job is to enforce the rules and make sure everybody has fun, for example when a guy joins and just utters random autism and ruins the experience for others by always shouting out their locations when trying to hide from the boss. Another job is to sometimes (my habit) look at the banlist to look for bogus ban reasons that shouldn't have been done but with valid evidence the ban was clearly unjustified first.       
Why should you accept me: For one thing, I am not going to say: "Because I feel like I can improve the server" because that's just next to a bogus reason. I always make sure there is enough humor, comedy, and fun going around. I always do what I must do to keep the server happy, and whenever there's a request for somebody to be banned I will check the chat and gameplay for any reasons why. I will also ask for evidence if I seem to fail to get any examples of rulebreaking or richardery.       
Timezone: europe       
Date: Mar 15, 2015

Trifornt - No - Interesting application overall. However, as soon as I read "when a random guy joins and just utters random autism" I immediately stopped reading and decided on "No". Saying people are uttering random "autism", with or without intent to offend people, is still offensive and considered impolite. Someone who says this kind of crap should not be on the admin team. Another thing that really stood out was the fact that you said that you'd look into the ban list in search of a bogus ban that was unjustified, presumably so you can unban this person. This is shady, and you did not specify if you'd contact the person who had banned the guy to figure out the whole story to see if the ban was bogus. And even then, you have no right to unban people for absolutely no reason what-so-ever other than "I THOUGHT IT WAS BOGUS!" Admins on this server can't just ban because some guy called them a poopy-head, or else they wouldn't have gotten past the applications in the first place.
Tophat: No. You're the type of person who would fling insults at any moment's notice. I've seen and given punishment for this to you. I might think that your version of comedy is telling someone they're mentally ill as I've also observed and dealt with before as well. Now down to the actual application. So you'd ban someone as soon as some player tells you to and you think it breaks some rule to a slight degree? But if you can't get any proof, you'll ask who? Someone who wasn't there? No thanks.
Ike: No
Xalos: No.
Soroxzion: Yeah no.
Jetz: Can't say I've ever seen "autism" used in that way before, which is a bit of a surprise because for a thankfully brief period of time it was being used in place of virtually every word on the internet. No.
Ipquarx: I don't want you raping little girls that are on the server, no thanks http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=274005.0
Aware: Thats....thats and interesting way to get banned from the forums. uh, no.


Name: WAFFLEKING1104       
ID: 41103       
Experience: I have been on many popular severs like is one of the massive freebuild servers and of the racing servers       
What is my job: I believe that admins are basically the servers police and they are very nice and polite         
Why should you accept me: I an not a jerk I am friendly and I do not ban or kick people for no reason and I will not brag over my "job" I will act like a normal person         
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 21, 2015

Trifornt - No - You tried your best, and failed miserably.
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: You tried. No.
Tophat: No. If you said you would've made Aware waffles, you would have a better chance. But you did at least try, props. Still not taking an oath when you're trying to become admin.
Ike: No
Jetz: Another thing people can do when checking their own applications: Look at every sentence in your reason for us to accept you. If it could also fit into the admin job description section, we're just going to mentally tune it out. By applying this to most applications, you'll find that most of them end up with that section left completely blank. No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Aware: +1 for waffles, -2 for application. No.


Name: The Adventurer       
ID: 33480       
Experience: I have ran my own Boss battles (As an inspiration to yours) I have ran many servers       
What is my job: I believe an admin's job is to ban/kick the people who spam, be annoying, or do not follow the rules       
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I am just looking for my job to express my creativity on       
Timezone: mountain       
Date: Mar 21, 2015

Trifornt - No - Short application, hardly any effort put into it, blah blah blah. Why do I even bother any more? Most of this stuff is just the same shallow application but with a different poster!
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Where have you run your boss battles? And your other servers? Ran them out of town or what? No thanks, too short, and telling us you want to be 'creative' with your job doesn't sound fun.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: No effort points gained. Denial rating 300%
Xalos: YDCAMSYSN.  The number of applications we get with no effort is frankly insane.
Jetz: I'm 99% sure you have the definition of the word "inspiration" backwards there. In the 1% chance that I'm wrong, you just come off as hilariously arrogant. No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Aware: "I am just looking for my job to express my creativity on," No thanks.


Name: ToastedApples       
ID: 48347       
Experience: Well i been admin in a few places some places i were accepted
markpilerfan Admin
PhatomFreddy Admin
wubbyz301 Admin
===Jelly Butter=== Admin
CheeseandButter SuperAdmin
Icefreeze SuperAdmin
Matmaster SuperAdmin
Raccooner1214 SuperAdmin
i am becoming mod on zapks servers in 2 years (i was to young) and becoming mod on shawns server april 1st       
What is my job: Helping and solving continuous problems and making sure that they are on the server sometimes not abusing there power and respecting host/Co_Host non_admins and Super_Admins
also admins have to check the rules and follow the rules if someone in server is breaking rules gets a punishment.       
Why should you accept me: This seems to be one of the few good bossbattle servers, I want to help administrate and i have a building skill of 30% some servers i didn't even need to apply for because they saw that I was a great person for the admin because i was helping to build maps in servers and I believe that I can help contribute to the server by stopping anyone who breaks the rules. I could also help anyone who needs it.
Timezone: northAmer       
Date: Mar 22, 2015

Trifornt - No - This was a rather shallow application overall, and the grammar is awful. I know being a "Grammar national socialist" is annoying to some people, but honestly, you're applying to be an administrator on a server, can't you at least try to be formal?!
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. I'm curious, how do you stop rulebreakers without admin? From the sounds of it, you were doing an admin's job just fine and then you got admin, doesn't add up. Experience is eh. You "could" also do a lot of things. Does this mean you won't unless you're asked? Sorry, but it doesn't feel like you're ready for this just yet.
Xalos: What does "building skill of 30% some servers" even mean?  I've been puzzling over this statement and it only looks more nonsensical each time I read it.  No.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: I'm sorry but no, not enough reason to get accepted.
Jetz: "i am becoming mod on zapks servers in 2 years (i was to young) and becoming mod on shawns server april 1st" I think you're planning too far ahead on one of those, and the other sounds like a setup for an April Fools prank. Someone find out and let me know if this turns out to be the case; I'm calling it now. No.
Ipquarx: Not enough reason to accept
Aware: If building alone gave you admin then everyone would be admin. Why are you going to be given mod on zapk's server in two years? I feel like mod is hardly a position to be proud of, and not being ready to have mod for two years? It doesn't make you look like admin material. Sorry, No.


Accepted this round: M_M_M!
Also still being considered: Abstract, General R

(I don't intend to do this right away) How soon am I allowed to re-apply with the new system?

Also, is it just me, or did Pecon really not vote on my app?

So Pecon is reviewing apps again?

(I don't intend to do this right away) How soon am I allowed to re-apply with the new system?

Also, is it just me, or did Pecon really not vote on my app?
Pecon usually stops partway through the reviewing. You can reapply whenever you want but if you don't improve substantially the result will be the same.

Free tip to people applying: We removed recommendations from the process but that doesn't mean you can't use them. A good place to collect them that nobody ever seemed to realize before is the Boss Battles server itself. Make friends there, help people, give feedback, be the kind of person people would want as an admin. Just asking your friends to recommend you doesn't have any meaning if we don't know anything about your friends. If we take notice of you it can be one of the most powerful deciding factors. On a similar note, if the admins don't like you, you could have the best background and writing skills ever and you'd be declined when everyone votes no from experience.

Now that you thrown out the history thing at me, you had crushed my spirit.

I am sorry for what I've caused to you guys