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As with any large software update, there are some issues with the Blockland shader update.  I will be fixing them.  Remain calm.

Fixed - Pretty sure it's fixed now.
Possibly Fixed - I did soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning, but did it work?  Post your results.

Known Issues:
  • Fixed Shader compilation error "ERROR: 0:58: 'packed' : Reserved word."
  • Fixed If shader compilation fails, game may crash on scene initialization - work around: disable shaders
  • Fixed Escape menu is visible while environment menu is open - work around: open admin menu with ctrl+a
  • Fixed Performance issue with building on large amounts of floating public bricks - work around: don't do that
  • Fixed Uploading a save file as "public" does not work (it does work if loaded locally)
  • Fixed Packages are not deactivated properly in some cases when switching gamemodes.  Example: if you start a custom game with duplicator then switch gamemodes to freebuild, you will get "Add-Ons/Tool_Duplicator/server.cs (512): Unknown command messageClient" console error spam and when you respawn the "Click to respawn" will stay on the screen.  I believe this is caused by some forgetup internal to the scripting engine.
  • Fixed Crash on startup after "Activating Package: CanvasCursor" - Appears to be related to intel hardware, I have successfully duplicated the issue
  • Fixed Crash on startup after "destroying curtain" or "showing window" - Caused by starting up in fullscreen, but does not happen if toggling from windowed mode to fullscreen.  Work around: edit your config/client/prefs.cs file to run in windowed mode
  • Fixed It is possible to run GameMode_Tutorial as an add-on in a custom game and break everything.  Work around: don't do that
  • Fixed Description.txt for poster brick says teledoor
  • Fixed Third line of text cut off in game mode description - 3rd line shouldn't even be appearing
  • Fixed Day length in environment gui does not read value if you type it in and click apply - Work around: press enter after entering value
  • Fixed Arrow on teledoor is visible as a cutout in front of transparent bricks
  • Fixed Pong save spawns bullets instead of pong projectiles
  • Fixed Tutorial print 3 says "toom" instead of "room"
  • Fixed Shader compilation warnings like: warning(#283) Implicit cast from int to float
  • Fixed Label crunch on custom game gui, advanced tab
  • Fixed On some hardware, ground changes color depending on view angle (even with shaders off)

Mystery Issues / Unknown Cause
  • Fixed Repeated console spam of "LightManager::uninstallGLLights: no lights installed!" - Cause unknown, full console log or duplication case would be helpful
  • Point lights not working even though shadows do work link - Console log would be helpful

  • User report: I metrics(fps); seems to count shadow passes as frames link - I cannot duplicate this issue
  • Poor performance on embedded hardware (laptops/intel chips) - I am always open to optimizations but when even a $100 video card is 50x as fast as the best intel graphics chip there is not much I can do.  Slow computers are slow.  You should run in fixed function mode (Shader detail "off").
  • Shadows are pixelated - That is because they are made of pixels.  The shadow texture distribution may not be optimal but really it's pretty good.  There are some blur approximations that can be used to soften the edges but in my opinion they are not worth the performance cost.  If you really want to (and you have 1gb+ of video ram), you can increase the shadow quality to use 4k textures with the console command optionsDlg.setShaderQuality(6); Note that this is really slow and the shadows are still made of pixels, just more of them.
  • You cannot simply hold backspace to clear chat anymore, you now have to tap it repeatedly. - This is an issue, but it was always like this.  It is not a new issue
  • The shadows off of thin bricks very high in the air extend farther than they would normally. This is probably the most obvious on the default slides build. - I am not seeing this or I don't understand
  • Point lights do not cast shadows - This is by design.  Casting shadows requires rendering the scene at least twice.  In the future it may be possible to cast shadows from the nearest 2 point lights if there is no sun, but it is not in the cards right now.

Only post in this thread if you have a new issue that has not listed here or have new information that about existing issues.  Unrelated / "Me too" posts will be deleted.

If you have a new issue, post your console.log file and describe the problem fully as if you were talking to a person who could not see your computer screen at all because I can't. 

Screenshots of the windows crash dialog are loving useless.  If you post this I will ban you.

If it is clear you did not read this post I will ban you. 
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Quote from: Changelog from 1.03 to V7
1.03 to 7
Fixed tutorial sign reading "toom" instead of "room"

i call these The Spot Slipups

Added --Badspot
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When playing the ninja jump challenge my PFS decreased a lot when I was close to and looked at a water emitter.

Default pong save event settings issue quoted from unofficial bug thread:

Uh, not really a technical bug, but the default pong save spawns a gun projectile instead of a pong cube. We are not nearly hardcore enough to play pong with bullets.

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I am remaining so calm right now its crazy.
Mine gets past the CanvasCursor to

;-; bedspot pls
Not sure if it is a different error or the same as the Canvas.
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I can't plant 2x4 bricks for some bizzare reason, either in my own server or other people's servers.  It just breaks instantly after plant without error.

You have enabled the tutorial mod in custom or are experiencing the packaging issue -- Badspot
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The "Join Game" GUI still says "Map"

You have a modified server list gui -- Badspot

Edit: You are right Baddy, it was RTB. I updated and it's game mode now :)
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Are you fixing the thing that causes everyone to crash now? Or is there already a solution for this? I'm not really sure if there is.

If this speeds things along in any way, the CanvasCursor crash doesn't appear to be fixed by Compatibility Mode or 640x480-only. There's also a 'Syntax error in input' early in the console.log, before any traces can be started.
Input Init:
   DirectInput enabled.

Syntax error in input.
Blockland v21 build 1682

When you put a ceiling plate and a floor plate to make it smooth on both sides you can still see the bottoms. Don't know how to put it in words, just look at the pic. It's the same issue with ramps as you can see.

I know you wrote that the shadows are pixelated, but I think there should be some kind of way to avoid these eyesores. I got max in quality, but the ramp bricks still make these zick-zack shadows. The same issue can be found in the first pic.

At 800x600 resolution, I'm getting some overlapping text, namely in long save file names (particularly those stemming from old maps), and on the custom game mode screen, where "Player-Vehicles / Bots" drops down a line and intersects "Physics Vehicles."

Setting the sun flare really high makes for a pretty sudden jump in effect when it leaves your field of view.

I raised the fog and visible distance all the way up, dropped the visible distance all the way down, then raised it back up again, and the fog appeared to have returned until I adjusted it a bit.

My torso appears able to be lit by the sun, while my head does not, creating this strange effect:

Both my head and torso are pitch black.

The sun flare can be seen through bricks when pressed up against them. Most noticeable when the sun is at a low elevation, or through a ceiling brick when it's directly overhead.

This happens to light sources, It always points in one direction. (This only happens when they're casting on slate, Not bricks)
And my lighting changes from first to 3rd person, No idea what causes this and it doesn't always happen and randomly fixes.

This is them both combined:

The game is drawing third person as if slate is covered in a shadow - So i also can't see shadows on it. - If i put bricks down there i can.
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Day length in environment gui does not read value if you type it in and click apply - Work around: press enter after entering value

I struggled so hard to find the words to explain that in the other thread, and then you manage to get it into one sentence that clearly explains the problem. I feel dumb. Anyway cant wait for the updates, once these bugs are fixed the update will get a more unanimous support.

There's quite a few main menu glitches I know.
First off, if you don't interact with the main menu for a while, the buttons and the logo will dissapear, forcing you to Alt F4.
Also, if you open RTB and close it while playing the Tutorial, the main menu buttons will appear there.