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how do I verify my account because I installed the add on loaded up blockland but the website says my account hasn't been verified yet

A prompt should automatically appear. Make sure your IDs are the same, of course.

Would you mind sending a console.log?

Well this is odd

I am the host..

you should probably post a console.log

you should probably post a console.log
This is probably the cause:

Yes, I am using the latest development of blockland glass.

Does your server have Support_Updater? You may have an old version of the preferences system. Check to see if the file is in your add-ons folder. If it is, either update it with the Updater or get the latest one from the website.

They are fully updated since I'm not getting alerts to update it.

The supporter is on the dedicated server and enabled, though

Posting a full console.log would allow me to track down the exact issue, not just a snippet.

I am using development version 1.1.0-alpha.3

Here you go. I found more:
--------- Starting Dedicated Server ---------
Destroying NET Server
Exporting server prefs...
De-activating package: GlassPreload
De-activating package: BLPrefCompatibilityPackage
De-activating package: BLPrefServerPackage
Activating package: GlassServerControlS
ERROR: ActivatePackage() - Package not found 'GlassServerControlS'
Activating package: BLPrefServerPackage
Activating package: BLPrefCompatibilityPackage

Yeah, you actually don't have Support_Updater. It should be automatically downloading, but I don't think the ResourceManager is executing, which is a bug.

Alpha 4

  • Work on the Updater screen, should work now
  • Resource Manager now loads on the server end

Beta should be coming up shortly!

Next up to work on is client-ended RTB support, so that preferences will still work even if the server doesn't have Glass.

Probably make it so you can't press the update button more than once, I accidentally did that and my downloading progress got buggy. Not really much of a problem, though.
Also when I download something I do get this:
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