Author Topic: 2015/12/23 - Blockland r1984  (Read 124050 times)

Jeez I can't load any servers anymore without reconnecting a million times, fast packets disabled or not
If loading freezes it helps to do flushtexturecache(); in the console.

That's actually a good idea, it'll freeze the game for a while so the server stops dumping packets at you. Then your client can catch up to the one packet it's been missing the whole time.

If loading freezes it helps to do flushtexturecache(); in the console.

Thank you sir

So... how about some progress update here?

i still get runtimes issues with 250k bricks :S

I get runtimes when I host ALL the time

what are these errors you people speak of
i havent gotten any

When i start a blockland server, if im not using the dedicated launcher, all the functions of the game will be erased leading to a crash. Ill upload a pic when i get home.

I know this is pretty minor but could you possibly fix the insert/home key bug? I'm not exactly sure how to reproduce it yet but it's happened a few times where I was typing, went to backspace and must've hit either the home or insert key, then suddenly my chat is locked up or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. Hitting enter does not work so usually I just mash the keyboard and it goes away....along with pqoierycnbvbdhskhfsk or similar spam being sent through chat. 

By the way I never got around to thanking you for fixing the first responder bug on the wrench GUI (among other things), so thanks! Keep up the good work Baddy  :cookie:

I get significantly less runtime errors. Sometimes I am free of errors for a whole week.

However if I get a runtime error just once I'll get about 2-4 more errors on the same day. Then never again until next week.

If your chat gets stuck, just go in and out of the steam menu. IIRC alt-tab fixes it too.