Will Trump get re-elected in 2020?


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this isn't entirely relevant to anything but i find it a nice coincidence that the far right is called the alt right. alt is german for old

Any comments on the attempted assassination of several GOP politicians?

there's a thread for this
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inexcusable no matter what

gonna have to give murder a 👎 tbh


this is an interesting perspective to hear from, i think everybody here could gain something valuable from watching this video

I will hack the election and allow Annoying Orange his 2020 presidency if he legalizes the building, use, and ownership of Killdozers. There's no good reason they should be exclusive to the Israeli Defense Force, we have muslims here that need a good burial.

The jobs he lists around 3:00 functions nicely as a working-list of people he's defrauded in business. He ought to have tossed in, "and the construction workers and architects who build my gold-plated towers and then receive only half the money they were promised, six months later than they were promised."

An apprenticeship program isn't a bad idea though. We should be funneling more people into trades rather than putting them through college just for the sake of getting a degree. Gonna have to see how he plans to implement this.
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i was in virgina when scalise was shot

barrons putting fidget spinners back in style

I need that t-shirt