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Server's up! Using the usual map until Glass can get on and help finish up my map.

Server's up! Using the usual map until Glass can get on and help finish up my map.

I just went to bed since i got bored :D

Or it just turns into a tunnel war when people start building all the tunnels
Which is what the game is suppose to be like.

i built ~40% of this wall

wall from outside in all its glory

wall from inside base, 2 exits at 2 different heights (one-way)

some huge tunnel
images stop being jpegged to hell

disclaimer: this is not trench wars
this is ukraine tdm

disclaimer: this is not trench wars
this is ukraine tdm

 Red (#formotherrussia)  vs.  Blue (#seigheil).

Server is now up again and there is a new map created by Ravencroft.

Can I ask what colorset this uses?

So I had a map idea and started at it.  But, because I'm me, I got carried away with it.  52,104 bricks later, I realize I've gone way over the set limit.  I was thinking of redoing it to get it lower but I wanted your opinion before I go through the effort of redoing it.

This is a pic of the center capture point.  It's a stump.  The point of the map is to tunnel through trees.

Here is the top view.  As you can see, there are not-detailed cube trees and detailed trees.  I realized early on that the detailed trees would be too many bricks and I wanted to keep some of the trench characteristics.

The map is 13x9 64x blocks at its widest points on the interior side of the wall.  There are 2 flags and each are located in the tree in the center of the left and right sides.  There are four capture points.  1 in the middle, 2 towards the bottom, and one towards the top (not visible).  The darker green coloration was used to break up the monotony of the green, but looking at it now, I'll probably change that.

Here is another issue I didn't think about before starting the map.  All of the trunks, being identical originally, make the bottom of the map look monotonous.  I tried applying a fix, but it didn't help much.

If I were to redo it, I would reduce the size of the map by a couple of 64x blocks in each dimension (maintaining the same basic shape as it currently has).  I might reduce the number of blocks in each detailed tree, though probably not because I already did a lot of trimming and reducing to those things.  I'll just not use as many of them.  The current undetailed trees are rather complex (they each have a trunk running through them), so I might remove the trunk inside the green area so I can use larger blocks there.  Like I said eparlier, I would probably go with the light green for everything, except change the color of the trees containing the flags to the darker green.  To fix the trunk monotony, I would offset the trunk from the center in each tree and make more than just 1 trunk variation.

The issue after all that, assuming I can get my map to fit within all other guidelines, is that the trees are still taller than a 64x block.  It's just the nature of the map.  The whole tree idea wouldn't work out if they were shorter than a 64x block.  If this map idea is something that interests you, I will redo it.  Otherwise, I will move on to one of my other map ideas.
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I would personally love a map like that. Brick limit or not.

Edit: Also don't worry about the ground, it's fine.

Server's up with the new map!

You gonna host Fortwars ever again?

You gonna host Fortwars ever again?
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