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i think jeprimers brain may have been taken over by the zunes

Progress on Land of the Lost is coming along really nice. I think this summer it will be filled out enough for me to host some good deathmatches, and hopefully by Christmas I can rig it with tiny quests and unlockable items so that it will become an exploration map.

One of the many laboratories I have built.

An agriculture multiplex.

Left: 3D bot printer by Jeprimer. Right: Inspired by a cult I recently got roped into by accident (long story), a pulpit for increasing company morale! In the back is a weapon assembly line.

Early work on plants and architecture for the sky islands.

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i think jeprimers brain may have been taken over by the zunes
it's all he's been talking about lately I'm not even kidding
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so the sky island I have been working on the past couple days has turned out to be like the greatest thing I ever built ?

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also a fella named Edwarde joined my server and built this huge, detailed excavator for Land of the Lost. really nice guy.