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land of the lost is good stuff

land of the lost is good stuff

Thanks man. I've actually been on a brick binge for the past couple days, working on something cool for Land of the Lost. I started to build a big industrial complex, and the color scheme I realized was very similar to the buildings I made for the dig site DM on visolator's randomizer. So I duped a couple parts from that build and combined it with this huge structure.

It's still kind of empty, but I will fill it up with spazzy machines and explosives soon enough. And a couple more random pics 2 share...

And also, this is my 20,000th post on the Blockland forum which is pretty neat. I want to use this as a chance to share some thoughts on BL. This game is completely and without a doubt my favorite video game ever. I have made long lasting friendships through this game, and still I meet cool new people every week. I like that this game attracts many creative minds, and I can do so much with add-ons and bricks. Building is almost therapeutic to me in a way. I definitely got my $20 worth, and I hope when I die the next life is something like Blockland.

The 2 year anniversary of Square Society is in a few months, and me and jeprimer are always working on new things. I've seen TomTheGeek mention hosting Blockoworld this summer-- I know for sure we would be ready to fix up the booth (pictured below) we built for that last time. Always fun builds and events brewing in this game!

And you know what, I'm also going to shout out all the cool people who keep me coming back to this game. I feel like there's a lot of negativity going around these days, where users are so focused on people whose posting habits annoy them. I prefer to focus on the positives.

jeprimer knows what a bro he is to me. I have learned so much about building from khaz and the brighter dark, I love to chill on those dudes' servers and study their bricks lmao. I also think highly of the cohort team, most recently I have seen builds by sylvanor, ant, and ungabunga which really blow my mind. those guys know how to place bricks like none other. Plastiware is also worth mentioning, his pirate forgetaround was a large inspiration to my Land of the Lost (which he saw for the first time last night and enjoyed, which made me feel great). TITO is a pretty underrated builder and I love his servers, might be a controversial character but I'm more about the game than the forum. so I love that dude. Torin and sherif crack me up and they're good to build with. And lego lad is always sending me dope screenshots which are like little presents in my inbox lol. keep placing bricks bros.
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we love u mega bear <3

even though i haven't been active in game for a long while now, i may decide to get back into it sometime soon because of what u said about it :)
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thanks for the shoutout mega bear
keep up the amazing work dude

Yes love you too mega bear and your style of building is still the best

plz dont ever lose it

nicest clan you'll ever join

twisted loving psychopaths

anti builder machine

Hey it's the woo tangle clan! my favorite one is aged grimy bastard

Hey this clan is predy         good

Hey it's the woo tangle clan! my favorite one is aged grimy bastard
no thats nwa

I made the slaughter sedan, jeprimer made the snow mobile!

You guys have come so far, designed so many awesome builds! I'm sad I couldn't stay in the clan due to absence

Wish I could be as motivated and creative as you and jeprimer

this is such a small and irrelevant thing to notice but i love the environments you always use in your builds
i wish i was capable of using the advanced settings without just copying stuff from other skyboxes

screenshot from a session working on an expansion to station 3

is my build good enough?

sorry for the trippy grass; i think i've overexaggerated on the tile adapters

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