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pictured: a jersey devil stalks unwitting fat ass goats. (and spot the lightning bugs buzzin around)

does the demon want to eat the goats fat asses

Coming soon...

Clockwise: Fat ass goats, a jersey devil, and a moutain ram. / Frogs and a large snail in a marsh. / King Igneous the Robot, presiding over his domain. / A cargo cobra.

frog appreciation day !


Land of the Lost is a violent clash between the primitive and futuristic in an open world setting, with a focus on exploration and competition. The aim is to find all 9 chests in the map while simultaneously gathering better weapons and collecting points.

There are 5 regular chests which can be clicked freely by anyone. Then there are 4 special chests locked within safes, which can only be accessed using a colored key. (Red, green, blue, and gold.) The keys are hidden in dangerous places, often guarded by monsters.

This server uses the Londo Weaponset by Jeprimer. Low- and middle-tier weapons spawn in buildings, while high-tier weapons are in boxes unlockable by key.

PvP is allowed and encouraged. Many buildings contain checkpoints, weapons, health, and item save/load stations. Players can effectively claim bases and deny others access to supplies, thus establishing a competitive edge over the server. Note Spawn Island and Peace Island are gun-free zones where PvP is against the rules. PvP is permitted but discouraged in bars and lounges.

Administrators may play the role of a dungeon master by posing as bosses or otherwise providing challenges to the players. This is meant to make full use of the map's scale and keep the game interesting. I will try to host this frequently when I'm not working or in class.


1. Do not harass other players.
2. Do not spam the chat.
3. Do not block passages.
4. No PvP allowed on Spawn Island or Peace Island.


A Square Society project

Lead builder: Mega Bear
Co-leads: Jeprimer and The Brighter Dark
Valued contributors: Trinko, Sherif, Recon, Phantos, and Edwarde

Version 1: August 2017 - August 2018
Version 2: September 2018 -- ??
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holy forget
accurate representation of what your reaction will be when you try the dope-ass version 1 server and experience its endless entertainment and content...

that looks incredible guys nice job!

yoyoyo whats POPPIN logang mega bear and i about to blow up da world with a song demo

I will be hosting Land of the Lost today. click for server page on

edit: server's down now, thanks for joining. I received some valuable feedback and now I've got ideas on how to expand the build, and how to make the gamemode more interesting.

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damn man, i remember joining and seeing you build this when it was wip, looks great!