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This is brilliant! Hope I can help out with this, favourite game of all time!

Here are a couple of plans we could do:

- Make a new open world map to allow players to load and explore (Like how we had before the shaders update with the GSF Ghost maps) A big map with plenty of places to explore, I have a map in the works but we can continue developing it.

- TDM Gamemode Redux, different themes and eras, and balanced weapon packs.

- SuperKart Gamemode Revival, revive it after how flawed it's original release was.

- More maps

- New tutorial gamemode maybe?

- Co-op gamemode, pass through puzzles with your friend, sorta like Portal 2 but without the portals and more logic involved.

The Co-Op gamemode sounds really fun if it's done correctly. Hope this all comes together

The open world thingy sounds cool too

What im going to do with the projects to help.

Open World Map: Some small details and easter eggs. Maybe an island. Play-Testing and maybe some eventing.

TDM Gamemode Redux: Ideas, Eventing, Play-Testing

SuperKart: Nothing much. Not even play-testing.

New Tutorial: Eventing, Ideas. Play-Testing and Bug-Fixing.

The other ones i have no idea how to help.

In-Game Name: The Sir Rolfe
BL ID: 162540

Positions: Builder (does Client Hosting count to?), and I guess Video Making though I've only just started.

Contacts: Steam, Skype, Discord

Examples of your work:
And some other projects I havnt announced/released yet.

Why do you want to help: For over a year this has been my go to game for building and creating, no other game has captured that aspect so well for me and drawn me in. Though sadly we all know the games direction. I don't want to see this game go and be wasted what everyone has done over the years. I want other people to experience things and share their own. I want to see new ideas and new innovations from new people.

I kinda just want to share a thought here, I feel like the reason Blockland is going where it is is because (this has probably been said so many times but I'm going to say it anyway) there is no new age of players to replace the old ones. Also "Best Minecraft Copy" award on steam seriously dosnt help and also this game came out in 2007 Minecraft came out in 2011.
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I would definitely love to contribute but i have a very specific lack of skills.

In-Game Name: LuigiBoi
BL ID: 82520

Positions: Eventing

Contacts: I have steam and blockland glass, and my names are the same across all of them

Examples of your work: I have never done anything really serious in eventing, however i do have alot of knowledge about it

Why do you want to help: Im tired of Blockland being so unpopulated, and i'd like to change that.

Announcing the first project that can be worked on with the clan, a brand new world map, we miss a proper map to play on and explore since the removal of maps, and this is what this project is supposed to represent, a new take on a map that has variation and locations to go, it also could be used for other projects, the clan server is currently hosting a WIP map, you can join in and help providing more content, I want to gather up the members to talk about, and be in-game to share ideas and things we can implement, the map was also hosted a while back but it was a public collab project.


The current plans for it are:

- Remake the airport, make it bigger and give it an interior
- Finish the dirt track
- Add more buildings around the road and more trees
- Start building the city area, with tall buildings and so on, inspired by beverly hills or miami
- At the end of the city area, there could be a long beach
- A deck, with big boats, containers, and cranes
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Is my post office still there? I don't see it in the photos

Sorry if the post is long..

In-Game Name: Sketcher
BL ID: 11765

Positions: Building

Contacts: Steam (armor_rage, *Something of that variation*), I have Discord and Blockland Glass.

Examples of your work: The Ryno


(^out Dated Picture, but just a look with shadows and Shaders.^)

-Other Stuff-

I helped out with this:
^Starting there is when I started helping. I did 0% of anything else aside only doing the Walls, Ceilings (If theirs an arch, I most likely did that, lol) and floors. Literally everything else was everyone else listed in the Contributors section of the topic.

I can't think of anything else.

Why do you want to help: 1. I Honestly, really want this game to continue on way past when I do eventually leave (If I ever do). I also wanna leave some kind of mark on the game. Whether it be on a Build, project, or something new, I wanna make sure I helped out on that. 2. I also want to be one of the people that could potentially grow more of our community than it already is and have people join Blockland. 3. I wanna give back to the community for having played since V9 or v10(?), I've never done anything for the community. I wanna give back and make something fun.

In-Game Name: Razer
BL ID: 37468

Positions: Video Maker / Server Hoster

Contacts: Steam, Discord: Razer#2164, Skype: ps3mjasim1, BLG: Razer

Examples of your work: I don't have much Blockland content on my channel, but most of the Blockland content has most of my channel's views. YouTube. I've also hosted numerous servers in the past, but not many. I hosted one server with an old friend which got 40+ players.

Why do you want to help: I've been in the BL community for a while. I've been stuck to this game forever, in hopes that this community wouldn't die. I truly want to help out our community for the players. The Blockland community is starting to deplete with players. My biggest goal is to help everybody in the community have a safe, fun and friendly experience. I really see a lot of potential for this community to rise up again, and I feel the need to be a part of that because I want to step in and help. I don't want to watch this community burn after 10 years of Blockland. This community needs help and I want to be the one to help.

I have been thinking a lot about ways to bring players to the game and I remembered something. The trailer for the game is for 2013/2014 so is pretty outdated, and the website could use some updating. So 2 things we could now possibly do:
 1. Make a 2016 or 2017 trailer
 2. Make a new website which would be kinder to the user, be more up to date and be actually useful apart from checking servers.
 3. (This is a crazy last minute thought, don't kill me for this) Make a new forum.

I'm just trying to help out cause well frankly I don't want to see another community fall.
I've seen to many for my liking and I most likely others have as well.
I want to try and prevent what killed those communities I was largely apart of, which where:
- Lack of community involvement
- Little to No advertisement
- Uninspired/Unmotivated people
Unfortunately Badspot doesn't give a s**t about this Game anymore so it's all up so us to keep the gears turning.
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In-Game Name: Drew Skube
BL ID: 48426

Positions: *You can add more than one spot that you want to take, for example you can build and code* build

Contacts: *Do you use Steam, Blockland Glass, Skype and other types of communication? Share them here.* Steam

Examples of your work: Work on various freebuilds, a deathrun, and a baseball field

Why do you want to help: *In here, you will explain why do you want to help with the game's revival* I want to make Blockland the game it used to be again.

In-Game Name: Eon
BL ID: 44597

Positions: Project Leader, Builder, Scripter, Video Maker

Contacts: Steam, Discord

Examples of your work:
the best

Why do you want to help: I'd like to work on a project to help revive Blockland, not much else to say. I don't really need to type out a paragraph for this.