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Author Topic: B.F.B.B-2 [No Longer Interested]  (Read 256269 times)

Turn 44-B Results

Twix Continues making for the mountains.

Redconer Breaks into a run, divekicking the Second Runner for 85 physical damage.

Nicepoint continues building.

Agent Legit 22 Keeps watching the battle.

SWAT One Begins researching the GCQCS. Dividing the factories focus between AEGIS-4 and the Research.
He also fires a flak shell from the railgun, the projectile detonating at the battlefield, inflicting 180 physical damage to all Runners.

TheMrDoors does the monster mash. It's so spoopy that it empowers him!

Space1255 button mashes, performing badass combos on the Third Runner. Inflicting 285 physical damage.

Failbros2 picks up an M149 and unloads it into the Second Runner.

Merp bites the Fourth Runner. Inflicting 95 physical damage.

TableSalt continues to assist.

Metalliku continues to construct the frigid atom bomb.

CRITAWAKETS sets his own 'build' action to an auto-execute, keeping him from having to continuously say he's building.
(i should do that with everyone really)

HVACS-1 focuses fire on the Fourth Runner. Inflicting 165 physical damage.

HVACS-2 unleashes a barrage of gunfire on the Fourth Runner. Inflicting 150 physical damage.

Hive Encounter

The runner falls, searing with open wounds.

The runner collapses, blood spewing profusely from it's corpse.

The runner is blown into a tree by the flak detonation, collapsing dead right after.

The runner is shredded into pieces by the HVACS gunfire.

[Cycle News]

HVACS-3 has arrived!

AEGIS-3 will arrive in 1 turn.

The logistics quarters will be completed in 1 turn.

The icy atomic bomb will be complete in 1 turn.

The Jatokvo will be completed in 2 turns.

The crystal planet will arrive in 4 turns.

The runner have been defeated. No other hostiles are nearby as of current.
Now is a good time to rest, for those who have been fighting.

I sigh and lean back in my control room swivelling chair as red dialogue windows disappear and surveillance footage shows no enemies on the visible spectrum.

Send Peripheral fleet recovery drones to recover the remains of AEGIS-1 & 2 to bring them back to the UB for repairs.  Task Insular fleet to carry out these repairs.

Have HVACS TF scan the hills & mountains for the same strange signatures seen earlier.

I finish the logistics quarters and use the observation deck to look for enemies

I pack up my binoculars and decide to scout out the surrounding area once more.

keep reinforcing the goliath tank's armor

Build an overcharger on the LOIC.

Decide my flamethrower isn't enough of a Monstrosity already, and slap on basically anything i can find

SWAT One deploys Peripheral Recovery Drones to collect the remnants of AEGIS-1 & 2 and return them to the bunker for repairs. With the Insular Fleet carrying out said repairs.

HVACS-3 scouts towards the mountains at low altitudes, intending to get readings on small thermal signatures scattered about the forest.

Nicepoint finishes the logistics quarters, afterwards proceeding onto the observation deck,
 looking down to the surface of the planet for any potential sign of where these aliens are coming from.

Agent Legit 22 packs up his binoculars before proceeding to scout the surrounding area in his T-34.

Failbros2 continues to reinforce the Goliath Tank.

TheMrDoors chills out.

Space1255 repairs his controller, cause it dun broke.

shinyarceus4 starts constructing an overcharger for his LOIC.

ZeUberMedic begins constructing an outpost.

Bloo Kirby the 2nd looks for some other random things to make his flamethrower even more ridiculous. He ends up taking some parts from the remains of AEGIS-1 before the Peripheral Recovery Fleet arrives to take the squadrons.

Twix goes further, getting close to the edge of the mountains, though still surrounded in forest.

Finish the icy atomic bomb

Turn 45 Results

While flying above the woodlands, HVACS-3 begins to collect what data it can on the small thermal signatures. However...

The squadron is intercepted mid-air by a large group of airborne aliens. One slams into one of the drone, delivering massive physical damage to the drones internal structures. The creature shrieks violently into the camera stationed within the drone before tearing it apart and leaping off the drone as it plummets into the forest below.

The rest of the drones quickly ascend altitude to 1200 feet, appearing to be out of reach of these new alien creatures.

As twix travels through the woods, nearing the edge to the mountains, he cannot help but feel as though he is being watched..
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