Author Topic: GreenBH - Total idiot, big ego cunt  (Read 21781 times)

Previous Dramas (sorry for center text)

Most Recent Drama:

There are many more but most of them are either spam or joke dramas

Previous accounts:;u=21621
probably some others idk about

anyways onto the good stuff
From his hellhole of a topic: piss off the person above you
the fact you know the name of it makes you look even worse geek boy
your friend is retarded
because I like to call people friends sometime, looks like you never watched gman squad.

anyways, how is your social life?
looks like I delivered and pissed off the person above me.

now tell me, why is your fuse as short as your richard?
looks like figure accidentally pissed off the person above me. nice one buddy.
looks like I pissed him off enough to stop coming up with anything good.

we did it reddit
I know the point of that topic is to piss people off but his posts were downright retarded and sorta hostile if anything

Point 2: Straight up unfunny idiot
GreenBH has a pretty bad habit of being totally unfunny, as well as try to boast that he has been here since 2008 or some stuff which is actually sad and contributes to the ego part of the drama
we aren't counting the ones with snakees guys
don't listen guys, don't do a pompmaker and make stuff addons out of a stuffty game. do what's right and don't do it.
because you suck also don't use curse words my mom said they rot your brain

make sure the image isn't to fat too
you probably have it so you can figure out where your richard is when you put it into your dogs
aw so you're a child enthusiast

well sorry wrong dude I got normal richard
epic fail
epic damage control

if you're so confident then post a picture of yourself as trans

also i've been here since 2008

talk nice to your elders god damn loving kids these days
would a thought a clown would've ate you. hilarious stuff as usual stye puffs
funny as always lie dust
pie crust, reply to this thread if you legally agree to being fake and an attention whore.

drama over
The user above me is gay.

Done locked.
reply to this thread if you legally agree that you forget dogs

also felipe that proves nothing
stop guys your gonna get banned wtf
well I'll be waiting on that ban then. Let's watch until badspot is online.

also, I stopped derailing dark's thread because he fixed the button.
don't make me drama you
I was, looks like you missed it.
but it's broken dude...
but it's broken though man
I pressed it and it's broken

god dammit
yeah sorry looks like she's sucking your dad's.

OT: make this thread blockland gold exclusive

I could keep going on and on and on, but Im sure this is enough. These quotes are all from the past 5 days too

GreenBH is a total fool that spams unfunny stuff and thinks he's hip like the rest of the kids. He also has a weird obsession with trying to end Dark's forum games, which is abnormal from someone his "age." If anything he hasn't grown up one bit from 2008.

All within the first 7 pages of his post, there are probably many more posts that'd fit in here.

looks like I really did piss off the person above me in that thread

stuff this guys edgy


damn I cut myself


i think its obvious that hes doing it all on purpose..

almost everything greenbh said has to do with someone loving dogs

i think its obvious that hes doing it all on purpose..
doesn't make it unworthy of a drama

almost everything greenbh said has to do with someone loving dogs

stuff you got me

He's a good guy. Him and I have been dating for three years and he only hugs me because we're good Christians and we don't defile our sacred vows of celibacy.

dark dammit don't swear I raised you better then this

noedit: darth not dark. fixed

good attempt bad take off

/support needs to be banned