Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 825059 times)

felix jumps in and saves the day!!!

felix inserts president bush

You get lies, stupidity and weapons of mass destruction (gay dancers).

* Venom inserts monkey fingers.

you get monkeys in a barrel

monkeys jump out of venom's barrel and impale felix, thus leaving blood all over the snack machine.

You get eternal life in heaven, or you live on forever in Sheol. Whatever the guy at the pearly gates decides.

* Maveric inserts one of those Sacagawea dollar coins

You get a gay indian who forces you into loveual submition for the rest of your life!
*mcase inserts some pennies.*

you get some flattened pennies with the words "lol" and "forget you" on them

* nige111 throws a dog into the machine, then follows it with a cat, then a mouse, then some cheese, then a pie.

You get a dog, cat, mouse, cheese and pie in a pie

* Grim Ant inserts bloko

The Spanish Inquisition jumps around the corner and burns you on the stake.

* Wedge doesn't put in anything, just leans on an adjacent wall and watches the show.

You get pure comedy.

* Spoticle Wedges Wedge into machine...

Wedge gets stuck

* Grim Ant inserts a red diamond

*TMC inserts keyboard

I get divorced

*DELTA07 inserts cheap aniversery ring

Wedge keeps the red diamond, the keyboard, and the cheap aniversery ring. Wedge climbs out of the machine and sells it at a pawn shop. Hahaha...

* Wedge inserts Delta07's divorce papers.

You get everything

inserts hotel.mis

You get cursed so now, when you hold R, you turn into paper; and, when you hold R and spin brown townog stick, you turn into a paper roll; and, when your on a arrow pad and press X, you turn into a paper airplane.

*-=>RR<=-MasterCE inserts Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door