Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 854344 times)

You get something...sticky...and it think...and its moving...

* Otis Da HousKat inserts a kat

You get a dawg

/inserts 2gp

You get a phyco that kills your family

* -=>RR<=-MasterCE inserts Grim's Family's Bodies


felix inserts himself made of metal.

You get pie, but a bum bites your arms off

* squidhead puts in my maps .ter file.

You get SARS

*inserts chicken from China

Chicky China Chinese Chicken, Eat A Drumstick And Your Brain Starts Kick'n

Jesus broke wind and said to his disciples, " Take one, all of you, and smell it"

Your client have to download a .ter file that is 800gb but it craps out after 2 seconds.

* Grim Ant inserts some raw onions dipped in dehydrated cookie dough.

You get a DS. Plus  :cookie: x1,000!

what a terrible loss, even all those cookies dont make up for it :(

Turnip is returned.

* Wedge quickly mashes every button and runs away.

The machiene blows up

* squidhead goes out and buys a new one, brings it back, and goes to tell Wedge's Mom what he did

You get a sticky white luquid substance.

* techhut inserts the machine into itself.

You got a rip in the Time-Space-Qontinium(SP)

* squidhead buys another one and gets a guard to stop poeple from doing it again.

And i never put anything in.

You get a free cruise to the middle of the US!

/meinserts busted ship into machine because it crapped out when it sailed on land

You get an honorary 'I Hate George Bush' ShotGun.

* squidhead inserts the first mate

the first mate swears at the machine and then implodes

* Grim Ant inserts goomba