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you get a flat goomba

* me inserts paper

Whoa you can edit really old posts! If you see this, good job? Here's a cat on a skateboard?

Wow good job me


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Time goes fast

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Sure does.

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Hey me how u doin 2020 is wack
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you get a blackhole

* techhut inserts the blackhole into the sun which is in a blackhole emitting light.

You get a bunch of random particles that bombard and kill you.

* Wedge inserts the third demension (depth, for everyone who doesn't know).

It gets stuck and now we only have 2 dimensions (lenght and width)

* Grim Ant inserts time

you get the space time continu-um.

felix inserts badspot after he ate him

gets half digested badspot
I NEED A BED NOW! *rubs off into in*
1 min later
*inserts next user(Muhahahaha)

you get a box... you open the box... out springs a load of stuff into your face.

* nige111 inserts an american flag

You Get the Australian Flag Back

*Packer inserts Holy stuff

You get a notice from the IRS saying you owe the government $352,252,535.73

* Otis Da HousKat inserts a blueberry bagle

You get a posionberry bagal

*inserts G -Man

*you get the 2847th deminsion.

* techhut puts in the 30th to 60th deminsions

The world becomes deformed

*inserts top secret files

The top secret file get posted on all the forums on the internet.

* Grim Ant inserts Death