Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 831925 times)

you get a bottle, no cap

* Pompmaker1 inserts

you get a new Badspot's Mailbag post

I insert a metal press

you get a shiny new badge

I insert a 14 year old youtube video

you get paralyzer by finger 11

I insert a new youtube video

you get jacob geller's latest, Art for No One

side note: this thread is significantly closer to its 20-year anniversary than it is to the 10-year anniversary mentioned in the title. if this forum is still around in two years we will see that time come

I insert a half-eaten box of assorted cookies from walmart

You get a full bag of offbrand cookies.

I insert a copy of blockland gold deluxe