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Off Topic / tourettes dog
« on: August 04, 2015, 03:56:32 AM »
i got bored at 2am and then i made this out of my stuffty editing skills

this entire loving thread from page 2 onward
pie crust go away


This is a terrain freebuild currently hosted by me, right now its online and its using a 1024x1024 map using a seed from the Procedural Terrain Generator that GSF Ghost made.
Feel free to join!

Now with being able to save your stuff! :D
Bump, I'm going online but I'm only going to be using a 768x768 map. The last time I generated a 1024x1024, it took 34 minutes.

Off Topic / i am bored, with a headache ama
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:15:29 PM »

Games / Steam being a gigantic pile of stuff. [HELP]
« on: July 07, 2015, 02:28:29 AM »
Steam wants me to pass verification so I can sell more than 200 items on the steam market a year. I recently acquired around 100 steam trading cards and I've been wanting to sell them for CS:GO skins. I was able to bypass it for a short amount of time by only listing a certain amount of items for a while. It asks if I am a US citizen, and I pick that the option.

I come across this.
Really steam? I'm a loving 12 year old wanting to buy a video game skin, I get enough trading cards to sell, and you stomp on my face with this stuff?
Is there any way to get around this? I've been wanting to sell this stuff and it's horrid that I have to do this.

Off Topic / Stuck with stuffty router problems
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:51:19 AM »
A few years ago my dad bought us a xfinity router that would go in my room, sometimes when it would be down i would try and diagnose the problem and fix it
but then today it decided to stop working completely
i would unplug the router, reset and plug in. the lights and stuff would flash on (this is some gay tg862 router made by Arris) and they would all be on.
Wifi would be accessible for some reason but I couldn't connect via ethernet. The wifi light would go off and I wouldn't be able to access the router's administrator panel (where you have to type the IP of the router to get to for port forwarding and whatnot) and I couldn't connect to the internet at all.
My dad and me are going to see if we can go to this place to get the router traded in for a working one, but it's Saturday so we might not be sure.
The worst part about this is that I cannot access steam on my computer but I can only access anything on my phone and macbook, because i am using my phone as a hotspot or some stuff
tl;dr my router doesnt want to connect to the internet and i loving hate xfinity
/discuss stuffty times with no internet

i'd also be completely okay with doing this if my macbook's screen was able to hook up to my monitor

Off Topic / Post spam emails you get v2123123213
« on: June 16, 2015, 04:47:00 PM »
Let's get this stuff going
i never signed up for these websites or any stuff like that but this is loving hilarious

Off Topic / How long would a steam refund request typically take?
« on: June 16, 2015, 03:21:01 AM »
I recently sent refund requests for 4 different items from a timespan of the past 6 months to about over a year.
Rust - 4 hours - bought on March 26, 2014 -included "not what I expected" reason and gave a detailed explanation 19.99$
Dayz - 3 hours - bought on March 26, 2014 -same thing as the above 29.99$
Five Night's at Freddys - 26 minutes - bought on December 6th, 2014 4.99$
Payday: The Heist - 3 hours - bought on October 18, 2014 1.49$

These games have simply been collecting dust since the day I bought them, and due to the fact that the refund policy was never introduced until a few weeks ago, I'm basically going for a shot in the dark.
My friend Blockguy was able to refund Tabletop Simulator,  which he bought in Mid December.
How long would the request take before I actually get a response from Steam?
What are the chances that I am going to be able to refund these games? Has anyone had any experience with long shots such as this?
I'm most likely going to use the listed above for CS:GO, since that's a game I'm getting into with a neat system.

I am looking for large upside down print bricks, you are able to put them on the ceiling and whatnot
I am also looking for very large print bricks, such as 4x4 tiles and even upside down 4x4 tiles

that part now has to be removed
good luck

Off Topic / ass
« on: June 05, 2015, 05:18:15 PM »
this thread was a bad idea

Suggestions & Requests / bricks with real studs instead of textures?
« on: June 01, 2015, 01:49:03 PM »
i was thinking about this a while ago, is it possible to make bricks with actual studs, but when you put another brick on top of them you can kinda fit the studs in with the underside of the brick?

Off Topic / i just need to vent some stuff
« on: May 24, 2015, 07:58:56 PM »
okay, this can be considered a thread for anyone to "vent" their problems and discuss them, just discuss your stuff here if you want to

but i just really need to get this out of my head considering i've felt horrible for the past few months,
2014 could have possibly been the worst loving year of my life, but heres a short recap of the past 7 months.
i recently had to deal with the oncoming paranoia of my sibling associating herself with this wannabe gangster, dropping him, and then our house got bricked. that was 6 months ago though. so paranoia lasted about 3 months. some of the starfishs at my school decided to forget with me a lot and that was just depressing considering i already dealt with a lot of stuff including some forgetnut threatening to burn our house down. fast forward a few months, my sibling gets arrested and put jail for a few days. that dampened the stuff out of me a lot but i never really cried during any of these situations. i'm that kinda kid that can undergo extreme stress and bad stuff without really breaking down but feeling depressed anyway. i didn't feel like i was going anywhere and it was terrible considering every single day was the same exact stuff. i started failing in school but luckily as a last ditch effort i had 2 months to gather my stuff together and finally raised all my grades to a norm of a B. my computer is slowly starting to deteriorate after 3 years as a notice in the constant slowdown and several bluescreens that relate to the hard drive. i have to wait out the next few months until i finally get my new machine, then i can decide what to do with the old one

tl;dr : the past 4 years of my life have been nothing but severe stress and paranoia along with pretty much the one of the few greatest things i own starting to take a dirt-nap

/discuss your own stuffty situations

Games / Space Engineers: stuck on a problem im trying to fix
« on: May 22, 2015, 12:25:24 AM »
I currently have a Medium Cargo Container on a small ship that I'm using, it is next to the fighter roosterpit and I can't find a way to actually transfer the items from my inventory to the cargo container while in the roosterpit, any ideas?

I have a few ideas and servers in development, but as of now I can only come down to one option for a server, but I'm letting the community vote so I know what they would want to see

1. Bedroom CTF
A very high paced gamemode that takes place in Wrapperup's Static Bedroom, you are in a desert like enviroment with tunnels and hills, you have to gather the other teams flag as many times as you can to win. The build utilizes the entire Bedroom to keep a "I'm a legoman" theme.
Development: 75% - Gamemode is set to go, build needs a few tweaks and whatnot.

2. Prison Escape in Space
The year is 2035 and the government has found new ways to deal with prisoners, you are on board a ergonomic space station that a prison transfer ship is currently docked to the ship. You and your fellow prisoners must overcome the gaurds that are on the ship, the gaurds must take out any prisoner that attempts to escape, but the prisoners must find the airlock and steal the ship to escape.
0% Development, currently just an idea.
3. Cops vs Druggies
You and your fellow druggy friends were tricked at a drug deal, the dealer was actually a cop and you must run for your escape van that is located a few blocks away. Police officers must stop you and are spawned ahead of you, but you get the advantage of hiding in certain buildings and shortcuts. You must find these shortcuts and escape to your van. If you are caught or killed along with your team members, you lose and the drug deal is lost.
5% Development, a few of the map designed, nothing really done.

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