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General Discussion / Boss Battles is up this week
« on: September 07, 2018, 05:22:47 PM »

It'll be up until about next sunday. Point earnings are 5x higher than normal so that you can make reasonable progression in the short timeframe.

The official Chrome extension was compromised and updated maliciously to steal user's passwords to various online services including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Github, and various cryptocurrency wallets. The extension has already been removed and disabled, but if you had it installed any time in the past few days you should immediately change your passwords for all the affected services. The Firefox extension was not impacted.

Unfortunately, Google decided to disallow publisher signatures on Chrome extensions and is now relying solely on signing them automatically after upload to the Chrome webstore, which removes an important barrier to external compromise. MEGAsync and our Firefox extension are signed and hosted by us and could therefore not have fallen victim to this attack vector. While our mobile apps are hosted by Apple/Google/Microsoft, they are cryptographically signed by us and therefore immune as well.

Off Topic / 10 years ago I made an account
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:18:55 PM »;u=10369

I'm one day off but whatever. Time well spent.

Off Topic / Userscript - Please don't remove my avatar thanks
« on: July 23, 2018, 01:28:50 AM »
Simple userscript that prevents the update profile page from setting your avatar to nothing.

This is not infallible, double check that the radio box isn't present before updating your profile.
Credit to Jia for putting their avatar on the line to test this method initially.

Edit: I made a tiny mistake which caused the script to not run if you accessed the profile settings via a certain link. Make sure you're on v1.1.

Off Topic / Agora (forum system) development thread
« on: May 19, 2018, 09:31:28 PM »
The issues with the bbcode parser here at the BLF inspired me to resume work on this project of mine. Agora is a lightweight forum system focused on fast performance (both on the server side and for the client) and a small storage footprint. The design of the forum is somewhat inspired by SMF, but I plan to do a major overhaul of the theme structure in order to enable a much more device-aware design so that it works nicely on both desktop and mobile devices.

Old topic:

Github repository:

 - Robust bbcode parser (tables!)
 - Avatar system that supports animated gifs and static images up to 100x100px, and with high quality resampling of larger avatars.
 - Uncomplicated code (No unexplained regex, things are generally written in a pretty straightforward manner)
 - All features supported without Javascript (Javascript still enhances some features)
 - Powerful BBCode parser written specifically for Agora (No regex used. Very straightforward to edit.)
 - Optional email address confirmation system
 - Private messaging system
 - Lack of feature bloat (or an excuse as to this list being short)

 - Add boards
 - Add more admin tools and improve existing ones
 - Overhaul visual design
 - Search feature

If you would like to help, the most needed things right now would be:
 - A default favicon.
 - A background image/texture, maybe.
 - You may also make a pull request if you would like to contribute code changes.

Keep in mind that if you wish to contribute, you cannot use any copywritten materials. So for example if you made a banner graphic, it can't feature any image or photo that isn't original work or in the public domain. Some good sources of public domain images can be found at creative commons, nasa, or a few other select places that produce content exclusively for public domain use.


The thread index

A thread

A user profile

If you're interested in testing out the forum system, a link to the testing forum can be found on the github page.

Games / RogueType - An in-browser roguelike game (v2.1.3)
« on: January 04, 2018, 08:40:49 AM »

RogueType is a browser-based roguelike game created by yours truly, and features original music by Jazz Cat. The only system requirements are an ES6-compatible web browser, keyboard, and preferably a widescreen display. This game is 'finished' in the sense that it can be fully played through and is beatable, but in reality it's still pretty far from complete. After playing for a bit, scroll down and read about the additional features I plan to implement. I do not plan to make any money from this project, it's just for fun.

Out of both laziness and an odd desire to make my own map for the game, I opted to not use random map generation. However, most elements of the game are still randomized (e.g. potions, weapons, item drops, combat rolls...). Custom maps can be created manually through a relatively simple text file, and the game readily supports loading third party maps simply by entering the url of the map. Custom maps you've loaded will even persist in the drop down menu between reloads assuming you don't clear your cookies. There is currently only one guest map created for the game by Zeustal, but if other people contribute good maps I may make them default to the game. I know I'm not talking about the gameplay a whole lot here, I think it's best to just try it than try to explain it all here.

Planned additions:
 - Armor
 - Throwable potions
 - An extra boss or two for people to use in custom maps to make things less repetitive
 - Fountains and altars
 - Prologues / random character backgrounds, and epilogues.
 - Shops?
 - Quests, followers, and other friendly NPCs?
 - Vision?
 - Real pathfinding?

Want to create a map for RogueType? I'd recommend playing the game through to the boss at least before attempting this, since it gives you a better feel for everything. Other than that, you really just need a text editor and an online text sharing site (ideally one you log in to so that you can update your map later if you want to), something like pastebin or github gist. Once you've got that download the standard map for reference so you can ensure you're doing things right. Simply use a text editor (or ideally ascii art software) to make your map, and use the table below for reference when placing things in your map. If you use a text editor, you'll probably find it's easiest to first fill the entire contents of the map with walls and then use the insert key to write over individual tiles within it.

x - A solid wall.
. - Open floorspace.
S - The starting point for the player, only one.
+ - A normal door
= - A stronger door
M - A common monster spawn
! - A high-level monster spawn
? - A common item spawn (mainly potions for now)
T - A rare item spawn (mainly weapons for now)
F - Boss stage trigger door (only place one of these, ideally the boss room should face southwards from the door)
B - The Boss.
P - Exit portal that finishes the game after The Boss is killed.
Note: Any characters in the map which are not recognized as valid types will display as errors in-game.

More information can be found on the Github page:

I know some of you here are somewhat of enthusiasts, anyone know what handguns would likely work best for both self defense and be easy to train with no prior experience? I plan to get safety classes, but need to bring an already owned weapon to them. I've already reviewed the requirements on buying in California, did the practice test with no issues since it's obviously mostly common sense. My eventually plan is to get a concealed carry permit, but that shouldn't be a factor in what I'm buying now since it's a long way off.

Some of the classes I looked at called for a .380 or greater caliber, so I'd probably want to look in that range? Also keep in mind that my arm-strength is pretty below average, so I'll need something with little recoil. Doesn't need to be something with a long life either, since I'll likely buy something more specialized later on.

General Discussion / Pecon's Technic Fortwars - Rules updated
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:18:05 PM »


Technic Fortwars aims to replicate much of the same appeals of traditional Fortwars minigames, with a few important differences. The main difference is that rather than all weapons being free to use, each player has 'resources' which regenerate over time and influence what weapons and items they can summon into combat. Generator and factory bricks influence the creation of additional resources, creating a path of progression where the player builds their base to be able to produce more powerful weapons and vehicles. Additionally, a system is in place which keeps players who are building separate from those who are fighting, allowing them to build stress-free and at their own pace. This style of gamemode is in stark contrast to something like Base Raiders, because it by design encourages artistic freedom going into people's bases rather than just quick and dirty builds.


1: Do not be a jerk. This includes using the difference in modes to annoy people in the opposite mode. (ie. don't go spraycanning people who are fighting, and don't annoy people who are building with weapons, etc.)

2: Don't build floating bases. If you have a raised sniper platform or something it should be reasonably possible to reach by walking. Towers are generally okay as long as they're a complete stucture. Floating/unreachable bases ruin the fun and force other people to sink to your own scummy tactics.

3: Do not build in a way that interferes with other player's builds. Building bridges/walkways into/onto other bases will get your bricks cleared.

4: Don't post links in the chat that aren't relevant to Blockland.

5: Don't utilize any exploits that circumvent the general game mechanics. Those exploits should be reported so they can be fixed.

6: Don't build on the mesas (similar to rule 3). I'd generally have liked that to be possible, but the mesas are partially floating so building on them didn't work out. If they get fixed in the future, maybe.

7: Be respectful in the chat. I feel like this should go without saying, but if you're verbally abusive or make very derogatory
remarks about other players you will be muted, at a minimum! Repeat offenses will result in a ban.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I fight?
A: When you first join you'll need to first build a base. You cannot fight until you have built a base and set a spawnpoint in it using the /setspawn command. Once you've done that, you're free to do /combatmode and start fighting other players in combat mode.

Q: How do I get weapons?
A: Once you are in combat mode, you will have a tool in your inventory that lets you buy weapons for resources. You cannot spawn items on bricks beforehand, as this would defeat the buying mechanic.

Q: What's the 'Technic' part of this?
A: Basically, there is a technic bricks tab in the brick selector which has generators and factories. When you have both generators and factories in your base, they increase the rate and limit of your resources. Generators also are used to power many events which require energy.

Q: How do I get more resources?
A: See above answer.

Q: How do I get more tech points?
A: You will earn approximately 1 tech point for each kill you get in combat mode. You also earn about 1/8th of a tech point for each enemy factory or generator you disable.

Q: Do generators do anything other than power factories?
A: Yes, generators are needed to power most events.

Q: Can you refund/move generators and factories?
A: No. Be very careful with your placement.

Q: How do I fix a generator/factory that is on fire?
A: Use a repair wrench on it. You get one for free while you are in build mode.

Q: Do things save when I leave?
A: All things you have built and your tech points are saved and loaded.

Quick-start guide

Step 1: Build a baseplate to start your base.

Step 2: Build a base. (optional)

Step 3: Place a generator and factory in your base (from the technic bricks tab). The strongest start using the 15 tech points is one Basic Factory, a Gas Generator 1, and a Gas Generator 2. You need both generators and factories to increase your resource production.

Step 4: Set a spawn in your base with the /setSpawn command.

Step 5: Enter combat mode with /combatmode

Step 6: Open your tools and buy a weapon(s) using the 'buy weapon' item in your inventory.

Step 7: Kill players to earn tech points.

Step 8: Return to build mode with /buildmode

Step 9: Build more generators and factories to unlock more resources, ability to buy new weapons (and eventually) vehicles.

Step 10: Repeat from step 5!

In-depth explanations

Generators have three values: their tech point cost, their energy production per tick, and their armor. Obviously, when you plant a generator it'll deduct it's tech point cost from your tech points. Every tick (5 seconds) all your generators will recharge and contain energy (¤) equal to their energy production stat. This energy is used by factories and events, explained in the next section. When a generator takes damage from a bullet, the damage is reduced by it's armor stat. The player who shot it will get a message that their attack was ineffective if the armor fully mitigates the damage. When a generator is destroyed, it will break like any other brick for 30 seconds and then respawn. After respawning, it will be on fire and the owner will have to hit it with a repair wrench to make it work again.

Factories have four values: their tech point code, their load, their capacity (not shown on brick image), and their armor. Planting a factory buys it for it's tech point cost. Every tick (5 seconds), all the energy that was not used from your generators in the previous tick is pooled and then processed by the factories. The total amount of energy that can be processed is equal to the combined load values of all your factories. Processed energy becomes resources (Ž) at a rate of 1% (ie. 100 energy becomes 1Ž). Factories also passively increase your total resource capacity by their capacity value. When a factory is destroyed, it will break like any other brick for 30 seconds and then respawn. When a factory takes damage from a bullet, the damage is reduced by it's armor stat. The player who shot it will get a message that their attack was ineffective if the armor fully mitigates the damage. After respawning, it will be on fire and the owner will have to hit it with a repair wrench to make it work again.

Most events require energy (¤) from generators to work. Players can also provide some of their jet energy to power small events if there are no generators around. The amount of energy used by an event depends on the effect and scales significantly with certain things such as spawnProjectile, heal, zap, and rechargePlayer.

Brick damage
In technic fortwars, all bricks have a health value proportionate to their volume. When hit with a projectile weapon (anything other than melee and the Sniper) or within an explosion, they lose health if the owner of the brick is in combat mode or is offline. This means that players in build mode cannot have their bricks destroyed. When a larger brick drops below 30% health, it'll make a crumbling sound to indicate that it's close to being destroyed. Destroyed bricks respawn after 30 seconds with full health. Baseplates connected to the ground have a massive health boost that makes them very hard to destroy. Any brick that has taken damage can have the damage reversed with a repair wrench.

Players can generally team up by giving each other build trust. Players with trust won't damage each other or their bricks, can set spawns on each other's bricks, can ride vehicles together, and obviously can build bases together as well. Teamed players cannot share resources, items, or generators/factories, as this could defeat the progression of the game. Players can also create 'guilds' to organize themselves and have their own private teamchat. Guild commands: (As non-guild member) /createguild [guildname] (As guild leader) /invite [playername] /dismiss [playername] /promoteleader [playername] /disbandguild (As any guild member) /leaveguild /listguildmembers. Players within a guild have a private teamchat that can be accessed with the normal teamchat key. Guilds are only a grouping/communication mechanisim, you still need build trust for the game to treat you like teammates.

Conan - Custom bricks and models, built mesas
Zeustal - Thread logo, built lots of roads, Cat.
Swollow - SWeps
Tophat - Seemingly infinite patience and administration

Off Topic / Robert Muller has impanelled a grand jury.
« on: August 03, 2017, 07:10:55 PM »

They are offering a free tier of service, so if you were curious about potentially using a VPN they're probably a good place to try it out at right now. Presently there aren't any speed differences between the free servers and the paid servers, but most likely free users will start getting throttled once more people start using the service.

For those under a rock, ProtonMail was one of the first user-friendly services offering entirely encrypted email service. They have a very good threat model and are based in countries with good privacy laws, making them an excellent choice if you're concerned about government-sanctioned surveillance. If you're not concerned about that, then most likely any regular VPN is enough for you to avoid ISP tracking.


Forbes' website is horrible so I'll try my best to write a synopsis here.

Intel recently wrote a blog post alluding to them taking action to protect their intellectual property shortly after Microsoft announced Windows on ARM and their plans to use Snapdragon 835 ARM processors. In particular, Intel refers to Microsoft's plan to support running applications compiled for Intel's proprietary i386 architecture (the 'normal' desktop applications you're probably used to) on Microsoft's new ARM operating system by utilizing emulation of the i386. Intel claims that emulating the i386 architecture is a direct violation of their intellectual property, and points out how in the past they have won lawsuits regarding the emulation of their architecture (see Intel v Transmeta).

My opinion is that Intel currently stands to lose a huge market share if Microsoft moves away from Intel processors, and are going to fight heavy handed to keep that share as long as possible.

Link to the intel blog post:


Quote from: HKFP
Chinese authorities say they have uncovered a massive underground operation run by Apple employees selling computer and phone users’ personal data.

Twenty-two people have been detained on suspicion of infringing individuals’ privacy and illegally obtaining their digital personal information, according to a statement Wednesday from local police in southern Zhejiang province.

Of the 22 suspects, 20 were Apple employees who allegedly used the company’s internal computer system to gather users’ names, phone numbers, Apple IDs, and other data, which they sold as part of a scam worth more than 50 million yuan (US$7.36 million).

The statement did not specify whether the data belonged to Chinese or foreign Apple customers.


The suspects, who worked in direct marketing and outsourcing for Apple in China, allegedly charged between 10 yuan (US$1.50) and 180 yuan (US$26.50) for pieces of the illegally extracted data.

Off Topic / 21 cakes
« on: May 04, 2017, 02:08:53 AM »


Can confirm, actually happened to me. People need to stop letting themselves be abused by paypal and kick them back into irrelevancy.

Off Topic / - Now with shorter URLs!
« on: April 21, 2017, 06:28:12 AM », the continuation of, is now almost two years old! While started as just a hobby project, it's become a bit more than that now. Contrary to when I started this project, I am now confident that I'll continue running it for the foreseeable future and people will not have to worry about files disappearing. There is plenty of space, and the server shares space with other websites I host as well so it's unlikely that I'll lose interest in keeping the server up.

For those unacquainted, here's the basic principals behind
 - Anonymous, no account required to use.
 - No tracking or advertisements.
 - No annoying download pages, most files will download immediately. (?)
 - Media like images, video, and sound will display directly in the browser without an annoying landing page.
 - Upload files up to 100MB in size.
 - Compatible with ShareX via a custom uploader config, supports delete urls.
 - Funded by donations. (sometimes, anyways)

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