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<Gravity Cat's Add-On Dump>

<Server Status>


Particle_ItemSparkles released! - 24.11.2017
The shiny particle effect from Gamemode_TreasureHunt now as standalone particles! They can be recolored and come in three different flavours: few, normal and many.

Brick Blood Update! - 04.01.2015
Players and bots can now explode if taking lots of damage. Of course comes with RTB prefs.

New Dedicated Server! - 05.10.2014
Many thanks to CBMHost for providing a dedicated server, hooray!

Default Weapon Updates! - 02.06.2014
Fixed bugs with the default weapons and added a chat command as workaround for the FOV always resetting to 90 since there's practically no way for the server to know what a clients default FOV is. Both the main pack and the russian expansion got updated (The latter also got renamed), so be sure to grab them both.

Add-on Updates! - 03.02.2014
I finally got around to update the Blimp and Flintlocks on RTB. Also updated this topic since some add-ons were still missing.

OP Update! - 11.12.2013
I updated some add-on links and added the most recent releases!

New Gamemode in the works - Treasure Hunt! - 26.11.2013
Collect and steal gold from your enemy - the team with the most gold wins! This gamemode is currently on the server for you to try out! Note that it might still contain bugs!

Endless Zombies & Flintlocks on RTB!! - 09.09.2013
Both add-ons got approved on RTB and are now available for download there.

Old Target Events! - 01.08.2013
The old target events that made the shooting targets from the old tutorial available are back.
Download link is as always below.

Brick Blood update + Staying Bodies! - 22.07.2013
The Brick Blood Mod now has an option to let players heads explode if they die from too much damage (RTB pref). A new mod called Server_Bodies now keeps player and bot bodies for a longer time (Also with RTB pref).
The download links are as always below.

Item_KeyCards released! - 19.06.2013
Key cards similar to Dumbells key but different. More
The download link is hiding below.

Updated the Humvee on RTB! - 04.04.2013
Added new versions and improved the models a bit.
RTB Download Link

The BTR is on RTB! - 01.04.2013
The BTR is now available for download on RTB.
RTB Download Link

New music added! - 26.03.2013
"God Hates us All" by Slayer was added to the music loops.

New zombie mod on the way! - 26.02.2013
Brian Smith gave me his endless zombie waves gamemode because he was bored of it, and I decided to make a Slayer gamemode out of it (Page 1051 and on).

Vehicle Dismount Support released! - 24.02.2013
The Vehicle Dismount Support add-on lets add-on makers decide where players exit their vehicles. Already supports various vehicles (Including the default ones).
Add-on topic & download link


You found bugs or have questions? Send me a PM or post here!


Gasoline Canister - Download
A simple item that lets you refuel vehicles. Made for Dephurites Gas Mod (Download).

Has RTB preferences for how much fuel is added with each use.

Security Cards - Download
Security cards to limit access to things. Contains a handful of events and 4 cards with each having a different security level. Higher level cards can trigger equal and all lower level events.

Medipack - Download
Lets you heal yourself and other players. Also comes with a health pickup item that heals when touching it.

Has RTB preferences for both items to change how much health is restored with each use.

Military Gear - Download v1.1 (20.12.2012)
Contains various hats and vests, each giving different buffs to the player.

Night Vision Goggles - Download
Old tech from long ago - was supposed to make it easier to see in dark places but didn't work particularly well.

Syringes - Download
Syringes that poison you, make you run like Usain Bolt or like a snail, heal you and mess up your view. Each of the 5 syringes can be used on other players and on oneself.

Has RTB preferences for the duration of the effects.

<Projectiles & Particles>

Firework Pack - Download
Various firework projectiles in two different sizes.

Item Sparkles - Download
The shiny sparkles from Gamemode_TreasureHunt as colorable particles! Come in 3 different flavours, few, normal and many.

<Events & Scripts>

Shooting Target Events - Download v1 (01.09.2013)
Originally made by Space Guy, made it work with more recent versions of Blockland. Contains various events that let you spawn the static and moving shooting targets from the old tutorial.

Vehicle Item Restrictions - Download
Prevents use of items in vehicles.

Has RTB preferences to prevent item usage for noone, pilots or all players in a vehicle.

Brick Blood - Download v1.3 (04.01.2015)
Replaces the default pain emitters with 1x1f blood particles. Blockheads can also explode when taking lots of damage.

Has RTB preferences to define how much damage a player/bot has to take to lose its head or explode.

Staying Bodies - Download v1 (22.07.2013)
Makes dead bodies of players stay for a while longer. High bodycount may lag the server.

Has RTB preferences to change how long bodies stay and to limit bodies to 1 per player.

Thunderstorm - Download
Super Admins can toggle thunderstorms with /ToggleThunder. Fancy lightning strikes that temporarily brighten the entire map.


Endless Zombies - Download
A slayer gamemode that spawns endless waves of enemies and bosses that get stronger each time. Has many options to customize. Custom enemies and bosses can be created with simple scripts (Add-On comes with example and explanation), which can be enabled/disabled ingame.

Treasure Hunt - Download
A teambased Slayer gamemode in which the goal is to bring as much loot as you can to your teams treasure chest. Loot can be picked up as spawned items, when dropped from dead players and be stolen from the enemy treasure chest.


AC-130 Spectre - Download v1 (03.02.2014)
A big plane with a big cannon and a big gatling gun.

Blimp - Download
A blimp with 7 seats. Uses Lordicians Height Control script. If my Flintlock Weapons are enabled, two more blimp versions with mounted weapons become available.

BTR Armored Transporter - Download
A tough russian transport vehicle with 8 seats and an autocannon. And a horn.

Explorer - Download
A simple car with 4 seats and an offroad version.

Halftrack - Download
An old transport vehicle with 6 seats and 3 versions: One without gun, one with a machinegun and one with a flamethrower.

Humvee - Download
A military transport vehicle with 5 versions: Default (4 seats), Machinegun (2 seats + mg), Pickup (6 seats), Avenger (2 seats + anti-air turret), Ambulance (2 seats, heals nearby players when standing still).

M119 Howitzer - Download
A versatile cannon that can fire various kinds of ammunitions: High-Explosive, Cluster, Napalm, Toxic.

Laser-guided Shell - Download v1 (28.11.2012)
A special type of shell for the M119 howitzer: The player can steer the shell.

Lego Quad Bike - Download
A quad bike made of bricks!

Motorboat - Download v1 (09.09.2012)
A motorboat with 5 seats.
Note: It's glitchy and crashing them should be avoided.

Plasma Tank - Download
A hover tank with a plasma cannon. Has 3 seats (Driver, gunner, machinegunner).

IFV Puma - Download
A german tracked transport vehicle with 6 seats and an autocannon. Has a second version with an anti-air turret.

Flying Saucer - Download v1 (03.02.2014)
A flying saucer with 4 seats. Comes unarmed, with a gatling and a laser cannon. Uses Lordicians Height Control script.

T-90 Battle Tank - Download
A russian battle tank. Its armor absorbs much of the damage and its cannon and machinegun are devastating.

UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter - Download v1 (24.12.12)
A helicopter with 6 seats. Comes with an unarmed and armed version that is equipped with two gatling guns and rocket pods.


CX-32 - Download v1 (04.03.2011)
Some high-poly gun I made for no apparent reason.

Flintlock Weapons - Download
Contains 14 weapons, 2 portable turrets and a bottle of rum. If enabled together with the Blimp, adds two versions for the Blimp that have the portable turrets mounted.

Raycast Weapons - Download v2.2 (02.06.2014)
Contains 20 raycast weapons. Features usable sights, reloading, ammo and headshot damage multipliers.

Has RTB preferences to toggle limited ammo, headdamage, bleedings and ammo display.

Raycast Weapons Russian Expansion - Download v1.1 (02.06.2014)
Contains 5 russian WW2 weapons, one hat and a bandolier. Requires the Raycast Weapons pack.
<Music Loops>
"Cupcakes" by Futret - Download (05.06.2011)
"Death & Destruction" by Ministry - Download (08.03.2012)
"God Hates us All" by Slayer - Download (26.03.2013)
Law & Order Theme - Download (04.07.2011)
"Lookin' out my Backdoor" by Children Of Bodom [Cover] - Download (21.06.2011)
"Rebirthing" by Skillet - Download (04.07.2011)
"Single Part of Two" by Dark Tranquillity - Download (19.07.2013)
"Soviet March" from C&C Red Alert 3 - Download (04.07.2011)
"Upside Down Kingdom" by As I Lay Dying - Download (04.07.2011)

<Sound Loops>
Church Bell - Download (04.04.2012)
Heavy Engine - Download (28.05.2012)

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These are so nice. Even ironsights were made. Very nice.

Finally! A real sniper! Plus, the iron sights own.

Wow, you mean the iron sights actualy WORK???? PURE EPICNESS!
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This topic is very yes.

Wow nice job.  The p90 1st person view looks great and the bullet effects are awesome.


Other than that, lovey.

God, If there were some more weapons, these may top Tier Tactical.

Models are not quite up to par with Bushi, But you make up for it with other features.
Will there be reloading?

Thanks for liking, congratulations, and so on, guys! :3
And why no hugs? :P

These are so nice. Even ironsights were made. Very nice.
Finally! A real sniper! Plus, the iron sights own.
wow you mean the iron sights actualy WORK???? PURE EPICNESS!
Ironsights, emm yes. :P

Make it public D:
Maybe. If there are enough people who want it :P

Wow nice job.  The p90 1st person view looks great and the bullet effects are awesome.
P90 ? o.O There is none :P


Other than that, lovey.
Reasons against it?

God, If there were some more weapons, these may top Tier Tactical.

Models are not quite up to par with Bushi, But you make up for it with other features.
Will there be reloading?
Just read it :P
...the models are just transitory models (very lowpoly, without any animations) until all final models are done and animated...
...and all the other stuff like reload animations...
Any ideas for:
- pumpguns
- sniper rifles
- light machineguns
- other equipment

Oh, and my target is not to top any addon or any guy.