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Awww yeaaah. Finally I'm freaking done! I've been working on this since the start of the challenge. Yet somehow I managed to run out of time.. As such the back and front yards are empty, the overall look is slightly unpolished and I didn't have the time to make a custom colorset. I also wanted to describe all the nooks and crannies of the house in detail but I'm really just not giving two stuffs right now. I have worked on this house far too hard. Did I mention that majority of the work on the house was done while I had a fever? I am really tired now.

Here's everything in a nutshell. It is meant for one person only. The house can hold some 8 people comfortably. It is meant to be a practical home in an urban area. You can move all around the house and all the necessities are there:
    Living room with a sofa, 2x TV, armchair, table and chairs.
    Kitchen with a cupboard, stove, freezer+fridge combination and a sink.
    Bathroom with a shower, toilet, mirror and a sink.
    Bedroom for one with a closet for clothes.
    Garage, jeep fits it exactly and you can still go inside and move around a bit, includes a workbench.

All rooms and areas are lit perfectly with various light sources that can be turned on/off. Lights should only be on at night as during the day they are far too powerful and will flush out the colors. The living room has 3 different lighting settings that can be toggled individually. Regular, mood and orangish warmy thingy.

Rather than stretching the page from here to moon, you can access the full of gallery of 66 screenshots at 800x600 here:
3908 bricks.
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Nope. Drake wins all the way.
He told me he's not submitting it.


looks pretty poor

I really like that Demian put a explanation/motivation/description for his house.
Ima do that too.

Take a look at my edit if you have the time. :)
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redliub's builds are awesome wtf u talking about


Well the starting house was very typical and suburban, it could go in any direction. Unlike most of my competition, I didn't simply make a suburban home into a better suburban home, I changed the whole vibe of the house. The house is in a modern style, with plants playing a major role in how it's presented. I find that a lot of modern homes are way to stark and practically unlivable. I changed that tendency by adding Asian influences into the facade, along with filling the house and yard with plants.

The interior has a mismatch of modern and contemporary furnishings which give the effect that the house is actually lived in. The structure itself has an open plan with multiple types of hard wood floors and modern light fixtures. The house includes:

-A sitting/TV area
-Dining area
-A 25 brick tall atrium
-A covered/open garage
-Two balconies

3413 bricks




View from sitting area/fireplace towards dining area. Kitchen and Atrium are in the back to the right.


View from the kitchen towards sitting area and fireplace.

Looking from desk towards the very large bed.

From bed towards rear balcony and desk.

Bathroom not shown.


-Night Images-

All the lights in the house can be switched on and off for the transition into night. (Note all lights are not turned on in the pictures.)

_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ ____

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed!

(Trees from Blockbase)

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lordy lord it looks like you completely rebuilt it  :cookieMonster:

that's really nice

lordy lord it looks like you completely rebuilt it  :cookieMonster:

that's really nice

The location of most of the windows and exterior doors are almost exactly the same, I simply used the original house as a foundation for my own design. The idea is that you can still see the old home through the new, yet the new is completely different.

Also thanks. :D

I'll participate in the next competition, but this time around I just couldn't finish it in time. It wouldn't have won anyway; tons of total rehauls here. lol

Pretty, but at first it looked really messy to me :o
I actually started liking it after I saw the interior though <3

deadline is tomorrow!

thanks for posting your brickcount with the replies, i forgot to edit that in the main post

good luck to everyone

I looked at the exterior in disbelief of its style but as I saw the interior I literally said "holy mother of god" to myself. That is fantastic, Lordy.

Oh yea, mine is 1422 bricks