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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1651054 times)

I don't like this.

It's a joke.
I make many of them. The majority of my forum posts are "for giggles."
It is honestly something I'm working on (the excessive joking), but, again, it is joking, most of it.
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It's a joke.
I make many of them. The majority of my forum posts are "for giggles."
It is honestly something I'm working on (the excessive joking), but, again, it is joking, most of it.

Heard it mentioned. Also, get some recommendations.

Stop talking about how you're a joker, Batman.

Stop talking about how you're a joker, Batman.
I have envy issues okay?! ;~;

Name: N00B PWNER
BL_ID: 39831
Previous Experience Administrating: Kong123's server, Redguy's unlimited mining, Twizzles fort wars
Who recommends you?: Redguy, Kong123, and Twizzle
Why should I accept you?:I have had experience being an administrator and I am very trustworthy and I can make the server better with no sudden fights or insults.
Your Timezone/Region: West California

TBP: no
Ipquarx: No. Unless you can show me some proof, you're lying about being admin on RedGuy's server. On top of that your "Why should I accept you" is quite lacking.
Ike: Very ambiguous reasons, I'd have to say no.
BlackStorm: You seem like a good person, 0/10.
Pecon: No.
Ry: Dood I still have to steal lines from other people's placeholders, also, why do people call themselves trustworthy. I also like how "I can make the server better" just like politians say "I can make da country better"
Silicon: No
Dr. Zegobob: Not enough of anything put into this application. No.
Rotary: No
Narkro: You need to prove you are above and beyond expectations. No.
Jetz: I thought we were done with the hilariously bad training applications. No.
Aware: Your reasons are lacking, very short, and you put what is expected. It doesn't look like you put much time into it. No.


Name:Dead Manny
 Previous Experience Administrating:My mini game and a freebuild server
 Who recommends you?:TrueBlade dr.octoberfest
 Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate):You can trust me with it and i wont abuse it i swear
 Your Timezone/Region:Eastern Time Zone

TBP: no
Ipquarx: No reason to accept whatsoever.
Ry: Dead people are not aloud to apply, you have violated the laws of time and space.
Ike: "I wont abuse admin!!" Not a good enough reason.
BlackStorm: I can trust that you wont get accepted.
Pecon: No.
Rotary: Better question. Why should we trust you? (no)
Dr. Zebobob: Nope.
Silicon: No.
Narkro: I have nothing to say with that much info.
Jetz: Seriously, these are almost as bad as the practice one. No.
Aware: What is with the short applications? Do people not try anymore? You should have more previous experiences and a much MUCH larger "why should I accept you?". No.


Name: Mr.MacFluffyBunz
BL_ID: 25552
Previous Experience Administrating: I am an admin on Brotatoe's Terrain TDM and any other server by Brotatoe.
Who recommends you?: No one.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I am not a friend that will kick anyone because they killed me, I can also stop the minges.
Your Timezone/Region: EST or GMT -5

TBP: "I am not a friend" no
Ipquarx: The moment you brought gays into this you got a no
Ike: Not abusing admin isn't a good enough reason to have admin. No.
Pecon: No.
Ry: Titan pad sucks and shoudl feel bad, when can we review titanpad? Also, this application ended after reading his name.
Dr. Zegobob: "Who recommends you?: No one." Not worthy of approval.
BlackStorm: Wow, no.
Rotary: no
Silicon: Not even reccomendations or experience. This is not an entry level position.
Narkro: "No one" At least he's honest.
Jetz: Can we please get an application from someone who is putting forth some effort? Just a little? Pretty please? No.
Aware: I agree with Jetz, no one seems to try at these anymore. You NEED to have atleast 2 recommendations. No.


Muzzles56 (Both in-game and on the forum)
Previous Experience Administrating:
Throughout my life in Blockland, I have administrated several servers, both large and small. I have administrated, “Danny Boy’s Halo TDM,” and the, “2010 iEvent New Year’s party.” I also administrate several small servers such as servers run by, “Mr. Lol,” “Tonce,” and “Wynd Fox”, to name a few.
Who recommends you?
I have compiled my recommendations into one image for convenient use which were obtained via Steam chats.
Why should I accept you?
As a server host that usually deals with a lot of players at once, I know what a server host wants. I know that you want the game to run smoothly; no idler bosses, no blockers and people knowing how the game and server works. If I was an administrator of this server, I would ensure that these factors are in place for all players. I believe that everyone should be able to jump into a quick game with no problems. For newer players, however, this can be a problem. When I first started playing, I did not understand how to play as the boss. I was being harassed by other players and told to, “hurry the forget up,” numerous times. I feel that it is unfair that I was being treated this way, and I would have liked it if someone took me out of the game to teach me how to play in a one on one environment.
     In conclusion, I can manage many people in a server and as an administrator, I would ensure that the server runs like a manufacturing line, where the game is “placed,” (Started), “manufactured,” (Played), and “packed,” (Finished), in a smooth way. In doing so, I feel that the players will have their experienced enhanced in this server.
Your Timezone/Region:

TBP: yes
Ipquarx: It looks like you actually put time and effort into this, good job on the application. You got a yes from me.
Ike:  Yes, good enough to me.
BlackStorm: Nicely done, yes.
Dr. Zegobob: This is a decent app! It seems like you spent a lot of time making it and you have quality recommendations. I will say yes.
Rotary: Yes
Silicon: yes
Narkro: This is probably the most effort I've ever seen on an application. Yes.
Jetz: Finally, effort. Seriously the first one so far that hasn't made me want to throw up. Or maybe that was the month old... nevermind back on topic - Well composed, even demonstrates effort in the recommendations via that compilation, a rare sight. I also like how you offered a subtle constructive criticism of the server. Too bad I'm so late that my opinion doesn't even matter, but for what it's worth: Yes.
Aware: It looks like somone actually can press keys. Magic. Altho I have never seen you ingame, and your reasons are a bit too generic, your recommendations are nice and I believe that the people that recommended you know what they are doing. But still, I never see you on the server, I hope you actually find out that you become admin and join the server. Yes.


Name: Delta Bot
BL_ID: 11894
Previous Experience: SA on Blendi's server, Admin on Arekan's server, Previously SA on Brotatoe's server, SA On Tlp300's server, Admin on Cuboid's server, SA on Blue Eagle's server, and that's all I can think of right nows
Who recommends you?: Trifornt, Cheese Burger
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I won't start raging at random players for doing something I don't like (Unless it be violating da server rules mon) I always use grammar and I can help build as well as settle arguments at the server.
Your Timezone/Region: EST

"»TheBlackParrot«: would you think this "delta bot" is a good admin
»TheBlackParrot«: we're going over admin apps for pecon's server
Arekan: meh. from personal experience since hes a fellow roleplayer of mine, hes not much of a crowd-control expert, but i guess hes good."
gonna pass - "hes not much of a crowd-control expert"
Ike: Gonna have to say no. Not enough of a reason to accept.
Ipquarx: You always use grammar but you typed "unless it be violating da server rules mon" ? Doesn't sound trustworthy to me, no.
Dr. Zegobob: You don't seem like you put a lot of effort into this application and the lack of quality experience and recommendations make me say no. However, Trifornt is an admin on this server so at least you have that.
BlackStorm: No.
Ry: I recall this person being a friend in the past, but I could be thinking of someone else.
Silicon: Arekan gives anyone with a brain admin. Grammar isn't always important and I know loads of badmins who use perfect grammar.
Rotary: No.
Narkro: "I wont start raging" should be basically how any good player acts, not an achievment
Jetz: I like how you become Jamaican when speaking in parentheses. While it's nice to know you don't plan on being a jackass, and you can do plenty of things the average blockhead is capable of, I'm gonna have to vote no. No.
Aware: "Previously SA on Brotatoe's server" does this mean that you lost it? You should have elaborated this. Your reasons are lacking and extremly generic. No.


Name: Breadfish
Previous Experience Administrating: Sirgirs server, BlockoBlocko's server, Technoblock48's server, Jagfist's server, Butter piggy =D's server
Who recommends you?:Sirgir rlcbm Jagfist sometdmhosterwhoiforgotthenam eof and Butter piggy =D
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I have had lots of past administration i have monitored the server and how the admins are i know what i'm doing, I am heavily against cheaters, I'm pretty calm and such, I always make sure i know what is going on in the server, I am quite helpful,
Your Timezone/Region: GMT +10

TBP: no
Ike: Eh, gonna have to say no.
Ipquarx: Not enough reason to accept, no.
Rotary: No
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Silicon: We have loads of admins who are already against cheating. That's what an admin does. Why should we accept you? No.
Narkro: Decent, but not enough.
Jetz: While having an omniscient person on the team would be nice (that or someone who spends 100% of their time on the server to always know what's going on) it looks like you've forgotten to finish writing your reason to accept. That, or you've mistaken a comma for a period. In either case, No.
Aware: Please put in some effort. No.


Previous Experience Administrating: DrenDran's popular speedkart, TeeJay's server, Torin0101's server, Sentry's server, my own server.
Who recommends you?: DrenDran, Torin0101, EpicBat3, Auzman466,MrDuck(one of my friends), AcerBlock, Nonnel, Navaro.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I am good at administration, due to the interesting fact that I am on throughout the night on weekends, and when school ends on May 30th, I will be going through into administration on the server full time, I keep players in line, and whenever some troll comes in, I'll simply smack em with a ban.
I want to become a administrator since I have played it the past 2 years.
tl;dr, I am good at administration and are on throughout the night, I keep players in line.
Your Timezone/Region: I live in the CDT area in Illinois.
Ike: From previous experience with Maxx, I'm going to have to say no. He's immature and has a hair-pin temper.
TBP: pfff no
Ipquarx: Administrating is more than just thr
Ike: No.
Dr. Zegobob: Needs more everything. A lot more.
Ipquarx: nop
Rotary: No one recomends him. nope.
Silicon: Left out massive parts of your application. No.
Narkro: I don't trust the words "I'll simply smack em with a ban"
Jetz: You should pay attention to app reviews. I keep rolling out the same joke every time someone pledges to keep people in line, and you said it twice. Oh well, here goes again: "A line is a terrible boss-fighting formation!" No.
Aware: You should redo the "why should I accept you", try again next time. No.

Name : Revoltech
BL_ID : 39239
Previous Experience Administrating : Cysero's, Lolmasters, Ozmars, Jakobs, AdinX's, Gentoo's, Munk's, Brotatoe's, Cromedome's, Kong123's, Nitramtj's, Ravencroft's, and SirLancelot's.
Who recommends you?: Gentoo, Nitramtj, Ravencroft, Cromedome, Kong123, SirLancelot, Kreon, Cysero, Lolmaster, Apak, Air Glider, DivarkTech, Gamefandan, Gameking, Gunny, and Sir Herg1.
Why should I accept you?: Well, I have many reasons for this. But for now, I'll only list a few. As you can see, I've have a lot of experience in administrating before. You may or may not believe me when I say this, but I was a 7k. My old ID was lost and my email was hacked so I could not access that account. The ID was 7101. So I've been playing Blockland for many years. I've never had one server in which I abused my admin and got it revoked. Speaking of which, I do not act rude and offensive. I've learned to control my anger and settle my situations. I most likely can handle the stress of being an admin. I can forget about the actual game that's going on and go to the situation which is occurring in-game. Usually, I only get off once I have my work done, so you basically don't have to worry about that. I think that works is what comes first when administrating. That's your job as an administrator. To handle situations, and to complete the work which you need to do. I always keep my on the chat in order to administrate the server and handle the situations that might occur during the game. I always remember to complete my work and then choose to leave. I never, and I say never, leave the server until my duty to administrate the server, is done. I always make fair decisions when choosing to ban, kick, or even mute. When I see someone trolling, or even using profane language for a stupid reason, I don't just right away kick. I either mute them or have them explain what the situation is. Also, I'm not an admin who intentionally tries to act like I am greater than everyone on the server. I just act like I'm one player who's trying to have fun.  I personally think that's an idiotic thing to do. When I'm administrating a certain server, I don't take every joke with a slight hint of aggression or such. Instead, I might as well just join them in, or mute them if they constantly do the thing their doing. Again, it just depends on what their doing. I'm most likely trustworthy
, don't abuse, and so on. Consideration of this application is up to you and your fellow admins. Thank you.
Your Timezone/Region : Eastern Time Zone (EST)

TBP: based upon previous experience with you in other servers, no.
Ike: Same as TBP, no.
Ipquarx: I have no experience with you in other servers, but something about the way you typed this up makes me think you're not going to do as well as you should. I'd be down with giving you a trial at most.
Rotaty: no.
Silicon: quality of experience over quantity
Dr. Zegobob: "I most likely can handle the stress of being an admin" Most likely is not enough. Also, what Silicon said is true. I give this a no.
Narkro: My reasoning is Silicon's as well
Jetz: Ahahaha "I've never had one server in which I abused my admin and got it revoked." Really digging that qualifier there. What you've done here is called "rambling." It's when you say a ton of stuff that makes peoples' brains switch off halfway through then they keep going for a bit until they notice and have to reread it. No.
Aware: "Well, I have many reasons for this. But for now, I'll only list a few." I'm sorry, but this ruined the entire application. You should try to act like you are trying your hardest even if you aren't. No.
Marioguy0:  Skimmed over your app just before Pecon called the verdict, not seeing much I like.  Sorry, but no.


Name: Sentry
BL_ID: 12027
Previous Experience Administrating: I am currently an admin on Visolator's Level Up, ChocoboPah's Speedkart, Blackwatch's Mini-Empires,
Spade's Arcade 2013, And some other servers I can't think of at the moment. I have never had my Admin/Super admin rank removed ever unless its from the host clearing the admin list.
Who recommends you?: All hosts in the previous question.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I am a fair, Responsible, And smart person.
 I have tons of experience with events and building. I tend to be a night owl and go on servers at night to inspect and moderate servers when no other admins are on.
Your Timezone/Region: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Ike: Seen him before ingame a fair bit of times, he seems like a reasonable guy and I'd have to say yes.
TBP: sure
Dr. Zegobob: I've seen him in Spade's Arcade and I have to agree with what people are saying that he does his job really well.
Ipquarx: Sure. Not too much reason to accept but your previous experience makes up for it, and we do need more night admins.
Rotary: I've seen him on the arcade server an an admin.
He does his job really well. Sure.
Silicon: yes
Narkro: I like the night owl part. A lot of trouble goes on when most admins are asleep.
Jetz: I don't know you, and personal experience seems to be why everyone else is saying yes. Seems like a poorly written application on the surface besides that night owl bit. Once again, I'm so late my opinion doesn't matter, so it doesn't matter what I say. I definitely don't plan on succumbing to peer pressure on this, so your application gets a no from me. No.
Aware: I've seen you ingame, but this application is not up to the standards most good applications are, mostly the "Why I should accept you" part. No
Marioguy0:  "Fair, responsible, and smart" is more of an expectation than a reason to be accepted, if you catch my meaning.  I cannot approve of such a weak application.  No.

If one person had voted yes instead of no, you would have made it.
Oh cool my opinion apparently did matter! -Jetz
I spoke out last.  Not cutting in line actually made me important! -Marioguy0

In Game Name: Crome
ID: 29897
Previous Experiences: "Super Administrating" at Johnny Blockhead's server, administrating at Count's server, administrating at Farmer's server, administrating at Firestar's server, and finally administrating at my own server. I also did some non-ranked stuff at Tezuni's server. I received several votes for moderator, though I never really achieved it.
Who recommends you?: Johnny Blockhead said "oh my god yes" on my application, so
he recommends me. Some other mods and admins at Tezuni's recommended me, I don't remember all of their names however.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I have experience in things including but not limited to:
Non-game related [File converting, music-making, selection (music, videos, records, etc...)]
Learning [Game related]
Keeping server controlled. I mute, and ban players for reasonable amounts of time.
Time zone: Mountain Time Zone
Phoenix, Time zone

Ike: Good enough for me, yes.
TBP: gonna pass
Ipquarx: I see nothing here explaining why we should actually accept you, nope.
Dr. Zegobob: Looks like you lack recommendations and I will agree with what Silicon said on how Tezuni's recommendations don't count. You lack a lot of reasoning as well. I'll have to say no to this one.
Rotary: no
Silicon: Never heard of Johnny Blockhead.  Tezuni's server is a hellish landscape of RDM, freekilling, and spam. Not ever going to count a recommendation from Tezuni because how should he be able to decide if you're worth having on a server or not when he can't control his own admins? Not going to happen.
Narkro: Acceptable I guess
Jetz:  Stripping out the irrelevant stuff leaves a list of things that'd be expected of you as an admin. No.
Aware: "Why should I accept you" should be more in paragraph form, you listed making it seem pretty bad. No
Marioguy0:  The Tezuni references in there means absolutely nothing to me.  I won't speak any further.  No.


Name: Zenix
BL_ID: 33104
Previous Experience: Ive been admin on about 50 servers(which includes my friend's server)
Who recommends me: [Zacaust],Moon Cat,Shadow Ninja,Zealox
Why should you accept me: Im responcible on servers when im admin because when the host is afk(or gone) i watch over the serverfor him/her

Ry: Too short didn't read.
Ike: Not enough information, riddled with grammar errors. No.
TBP: no no no no
Ipquarx: aint nobody got time for that
Rotary: Laking info. no.
Silicon: Quar, the application is so short it could fit on a fortune cookie. Everybody's got time for that. No.
Dr. Zegobob: What is this and why is it even worthy of being reviewed by us. (No)
Narkro: *Responsible, and I don't believe 50
Jetz: I feel like this belongs on http://www.iambetterthanyourkids.com/. No.
Aware: Everything that was said above. No.
Marioguy0:  No.  No.  No.


Name: MarioBoyWII
BL_ID: 25485
Previous Experience: "colorful" servers (meaning it ranges from doctor who RP to alien camp RP to parties and especialy DMs
Who recommends you?: marioblock12345, lbpguy20,
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): because I have a long history with building and hosting TDMs. And I have a TON of addons, so I know what they do, so If I see any in my reach I'll check it somewhere else besides the server (like the forums). I have been taught to ensure that what I do on the web doesn't disturb others but keeps people in line.

Ry: Wait haven't we like, rejected this guy like 5 times already?
Ike: Can't make up my mind on this one here, I'll revisit it later.
TBP: no
Ipquarx: the why should I accept is adequate, but everything else looks oddly fishy, it's a pass from me.
Rotary: no
Silicon: I don't count much of anything as experience if it includes the words "RP", "Party", or "Doctor Who". It's a show, not a server. No.
Dr. Zegobob: I think this lacks recommendations and you should explain your experience more. No.
Narkro: Needs more experience with reccomendations.
Jetz: Having a ton of add-ons is not a valid qualification, neither is being taught not to disturb anyone. I don't even know how a Doctor Who RP would work. And I don't want to know. No.
Aware: What do add-ons have to do with this server? No.
Marioguy0:  You seem like you could know what you're doing, but your application doesn't project that idea very well at all.  No.


Name: iKindle
BL_ID: 32755
Previous Experience Administrating: I was helping with 1/4 Cup on stuff, and helping XD on the Neighbor RP.
Who recommends you?: Mentalface, Blockaloni (I was gonna be on youtube 2nd time), and 1/4 Cup.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): Well, I was doing stuff on my server, for some platformer bricks, then I deside to go from another server, Like Grapple knife, freebuild, etc. (Or other stuff Blah) Concerning, that if im bored.
Your Timezone/Region: Central time (UTC 06:00) - (US & Canada)

Ry: Your name is an oxymoron, if you divide oxygen out of the equation, you just get a moron. Pro skill and heavy useof emotes for bonus.
Ike: No.
TBP: no
Rotary: no.
Ipquarx: noooope
Dr. Zegobob: I don't think so.
Narkro: Needs more substance.
Jetz: Your irrelevant response has perfectly captured the feeling of responding to a question with an emotionless grunt. No.
Aware: Lacking info. No.
Marioguy0:  If you're going to apply, at least try to make your application not melt my frontal lobe.  No way.


Name: ResonKinetic
BL_ID: 8061
Previous Experience Administrating: In Blockland, I've been an administrator on a few servers, and took care of business, usual problem solving but this was mostly before the v21 update, so it's been a while unless you count my own servers. I have, however, had experience in taking care of other servers in games besides Blockland and managed well, but I won't delve into that.
Who recommends you?: Gizmo has stated he recommends me.
Why should I accept you?: Sometimes, the server isn't heavily populated, at times not even by administrators, which won't inspire people to come join and play as much. I figure that if there is another admin active at another time, they might see that one (or more) is on and start getting more active on the server at that time.
Another reason being that having another good quality administrator could help ease the load on other staff, and give them more freedom and have to worry a little bit less about troublemakers or what have you.
On a personal note, I am not partial and am very fair when it comes to making judgment calls, which I think are good qualities in any kind of person. Slowness to anger is another good quality, which I've retained. I wouldn't let emotions (assuming anyone could provoke me to that point over a video game) get in the way of fairness.
Your Timezone/Region: UTC -6 (U.S. Central Standard Time.)

Ry: Gogo Gizmo Gadget Admin application: It's super effective.
Ike: Great application; yes.
TBP: gizmo reccomends you, then yes. (also agreeing with ip, if you stink i'm blaming giz)
Ipquarx: I'm just gonna trust gizmo on this. If you suck it's on him :P
Dr. Zegobob: I think you're a mature person and even though you lack recommendations (even though you have Gizmo on there) and explanition of your previous experiences, your reasoning makes up for it.
Rotary: Yes And I've also seen how well you act on the server.
Silicon: yes
Narkro: You seem to act well, yes.
Jetz: Not bad. Well written and covers all the points it needs to without going on and on and on and on about them. Yes.
Aware: You're pretty lacking in recommendations, but I have played with you on the server and know that you can hold the job well. Yes.
Marioguy0:  I personally believe you need more recommendation than Gizmo.  I mean, come on, he's Gizmo!  Who knows what he could be thinking?  Aside from that, you seem alright, but I cannot give you an entire approval.  I must vote no.

Denied. You didn't meet the minimum requirements. Please re-read the "Basic Requirements for Applying" section. http://bossbattles.pecon.us/admin/

Name:That Blue Creeper
Previous Experience Administrating:Mr.tee, Bloxers, Hakusho, dame, wilder, Cookie Legend
Who recommends you?:Hakusho
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate):Im Good with eventing, And Really good listener. I always check what people say, And if I was admin, I can see what there doing, making sure there following rules.
Your Timezone/Region:USA Central Time

Ry: Creepers are green, you sir fail at colors, and therefore applications.
Ike: Not enough a good reason to accept, I'm gonna have to say no.
TBP: no
Ipquarx: Come back in a few years.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Rotary: no
Silicon: If only one person of the six people you listed recommends you, you might be a redneck.
Narkro: lol "good listener"
Aware: I've played with you on the server, and it would be nice to see you admin. But your admin application needs to be better written. Try again. No.
Jetz: Good listener? Questionable. Good writer? Better luck next time. No.
Marioguy0:  Your acceptance reasoning and recommendations are lacking.  If you wish to apply again, please focus more on those areas.  No.


Name: Tophat
BL_ID: 43,023
Previous administration experience:
I have Admin or Super Admin in many small servers. I placed the notable ones here to avoid clotting up the space here.
BlueDryBones1's Server, Prince Jay's Boss Battles, Oddity's Randomizer DM.
Who recommends you?
Aware, BlueDryBones1, John89, Luneth, Trifornt.
I have not checked in with everyone that might recommend me, if they wish to do so it is their choice.
Why should I accept you?
One good turn deserves another; This server has provided me much entertainment, I should return the favor by making it a better place for others to enjoy as I do. I understand the expectations required of admins here, it is a stressful job and I am fully capable of handing this. If I see another admin starting to decline, I step up for them until they can get back on their feet. If a problem arises, I will immediately investigate the issue; Even in the middle of combat, it matters not if the fight is important, the server has the highest priority. If at any time there is a heated discussion, I have the experience to cease the argument, despite my high Blockland identification. I customarily halt the fight before it boils over. I have seen what most of the community does; I know what to expect and how to deal with them when required. My judgment is imperfect at times, therefore I consult with another Admin if one is present, to determine what is in order. In conclusion, my punishments are not too harsh, I keep a clear mind when moderating, I am trusted by an extensive amount of people, and above all, I ensure everyone has a good time.
Timezone/Region: Eastern, US

Ry: You sir have a higher level of inteliigence then 90% of players in BL, congradulations to that.
Ike: Gonna have to say yes, Tophat's a friend o' mine and I trust him.
TBP: sure then. yes
Rotary: Yes
Dr. Zegobob: I've seen you in game and I think (based on that and this app) that you are up for the job. (Yes)
Ipquarx: Sure, you got my vote. Hopefully you'll live up to all this.
Silicon: yes
Narkro: I like the server priority. Yes.
Aware: I recommended him. So Yes. (Good luck! :D)
Jetz: Good pedigree behind this one. Got kinda bored in the reasons to accept, but I don't see anything particularly bad in there. Yes.
Marioguy0:  Based on the nature of your application and the experience I've had around you in the past, I will recommend you to become an administrator on the server.  Please don't turn out to be evil!


Name: Renousim
BL_ID: 16596
Previous administration experience: Brickitect and Sket's server
Who recommends you?: Kimon, Frontrox
Why should I accept you?:
 I want to be an admin on Pecon7's server because mostly I would like to help with buildings and maybe eventing, I enjoy helping people as an Admin on a server because it just makes me feel good. My friends have seen what I've built and say it is good, Two of them are The Brighter Dark and Brickitect. The server has gave me lots of entertainment, So I want to make it so others can get entertainment from it without any trouble. If there is a problem or something is broken in the build, I would be happy to fix it to make sure the gameplay is good for the players. If an admin is needed on the server you can PM me and if I am on my computer I would be happy to go and fix the problem. I really hope I get to be an Admin on the server ;)
Timezone/Region: Central

Ry: The competance of your engrish leaves a lert to be desrered. But, Frontrox tends to has dem good taste in folk so, lets hope you earned that. The winky face made me not trust this application.
Ike: Yes
TBP: i'm torn. frontrox is there but i- i'm not sure about kimon... gonna have to pass. the winky face is also making me a bit unsure.
Rotary: I don't know him this makes me unsure about this.
Dr. Zegobob: I don't think I know you either and if part of your reason for being an admin is just to make you feel good, then I'm not so fure about that. I know you have Frontrox in your recommendations, but you lack experience and further recommendations. I'm going to say no to this, sorry.
Ipquarx: I'm just gonna ignore the winky face and go with sure. Front, don't let us down!
Silicon: yes because frontrox recommends you.
Narkro: I don't really know frontrox too well, and the writing itself is lacking. No.
Aware: You seem very confident in your abilities, I like that. Your reasons are a little... off, most of that stuff is implied already. I see you a lot on the server and I think you might make a good admin. I don't even get what everyone is saying about the recommendations. Yes.
Jetz: Similar to Tophat, I got bored in the reasons to accept, but without the experience and recommendations to back it up. No.
Marioguy0:  Not much meat on this turkey that hasn't gone stale.  I'm sure it's been stated that simply becoming an admin to fix broken gameplay elements and add more of such isn't enough.  It will take more than that, friend.  No.


Name: Soule
BL ID: 34107
Previous experience:Admin: on some of my friends servers,A city rpg server that had to shut down (/Ty's City rpg)
Moderator: Outpacts City rpg And all of Tezuni's Servers There are more servers But they were Either Shut down or i just cant remember them
Why you should accept me:People ask me to apply on the server, Im friendly if people Need help Im always happy to come down on the server And Help those In Need of Assistance And im active on blockland alot just so Theres no Spammers,Rulebreakers,Client hackers (Computermix's hack client) Etc;
Recommendations: Redstoneguy,[Zacaust],Jacktank And The red spy
Region:Western Australia,Perth

Ry: Holy crap this guy can CamalCase like a boss. Also, admined Tezuni's servers, LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Ike: Not a very good admin, I'm going to say no.
TBP: no
Rotary: no
Silicon: My God. He Is A Great At Grammar. No.
Ipquarx: Nope.
Dr. Zegobob: No.
Narkro: Mixed up proper English and variable naming. Nope.
Aware: Implied generic reasons, admins on Tezuni's are notorious for abuse even after "the purge". also please keep to the format. Not today.
Jetz: "Im friendly if people Need help" What if they don't need help? Will you gouge their throat out like a Chupacabra? No.
Marioguy0:  I don't like the way you approached the application, as it appears you missed the point behind it.  I do not approve.


Name: X_X
BRLD: 38675
Previous experience: I played the server and i liked the admins
Who recommends you: Psp,s server and Agent Reds server
Why should i accept you: I liked the server and i wish to become an admin
Ry: PSP is a hooker and you should feel bad for being his admin.
Ike: No
TBP: no
Rotary: No. but.. you do earn the worlds shortest app award.
Silicon: Can you fit this in two lines on a scrabble board? Yes. Am I saying yes to this? No.
Ipquarx: Rating I give this application: X_X
Dr. Zegobob: I think this application has been posted more than once and each time you have failed to prove yourself as a quality administrator. No.
Narkro: nope.avi
Aware: I have nothing else to say but: No.
Jetz: You're that guy whose every forum post is a failed app. Come back in a few years, kid. You clearly aren't learning from your mistakes yet. No.
Marioguy0:  Check back in three years, maybe by then you will have ceased being a child.


Name: Skip
BL_ID: 807
Previous administration experience: Several Blockland servers and some other games, so far back in the past I can't be bothered or remember to name them. I do, however, actively moderate a popular Space Station 13 server (population ranges everywhere from 15-60 players on throughout the day), so I know how to deal with and defuse things while juggling several issues at once (though, it's worth noting, in that position, I have to hand it off to someone higher to actually apply any punishment).
Who recommends you?: I haven't asked anyone that would actually be known here but I can direct you to an admin or two from the aforementioned SS13 server who would definitely give an excellent word. Again, sadly, unless someone wants to speak up, I have no one from Blockland who would vouch for my adminning, as I haven't been horribly active.
Why should I accept you?: Firstly, I'd like to point out my reason for applying is simply "I like to think I'm good at administrating, and I very much enjoy doing it." I don't play here much (though recently I have been trying, but no one seems to be on when I am), but what little I have was definitely enjoyable, and I do like the server and its staff. Being an admin, honestly, would give a large boost to my time on the server, for reasons already said. All that said, to the actual question: I know what I'm doing. I don't provide anything new or exciting to the server (except my obvious and amazing charm), but I enjoy what I do and tend to do it well. Though I often joke about a "warn-kick-permaban" policy on my own server, this was, again, my own server, and is most often directed to those who are obviously there to be nothing more than a nuisance (which is a person who is very easy to recognize). If I see that a player has remotely any chance of improving or realizing what they did wrong and will understand and fix it, I let them. I remind them it's not tolerated at all, of course, but do so with a professional and proper level of politeness that is to be expected from an admin. Bans, of course, handed out where they're supposed to be, even with the politeless. I'm unsure of any policy that you have regarding bans, currently. It's also worth noting, a lack of communication between admins (as well as players) irks me greatly in any situation, so there'd be more worry about me double-checking with another admin nearly every time than me going about and banning without a word.
Timezone/Region: Central, USA -- Though, honestly, this doesn't mean much aside from "I don't show up at night, unless my sleep just happens to be absolutely ruined that week."

Ike: Yes.
TBP: yes
Rotary: Yes
Silicon: yes
Ipquarx: Shure.
Dr. Zegobob: I have to agree with everyone else that you should be accepted, and I trust that you know how to handle things on this server, even though the lack of Blockland experience and recommendations.
Narkro: Okay
Aware: Seems very knowlegeable. But you should still try to find some Blocklanders willing to recommend you. Maybe. I want to see who recommends you.
Jetz: Probably one of the most modest applications I've seen. On top of that, I'm not seeing any of the bland repetitive claims about oneself I see in virtually every other app. You know what, that may be enough, alongside generally good writing. Only flaw I see is a lack of recommendations but that sorta contributes to the good sense of self awareness permeating this app, so I'm willing to overlook that on the grounds that you could probably drum up some recommendations easily enough, anyway. Yes.
Marioguy0:  I feel your only missing piece in this aplpication would the the recommendations of other Blockland users, and I cannot truly give you the thumbs up because of that.  I abstain from this application. Oi, no cutting in line. Jetz you bag of amazing person meat listen to me!  TItan pad is buggy! So that's why you put your review before mine?  I was here sooner, and read the apps before you were around.  Got busy with homework.  So? Aware ended up overtaking me when we were simultaneously reviewing.  The order is dependant on when you typed your reply, not always  consistent.  Are we going to end up leaving this on the response list? That would be funny.  I think we should. It's up to you I guess. But put it in the right spot.  Is that spot above or below everybody else? Most recent replies last.  Oh fine, have it your way. We'll lose the color coding and this will get confusing when it's posted :( Y epGood .luck figuring it... WAIT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY PECON?  THIS CAN BE AVOIDED, YOU DON'T HAVE TO! This is a fantastic conversation.  I'm frightened.I'm not.okay...  Aware, what are you doing in here? fapping

Uh. Yes.

Accepted this session: Muzzles56, Tophat, Skip

Congratulations! If you've been accepted, it would probably be a good idea to add me on steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pecon7 That way I can stay in contact with you and get you more quickly acquaintanced with the server.

Congrats Tophat, Skip, and Muzzles56!

On a semi-related note, that last review for Skip went a bit awry.

Reason for admin
Really, Skip didn't really list any recommendations yet he got accepted.

Really, Skip didn't really list any recommendations yet he got accepted.


I guess I couldn't decide if it was an application or an aplpication.  Regardless, we're going to need an extra goat for the sacrificial induction.

Really, Skip didn't really list any recommendations yet he got accepted.
Would you recommend him?