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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1436740 times)

Admin application-Pecon7's Boss Battles

Username/BL_ID: Mr. Noobalot (37977)
People who recommend me: photokevv and SuperPrincessPeach
Why should you accept me: I always behave. I understand what I am told. I am like a robot who always obeys what other admins want me to do. (It's actually true!)
Moderation experience: No moderation experiences yet...
Admin experience(s): photokevv and SuperPrincessPeach said, "Mr. Noobalot was like a robot who always obeys commands. He will be a very well admin at other places. He also is a good behaving player. He was happy to have as an admin.

Admin application-Pecon7's Boss Battles

Username/BL_ID: Mr. Noobalot (37977)
People who recommend me: photokevv and SuperPrincessPeach
Why should you accept me: I always behave. I understand what I am told. I am like a robot who always obeys what other admins want me to do. (It's actually true!)
Moderation experience: No moderation experiences yet...
Admin experience(s): photokevv and SuperPrincessPeach said, "Mr. Noobalot was like a robot who always obeys commands. He will be a very well admin at other places. He also is a good behaving player. He was happy to have as an admin.


It should be noted that Gizmo does not have the authority to approve applications. He is also very close to losing the authority to use F7 to teleport anywhere but the acid pit.

Judging by the low level application, I think Gizmo was joking.

Judging by the low level application, I think Gizmo was joking.
Can't have anyone believing Gizmo has any idea what he's talking about!

Can't have anyone believing Gizmo has any idea what he's talking about!
It's happened. does this mean the apocalypse is arriving soon? or is it a one-time false alarm

Name: Johnny Blockhead

BL_ID: 26520 (forum account is 14903)

Previous administration experience: Hyaku's various servers, Box's servers, Crome's Deathmatches, Thex0r's Scallywag TDM[I'd also like to note I am the creator of Globeservers 1, Globeservers 2, and The Hub] This isn't even 1/4 of all of the servers I have administrated on, just can't remember. The clans I have created will not distract me. If I get accepted, I will full-on devote myself to the server.

Who recommends you?: Visolator, Mentalface, Hyaku [he recommended me before he died], Georges, Bluetoothboy, Mr. Aws, Scared Bear, IlTiratore, Caribou, Josheua, Granitrocky, Thex0r, (there are more, I need to remember. I am giving this my full effort)

Why should I accept you?: I have fallen in love with this server, it is a very fun place. I think it is safe to say that I have been here since the beginning. Before I came back into my old account (this one) I always read the pages of this topic, because I knew how great the people that administrate this server and post in the topic are. I've always seen the administrators as mature and wonderful role-models. As I observed the players on the server, I matured and grew. I have since then been administrator on various different servers. As administrator, I will make sure that nothing will bother the various players that join the server every day. I am not a super-strict-dictator, yet I am not the kind of admin that makes the server turn to hell. If I notice someone is at inconvenience, I will help them. Also, because Blockland just got on steam, I will try and be the best role model that I can. I notice that a crowd of new players seem to join your server, and I think it is an essential to show them the ropes. Also, when the admins are asleep, problems seem to pop up more frequently. I am proud to say that I am indeed a night owl and will spend time on the server at very late and early times.

Timezone/Region: Pacific Time Zone (California), USA
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Can't have anyone believing Gizmo has any idea what he's talking about!

Jetz is further foiling my plans. Typical.

Jetz is further foiling my plans. Typical.

There are others as well, you know.

Have you ever tried experimenting with different classes? The TF2 ones seem a tad overdone

When will Mocheeze be released to us to use?

Noteworthy announcement: You can now view achievements you have unlocked and view a list of achievements at the server! Do /achievements for information.

Noteworthy announcement: You can now view achievements you have unlocked and view a list of achievements at the server! Do /achievements for information.
Awesome! I'll be looking forward to getting more boss coins.

RIP hopes and dreams

Name: iKindle
BL_ID: 32755
Previous administration experience: Unknown Marine, NinjaSushi.
Who recommends you?: Blockaloni, Unknown Marine, Fourtestreakio.
Why  should I accept you?: The reason why I want to accept this  administrator is to be reasonable for who I am, and get experience the  people that needed help, Also, the people who been a lot of freebuilding  is spams all over.
and  other reason is that most around my server is very crazy today, and  they been uncomfortable for me and... they just do things whatever they  do, to get me bored. Also, most people like awesome people did what they  want to do.
last  main reason is that how I became what I want to be is to be reasonable I  want to respect for what they were and what they mean't. and I want to  be experience for what I'm in and what I don't. so this is why I want my  life to be what its like.
Timezone/Region: Central, USA.
Jetz: I can't even read this mess without my brain shutting off. No.
SiliconCactus: Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like? No.
siba: Nooooooooooooo.
Tophat: I'm with Jetz on this one. No.
Skip: ^^^^^
Name is Unavailable: Do you even speak english? No.
TheBlackParrot: no
lugnut: there are words here i think
Ike: "Freebuilding is spams all over." No.
In-Game Name: Mr Queeba
BL-ID: 44574
Who Recommends me: Some of my friends that played BL. People are The G.I of M.A, and also Furion. Frozen X2 also recommends me.
Where  I am Admin: Some random servers that are not that popular but I still  try to help out people in them. I am Admin in Doaler4back's Boss  battles, Frozen X2's servers, and many more.
Admin  Expirience: I have a good amount of experience. I have played Blockland  for a few months now and I would also host my own servers and see what I  can do.
Where I have Moderator: Skelesys's Jail Escape. (It used to be a popular server.
Moderator  Experience: Considering the only place I got Mod was Skelesys's server,  I don't have much moderator experience but I was a active player on it  back when it was online and I was also a good mod.
Reason  why I want to be Admin: I love helping out other players when they need  it and punishing the Rule-Breakers. I promise I will be a good Admin  and no matter what I do in the server, I will help out. I will not let  the server down. So, here I am requesting Admin. If you Do accept me, I  will do the above. I promise. I am also a very active player so I can do  alot of moderating, but due to School not all the time. :D
Jetz: You did not follow the format. Made promises to do things expected of you. No.
SiliconCactus: Bad recommendations, "where I am admin" section actually lists a clone of our server. No.
siba: No.
Tophat: No.
Skip: Silly obvious promises, less than special, also what Silicon said. No.
TheBlackParrot: no
Name is Unavailable: Skipped format, little experience shown, basic reasons to be accepted. No
lugnags: sorry queeba you're queerba no but seriously i don't think you're admin material
Ike: Bad application, no.
Previous administration experience:
 All  of GoldWolf's, FlyingCat's and Moobot's and FoxieDelta's servers.  I  was a Moderator was a moderator for 8 months on the Official Minecraft  Forums before I retired.  I was Co-Owner of a Minecraft server with 100+  people playing (Jailbreak server).  I have owned a fewe Blockland  servers, each averaging about 20 people minimum (Called Pickaxe's  SpeedKart Racing).  I have Moderated a server on Minecraft with 500+  people minimum on the server, and I was it for a few months before  retiring (Skyblock Survival)
Who recommends you?:
 GoldWolf, FlyingCat, FoxieDelta and BladeBoy.
Why should I accept you?:
   Praise I am good with people, and know how to deal with spammers,  hackers, and abusers.  I can judge people fairly, and can make people  take my decision with arguing and raging, to keep the chat clean to  people who want to play.  I have donated a little, to show my support  for the server, and to keep it up and running.  Well, I spend a LOT of  time online, and I would like to keep it that was, because this is an  amazing server .
I  help people as much as I can and I give them what they need (e.g  command help, and add-on help), so they can enjoy Boss Battles just as  much as me. I have a lot a patience and can cope with the mass of people  shouting at me to do stuff, a proved by me being an Ex staff member of  many servers, and an ex-MCF Moderator. I can normally get on at least  15+ hours a week, and I will spend 15 hours of this helping people out  when they need it, even if i am doing something. I know all the  information and add-on knowledge needed for Mod and I know how and what  to do, so I can get on with what I am doing without people shouting at  me. I can be trusted, and will not abuse my powers, as I have never done  so in the past, and I never plan to do so. I can keep the people under  control and make everyone happy whatever I do. I am a quick learner so I  will really easily learn all the basic commands and how to use them. I  am a friendly member of the community and have made a lot of friends on  Boss Battles, which also says I am a good member of the community. I  keep the rules and enforce them to the best of my ability. The main  reason I am applying, though is because I hardly see any Moderators on  when I am, so I would like to fill the gap where i so noone (Like 2  hours a day). The times I am mainly online are: Weekdays: 4-6pm GMT and  weekends 9am-6pm GMT, so I can be online when members need me most.  Another reason I am applying is because I always see a lot of  unresponded calls for help, and I can visit them and complete these, so  people can enjoy playing without the complaining. and that. I can keep  everyone under control and I know how to ban and what to ban for, which  means I can keep everyone happy without the newb rage that the people  cause over silly bans. I know and understand why everything is done, and  can quickly adapt to changes. I am applying at 14 because I believe  being an ex-staff member of so many places has gained that I am mature  enough
 to be a Moderator, so you kn
ow  I can be trusted not be stupid 24/7. I can cope with the pressure with  being a Moderator as proved by my MCF Mod status.  I don't belong to a  perticular friend group, and to be honest most of my friends are  trustful members, so I will inflict the correct punishment upon  everyone, and not be bias.  I will keep them under control if they rage,  and allow the to adapt to their punishment, so they come off OK with  what they have been punished with and for.  I know all the reasons to do  this, becuase of my experiance, so I wont do it for a bad reason.  I am  active in chat, so i can get them warnings in easily, and at the  correct time.  I can also help people with all that they need.  If they  need anything, I'll be there, and can keep it up with multiple people at  once becuase of my experience. 
GMT+0, England.
SiliconCactus: You mentioned donating and being 14; this is not needed. You can basically cut out half of your application. No.
Jetz: Take some hedge trimmers to this. You have the makings of a good application in there but your presentation is a mess. No.
siba: No.
Tophat: This looks like "I'm a good admin, I won't abuse" a bunch of times. No.
Skip: Too wordy for few points. No.
Name is Unavailable: I really hate when people use Minecraft servers as experience. Completely different community. Insufficient recommendations. Lots of circular reasoning, no thanks.
TheBlackParrot: no
lugnut: he says he was a mod on the official forums
hahah aha no
Ike: No
Name: Nal
BL_ID: 39528
Previous administration experience: Admin on Zapk's, Brotatoes, A-Specs, Jayces, Freeks, Boinks and DrenDrans
Who recommends you?:
The Big Bad Jellyfish
Why  should I accept you?: I like administrating on servers that I like. I'm  on blockland daily and I administrate a few popular servers to help  them. I enjoy administrating many servers that I go on, and I enjoy this  server. I'm admin on drendrans and I help out a lot since there arent  many admins on his server at all. I also administrate Zapk's almost  every single day when it gets popular. I've also administrated Brotatoes  bolder dash. I've administrated Drendrans farming and holocaust RP.  From Zapk's I administrated Rising Lava and Prop hunt from him. I'm also  moderator on his forums.
Timezone/Region: Central, USA
Jetz: You used half your reasons to accept you to restate your previous experience. The rest is insubstantial. No.
siba: No.
SiliconCactus: Great first sentence: "I like administrating on servers that I like."  Unlike people who like administrating on servers they dislike. Ike recommends you though, so I'm going to say yes.
Tophat: I do know a few people in that list, so I believe you would be up for this. Yes.
Skip: I'm going to go with "no" from what I've seen of you on the forums, simply. I'm also not familiar with any of your recommendations, aside from DrenDran and Ike, but regardless. Your attitude strikes me as unsuitable. Again, no.
Name is Unavailable: Familiar with several of your recommendations and previous experience, but I'm hesitant to say yes because of what I've seen of your personality. No, with respect.
TheBlackParrot: yes, based on previous experiences.
lugnut: yes but like when are you going to have time to admin pecons server if youre busy with other people???
Ike: Yes.
Previous administration experience: (hostname -- blid)
    Pecon7 -- 28062
    Bomb Kirby -- 11994
    Tophat -- 43023
    bµbbler -- 9772
    Alex Man -- 20514
    Orion -- 3599
Who recommends you?:
    all hosts above with the possible exception of pecon7
    Ipquarx (i think)
    Arkenov (maybe)
    anyone else who would want to recommend me
Why should I accept you?:
After  a while of being around and enjoying myself, I've thought a lot about  doing more for it. I've already been admin on the server before, and  I've been told that I did a pretty good job before a certain incident  that ended with my administration being revoked. Nobody's fault but  mine, of course, but I've tried to improve. I've re-applied before,  unsuccessfully, so after that I decided to wait for a while.
    Of course you expect me to be a good admin, ban starfishs, all that jazz  that's rehashed in a lot of applications, so that's obvious. I've been  told that while I can get particularly heated, I know when to act and  stop, and if someone has a problem, I'll be on that stuff like peanut  butter on the roof of your mouth -- except in a good way. So, now that  it's been a while, and I've had quite a while to get better, I feel that  it's a good time to try again (third time's the charm), and hopefully  continue contributing to the server.
Not very long of a reason, but quality over quantity????
Atlantic Standard Time (GMT +2:00)
Jetz: I'd vote yes if we could put you on some sort of probation. Get someone to monitor your behavior as an admin. Nobody seems to want to, though, so I have to say no. No.
siba: forget no.
SiliconCactus: No.
Tophat: For starters, you didn't even ask me to recommend you and I don't host a public server that often, so I should not be in there at all. No.
TheBlackParrot: no
Skip: No because apparently random recommendations.
Name is Unavailable: If someone gets fired from a job they tend to not get it back if they reapply, with good reason. No
lugnut: i dont even remember what you did wrong but i guess no...?
Ike: I'm gonna have to say no
Name: Momentum
BL_ID: 25282
Previous administration experience: Drendran's servers, Nalnalas' Servers, Ladezkik's Servers, Brotatoe's Servers.
Who recommends you?:
- Nalnalas
- Drendran
- IkeTheGeneric
- Jam Jar
- Tetris
- Plad
Why should I accept you?:
Well,  In order to comprehend why you should give me admin, you must envision a  beautiful, green pasture, full of life, but the life isn't what you  would expect. The life is actually my admin experience on many great  servers, such as Drendran's servers, IkeTheGeneric's servers, and  Nalnalas' Servers. In this epic 5 paragraph essay, I will take you on a  journey of the senses to comprehend why you; the glorious, handsome,  stoic pecon7, should give me admin on your beautiful server.
Let's  be honest here, Drendran's servers are wonderful, but sometimes, the  community that gets involved in the server's works isn't always actually  up to par, the community on some of Drendran's humble servers such as  speedkart with guns and the farming server were a delight to be a part  of the administration team, with the general community being very well  mannered, and the rest of the admin team being as glorious as you are,  pecon7. Drendran's speedkart server was also a hop, skip, and jump of  fun administrating, not only due to the wonderful community, but because  of all of my acquaintances who also went on it regularly.
IkeTheGeneric  was, and still is, an extremely creative person when it comes to making  and managing servers. I gained the wonderful privilege of getting to  administrate on Ike's servers from the summer of 2013, to now, that  period of time may seem short to the untrained eye, but me and Ike  bonded loads during that time, and i hope to be a part of his next  servers as well.
While  NalNalas may not exactly have a very popular position in the forums  today, Nal made great contributions to the Blockland master server list  with many great games such as the Holocaust RP, Paranoia, Boston Bombing  RP, and 9/11 RP. While those server names may offend you, I assure you  that Nal was very modest in creating an in-depth experience with the  player, Including getting gassed in Chambers in Auschwitz and  stimulating the roots of fear in his Paranoia DM.
So there you have it, those are only some of the many reasons why you should give me admin on your great establishment.
Kudos to all;
Timezone/Region: EST
Jetz: Your first paragraph was pretentious self centered horsestuff, decided in the second paragraph when you specifically decided to appeal to Pecon instead of the majority of reviewers. No.
SiliconCactus: I really can't be a choser with grammar on these applications, but jeez. Capitalize your Is, at least. Anyway, no.
TheBlackParrot: i was going to say yes but then i read your app.
Tophat: I am, for the most part, speechless, not in a good way. No.
siba: No, you were doing fine up until the paragraph.
Skip: no
Name is Unavailable: If your application is in the form of a school essay, I'll grade it like one: 20% see me after class.
lugnut: i dont like how he wrote about other people? couldn't you write about yourself and not how other people suck...? also you didnt meet the word minimum of forget number of words
Ike: Gonna have to say no, this guy beat me up in a dark alleyway. Not good experience.
Name: Seh
Previous experience: Kong123's, ad Cat123's
Who  recommended me: Powerfulman99/JBlitz404 BL_ID:34270 , Daniel  BL_ID:40345 , Amir BL_ID:36590, and Serings BL_ID:22122. Host  recommendations: Heedicalking BL_ID: 3291, Speedstacking BL_ID:32704
Why you should accept me:
I'm a kind and helpful player, that is pretty laid back about most things. I get along with players pretty
well and I rarely get in fights. Lastly, I'm very trustworthy and reliable
Timezone/region: Central, USA (Wisconsin)
Tophat: For one, I have never, in all my times of going to Kong's, have I seen you there, or Cat's. I'm not sure Heed would recommend you, either, and you didn't finish the application.
Jetz: And...? I mean this might work as a Nice Person Application but that's not what we're here for. What will you offer us? I see no answer here. No.
TheBlackParrot: no
SiliconCactus: You said the most general things about why you should be an admin. Laid back? Get along with players "pretty well"? No.
siba: Not enough of an application; no.
Skip: no
Name is Unavailable: Skeleton of an application. No
lugnut: no
Ike: Bad application, no.