Do you agree with the OP?

100% - Yes, It's like the OP read my mind.
75% - Yes, I think most of what I've read holds true.
50% - Meh, Some of it I agree with, some of it I don't.
25% - No, For the most part, I don't really see any of this, but I can agree with a few things.
0% - No, The OP clearly has no idea what he's talking about.

Author Topic: Blockland Today - The Fun Is Missing... Or is it?  (Read 15275 times)

The game would be stuff without any of the older members making add-ons.
I don't see how we would be the ones ruining it, but only making it better.

The game would be stuff without any of the older members making add-ons.
I don't see how we would be the ones ruining it, but only making it better.
The game could be just as fun with no add-ons if you could use your imagination. OK, I admit it would be it wouldn't be as fun without any add-ons but still you can have lots of fun with just the basics.

Also I'm not blaming the older members for ruining the game, I'm saying that the only reason it's not fun anymore is simply because you don't enjoy it as much anymore.

Be honest, how much have you actually played the game in the last week?
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Grapple knife Tdms.

I do agree with most of what you said, but I think the problem is that t people who can actually create decent servers just don't. A lot of the people I remember hosting don't host anymore. I think people just need to start actually playing blockland for what it is. Most of us just join crappy TDMs because we don't want to make something ourselves.

Yes I have. I actually played a City RP with hunger for the first time and it was actually fun if you got into it. Kalphiter was having a blast :3
Other than that, all the other games got boring to me in about 15 minutes, which included Cat123's Knife TDM, Glass' Trench Wars, Heedicalking's Slopes TDM, and Xalos' Murder Mystery. As you can see, over half were TDMs, and they were all very boring in about 10 - 15 minutes.

I sometimes host server wich will need a fair amount of players to work properly and be fun, but most people leave before another player joins.

I think you found our motto....
Get a better computer. Brick lag only happens on computers with bad graphics cards. The only reason you can still play BL anyways is because it's not that graphic or memory intensive anyways.

You have good intentions but are bringing it a little too far. Stick with the barebone basics and leave the rest for later.

Topics like "How to build effectively/efficiently" and "How to set up a minigame" is neutral enough. Avoid topics like "how to build like a pro" and "how to host a server" because all you're doing is imparting your own opinions onto someone else, lessening the creative capabilities of new players. Yes, there are some things in these topics that should be mentioned, but don't go overboard and begin to tell them what to do. Teachers don't give opinions to students, they just present facts and allow them to interpret them. Teachers that do aren't good teachers.

It's a sandbox game, and you can do anything. The ideas for Add-Ons are practically limitless. You can make it fun, or do nothing and get bored.

The game is what you make of it.

its a sandbox game. if you are bored you have only yourself to blame.

its a sandbox game. if you are bored you have only yourself to blame.

That's not true. You know as well as anyone how heavily this game relies on the community to operate. I mean, this whole discussion is mostly about the multiplayer aspect of the game. You can't blame someone for disliking the excess amount of poor quality servers these days.

But you can blame them for not making a server themselves. If it attracts people who don't play properly, and are idiots, make a Gallery topic with a password in there. That way people will read the whole post, get some insight on the game and build, then see the password and know exactly what they're doing when they join.

"How to setup a successful server" would not be "Do it exactly this way and only this way" like Tammy seems to make it out to be.

Instead it would be like those sticky posts you see in forums. The "How to post a good help thread"
It isn't dictating what you do in any way, and it's not forcing a group's opinion down your throat.
Instead it's educating on what would usually yield good results.

It would have things along the lines of; Think about the experience of other players. Don't be an abusive ass-hole admin. Give warnings before you kick or ban. A board of rules near the spawn will help answer repetitive questions from newbies. etc, etc.

And for "how to a better player" would be things like; Spamming the chat will likely get you a kick or ban. People usually don't like it if you build a house out of red 1x1 bricks. Most server hosts will not give you admin if you ask for it. Be a team player in team objective servers. Judging somebody because of a high ID number might make your snake smaller. And so on.

I think a good way to counter bad servers would to have a resource of builds in the gallery. Nobody ever posts saves of what they do because people will try to 'steal' their build, even though it's on the gallery.

Well, i am currently thinking of working on a challange server, which is very optional so no one can ever get clogged up in the first level since there are three different ones. It would be divided into three parts, one would be Mystery based, which is finding stuff, answering questions, etc. then the next is Platform based, meaning wall climbing, bouncing, jumping. then the third will hopefully be very legend of zelda like - with a lot of puzzles and traps.

I've drawn a few concepts, and they look pretty good so far.

I also hope, that after the update people will finally begin and use some creativity and build something great. Actually the game is called BLOCKland and not LAZYland.

It is currently the next day for me. Rykuta needs to get on so we can start planning this properly.

Also, I just realized that now stuffty deathruns are being hosted. There was on up last night, and now there is one up now.
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