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You are in front of an infinitely tall and long brick wall. Behind it is a thing called the "AMULET OF AWESOMELY AWESOME AWESOMENESS", and you want it. Unfortunately, it's right behind the wall. So, you made a decision. A titular decision.

You must destroy the wall.

You post an attack action, I hit to determine the outcome:

1 (epic fail): You mess up spectacularly horribly, and I flip a coin to determine your fate: 1 means you perish and must be revived (more on that later), 2 means you survive.
2 (kinda fail): You fail your action.
3 (kinda success): You satisfy your action a bit.
4 (success): Your action is precisely fulfilled.
5 (great success): Your action is a spectacular success.
6 (overshot): Your action is bafflingly bested and I roll again to see what comes out of it.
 - If I second-roll 5, you are sent into "rage" and your attacks are strongr for 5 turns.
 - If I second-roll 6, and THEN roll 5+, you get into "uberrage" and your attacks are a guaranteed roaring success, even more so than rage, for 3 turns. Then you perish.

If you perish, you can roll for revival. The minimum number declines over time. Or, you can try to revive someone else for a minimum that's lower by 1.

You can summon things to aid you, but you need a minimum of 5 rolled to succeed in summoning it.
If you summon and roll a 6, the second roll is counted as a first attack roll, and so on.

That's pretty much it.

The pleasure of being cummed inside

WALL HP: 1,000,000
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Hit it with a fully loaded cargo plane.

I do a dance on the wall

Take some mortar out of a brick and remove the brick from the wall.


Ally yourself with the wall. To prove your worth, smear dog semen all over it. The p-spot fluid is highly alkaline, which neutralizes acid. The humans won't be able to use any acid-based attacks.
Turn gravity around to stand on the wall.

PurpleMetro (3) Your bomb explodes near the wall.
Gojira (6/1/1) You prowl the overloaded cargo plane into the wall at mach five, forgetting to jump out at the last minute. SCREWED, 2 lives left
Unavailable (3) You.. spit... at the wall..?
masterockets (5) You do an excellent mix of cowboy tap dancing, grim fandango and swan tango on the wall, dismissing all laws of gravity.
Fastlex (2) You can't seem to remove a brick from it. Might be just you.
Duhman (5) You remember your karate lessons and repeat the brick chop move, causing a considerable crack in it.
TheKid (5) You scrape out as much loose cement as you can and then pull the brick from the wall. Behind it is more cement.
FancyPants (2) You summon a pair of earrings. Congratulations..?
Port (6/4) You run far back and then dismiss gravity, causing you to fly at the wall. You somehow survive the landing, knocking in some bricks.

WALL HP: 998, 497

Lives reminder:
[♥♥x] Gojira (awaiting revival)
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Hire large muscular men to attack the crack. Whack tack.  :cookieMonster:

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i'll show the title font to the wall and it will die of disgust

drink sulfuric acid, then piss on the wall