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Author Topic: Warframe Megathread - fifth anniversary - log in before 3/28 for excal skin  (Read 134719 times)

just started playing the game today, and holy stuff. Its good.

yeee finally got a braton riven

gives extra corrosive :O

what the HECK is that fashion frame...........

orange is the new black

whomst wants (maybe)
they are not codes, they'll have to link their warframe account with your twitch prime account

I'll take the frost prime

i made primed hammer shot (for latron :P)

im glad cuz now it works well with both latrons, that being wraith and prime

you're getting all the rivens i want blocko

i'm driving to your house right now with my loving galatine, better hand over those rivens

galatine is the only melee thats worth a damn