Author Topic: The Chronology of the Blockland Forums  (Read 259475 times)

*just makes a new one*
It'll never be the same, all of those posts, those pages, those moments, are now all lost to time, like tears in rain...

@rotondo @badspot anyone?? please revive it

Knew the guy with autism was gonna make a new one the second I saw the post saying it was gone.

You should include NumberOneTuxedo's Quest as the current, on-going, and successful quest on the Blockland Forums as it just reached its third page (Up to you, I'd suggest you add it in if you plan wait until it reaches page 5 or something).

forums only had 6 posts again on the 4th

The Blockland Forums reaches a record low of 5 posts on May 15th
The countdown starts

truly a tragic loss

     /| | | |_
     || | | | |
     || | | | |
    _||     ` |
   \\`\       ;
    \\        |
     \\      /
     | |    |
     | |    |

It's unfortunate when you go back and see how badspot treated us when we were all kids/teens, although it also explains why he abandoned us and we probably deserved it.
(and probably why lego stopped talking to badspot)

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User was banned for this post
First ban in quite a while, also just first activity from Badspot in quite some time.
Nevermind, I missed that one from april.

oh my god one of his last posts was on this very page. spooky stuff man

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8/10 in bed, 10/10 in the shower, 4/10 everywhere else
we'll miss you buddy

Also I don't even read 1% of the posts on the forum, so if something doesn't get reported then it doesn't get moderated - and people don't seem to report general richardery.