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Author Topic: B.F.B.B-2 [No Longer Interested]  (Read 256284 times)

Attempt to overpower this man. I still have my electricity.

Texan101 is regenerated in one of Tuevon's revival pods.  Looking through the frosted glass, he sees a silhouette appear, casing a shadow over the pod.  The pod opens with a hiss of steam and an arm reaches in and pulls out Texan by the shirt collar, leaving Texan staring into the enraged eyes of Tuevon, the owner of the underground bunker.

The man speaks, "Listen, punk; I was merciful when you shot that high-speed projectile at my units, but I hope to the bottom of my heart that it is abundantly apparent that I do not tolerate infighting.  They are your enemy!" The man says pointing behind him to a monitor showing live air surveillance of the hive's forces congregating at the hive entrance.

"I. am. NOT.  your enemy!" he says, shaking Texan before casting him to the side to Taval, who stands nearby.

Tuevon turns away from him and clears his throat and straightening his own clothes.

"Do we have an understanding, now?" he says suddenly in a calm tone. "I don't want to be your enemy, so please, do not thwart with my network..."

After turning and seeing Texan trying to process what just happened, he speaks up, "Taval, please show Texan to the equipment room to get him his insulated headset; also, call AVLAC-2 in to pick him up and transport him back to the battlefield."

Attempt to overpower this man. I still have my electricity.

Attempt to overpower this man. I still have my electricity.
b r u h

Spray bullets at the wall with 2 rather large Uzis.

Attempt to overpower this man. I still have my electricity.

The talking duck enlarges his foot using magic and swoops all the Drone's leg. Causing them to trip.

Maybe fire the LOIC now?

if my rift is still open, starting the summoning process for a Reaver-Class Battle Titan

Turn 71 Results

Twix overcharges his fighter's weapon systems. Causing them to discharge a large amount of energy into a single blast. Inflicting 200(-30%) energy damage to the Drone Defensive Line. This overcharging however forces a 'Cooldown'.

ZeUberMedic lights a molotov before hurling it at the feet of the Drone Defensive Line. The fire spreads quickly and engulfs them!

SOBP fires a high-explosive round at the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 150(-30%) bomb-element damage.

AL-22 fires a series of krak missiles at the Hive Wall. The Drone Defensive Line blocks the attack, taking 225(-30%) bomb-element damage.

TheMrDoors curses openly before hurling knives at the Hive Wall. One of the drones from the Drone Defensive Line steps in front of them and takes the blow, for 160(-30%) total physical damage.

Bloo Kirby the 2nd hurls dynamite at the Hive Wall. The Drone Defensive Line blocks the attack and takes 250(-30%) bomb-element damage from the explosion.

failbros2 fires the Goliath Tanks quad cannons at the Hive Wall. The drones get in the way, causing them to take 180(-30%) physical damage.

Redconer unleashes a fury of kicks at the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 210(-30%) physical damage.

Space1255 activates his nerdiness and uses a variety of yu-gi-oh summons. Bringing forth Googly Eyes Drum Dragon. As well as triggering it's ability. This series of actions not only inflicts 'Summoning Sickness'. But also inflicts 'Summoning Vulnerability'.

Texan101 is geared up by tuevon and re-deployed to the battlefield via AVLAC to join the fight!

TableSalt draws a pair of Uzi's, spraying both clips into the Hive Wall. The Drone Defensive Line steps in front of it, taking the full clips for 180(-30%) physical damage.

A Talking Duck magically enhances his foot, sweeping it through the legs of the Drone Defensive Line. Knocking them down and inflicting 80(-30%) physical damage.

Shinyarceus4 fires the LOIC at the Hive Wall. This attack the drones cannot block, causing the wall to take 200(-50%) energy damage.

JamesH begins to summon a reaver-class battle titan.

HVACS-4 ascends to great altitudes, performing dedicated thermal scans of the hive. With this, it will be able to notify the players of incoming foes.

HVACS-1, 2, and 3 go idle, prepared to intercept any airborne threats.

AEGIS-1, 2, 3, 4 focus fire on the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 250(-30%) total energy damage.

GCQCS-1 & 2 dash towards the Hive Wall. The drones get in the way and take their blows, sustaining 195(-30%) energy/physical damage.

The Ice Golem casts 'Absolute Zero'. Rapidly lowering the temperature of the surrounding area to it's lowest possible threshold. The Drone Defensive Line is frozen solid! But so too is TableSalt, Bloo Kirby the 2nd, and shinyarceus4.

Ice Warriors cast 'Frozen Shield'. Providing ZeUberMedic a temporary shield.

Hive Wall

[ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▊ ]
98.00% HP

Afflicted With: 'Hive Adhesive'
(50% Damage Resistance)
(Immune to debuffs that deal damage over time)
(Immune to debuffs that reduce damage resistance or increase damage taken)
(Only true damage can ignore this buff)

Drone Defensive Line
Three drones which have responded to the banshee's calls. They will hold the line and prevent the wall from taking damage as long as they can. More hive are sure to follow them.
Afflicted with 'Stalwart Servitude'
(This unit cannot be made an ally)
Afflicted with 'Defensive Line'
(So long as this unit remains alive, it will attempt to block and take any shots directed at the hive wall
Loses one drone every 1500 HP lost, which decreases block capabilities further
Afflicted with 'Thick Skin'
(Takes 30% less damage)
Afflicted with 'Armored Skull'
(Cannot be headshot)
Afflicted with 'High Pain Tolerance'
(This unit is difficult to stun)
Afflicted with 'Frozen'
(Cannot perform actions)
(Takes double damage from ice-element attacks)
(Extinguishes Fire)

The Reaver will be fully summoned on turn 73.


[Active Effects]


Runner-Class thermal signatures have been detected approaching the hive entrance. Expect runners to join the battle next cycle!

I pull out a heavy bolter, trying to gun down the center drone.

Attempt to zap all the drones at once.

stop. just... no.

I've already cleared up the problem with the infighting. He's fine.

Plant some extremely explosive explosives on the wall.