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Author Topic: B.F.B.B-2 [No Longer Interested]  (Read 256271 times)

LTS targets the defensive line.

SPLP fires upon the defensive line.

I help the assistant drone in building the pilot drone, (1 turn left)

The duck quacks really loud in a different direction in order to delay the drones arrival.

I get the dragon to attack the wall again, no buffs. Need that last overlay unit to bring it back.

Magnum kick one of the drones in the head.

when in doubt, use a flamethrower

when in doubt, use a flamethrower
That with my electrical attack should do a lot. I

can I join the thing

Turn 72 Results

AL-22 draws a Heavy Bolter. Unloading a clip into the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 270(-30%) physical damage.

Texan101 unleashes an electrical discharge against the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 120(-30%) lightning-element damage.

TableSalt is frozen and cannot perform actions.

LTS targets the Drone Defensive Line. Pinpointing them.

A Talking Duck emits a loud quack in the opposite direction, which should momentarily delay the approaching runners.

Space1255 orders Googly Eyes Drum Dragon to attack again.

Redconer receives assistance from TheMrDoors. Shinyarceus4 cannot assist because he is frozen.

Redconer performs a powerful magnum kick! The impact against the Drone Defensive Line inflicts 400(-5%) physical damage.

ZeUberMedic draws a flamethrower and flames up the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 80(-5%) fire-element damage. The fire melts the ice encasing them.

AEGIS-1, 2, 3, and 4 focus fire on the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 300(-5%) total energy damage.

GCQCS-1 & 2 charge into the Drone Defensive Line. Swinging their swords and inflicting 225(-5%) energy/physical damage.

The Goliath Tank fires the Phalanx Autocannon into the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 105, 95, 100 PIERCING damage.

The Ice Golem casts 'Ice Wall' on Space1255. Providing him an icy wall of protection.

Googly Eyes Drum Dragon attacks the Drone Defensive Line. Inflicting 400(-5%) physical damage.

Ice Warriors launch frigid missiles. Inflicting 100(-5%) ice-element damage to the Drone Defensive Line.

Hive Wall

[ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▊ ]
98.00% HP

Afflicted With: 'Hive Adhesive'
(50% Damage Resistance)
(Immune to debuffs that deal damage over time)
(Immune to debuffs that reduce damage resistance or increase damage taken)
(Only true damage can ignore this buff)

Drone Defensive Line
Three drones which have responded to the banshee's calls. They will hold the line and prevent the wall from taking damage as long as they can. More hive are sure to follow them.
Afflicted with 'Stalwart Servitude'
(This unit cannot be made an ally)
Afflicted with 'Defensive Line'
(So long as this unit remains alive, it will attempt to block and take any shots directed at the hive wall
Loses one drone every 1500 HP lost, which decreases block capabilities further
Afflicted with 'Thick Skin'
(Takes 30% less damage)
Afflicted with 'Armored Skull'
(Cannot be headshot)
Afflicted with 'High Pain Tolerance'
(This unit is difficult to stun)
Afflicted with 'Pinpointed'
(-25% damage resistance)
(-50% evade)
Afflicted with 'Weakened Defense'
(60% less likely to successfully block an attack from reaching the hive wall)

The Reaver will be fully summoned on turn 73.


[Active Effects]


The approaching runners have been delayed only one turn. Use this opportunity! They cannot be rerouted again.

HVACS intercepts and destroys gliders which attempted to join battle this cycle.

when shuttles come???

install improved coolant systems in fighter to make lasers cool faster

edit: hahahaahah whoops i'm a dipstuff dummy
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wait when did i get frozen again