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This year the main pair from last year's celebration, DrenDran and Momentum, along with some help from the original host of New Years, Kalphiter, have put together this years New Year's celebration. This year we are hoping to make a more gamemode and event focused experience. With a combination of persistent whole night long games as well as some planned events and tournaments. In this vein we've tried to cut down on the extraneous meme content that was such a facet of previous years and focused on what is truly important to the Blockland New Years experience. Finally, we've got a better handle of the music for this year. Rather than having ~200 loops many of which will not be used, we now less than a hundred tracks. We have a new music system which can play music both looping and non-looping and handle longer music tracks without a music brick. Our music selection is slightly less focused on techno and meme content, while including some more classical holiday and new years tracks.

The server has a roles system which divides people into Hosts, Admins, and VIPs. Hosts have white admin orbs, admins green admin orbs, and vips red admin orbs. Hosts and admins are somewhat self-explanatory but VIP is a special role that includes access to /find and /spy commands as well as the ability to admin orb and send formatted chat messages. VIP can be granted upon request by Momentum or DrenDran or won automatically through many of our scheduled events.

Whole-night games:
  • Tower-top knife deathmatch --- Get teleported to the top of the towers and you can travel between towers to stab people with a knife. Fall of the towers and you automatically die. Kill 8 different people in one life and get VIP.
  • Prize brick hunt --- You'll be able to turn off a bar at the bottom of your screen that turns red when near a prize brick, and blue when further away. At any given time there will be 10 flashing bricks somewhere in the build that you can click on to get some sort of prize. Prizes may be cosmetic or in rare cases, grenades or other useful items.
  • Pass the cocaine --- Sometimes a random person will give you cocaine and you have to pass it to someone else. If the time runs out when you have it, you'll be teleported to prison for a short time.
  • Prison break --- People can escape from prison or try and catch those who try and escape.
  • Soccer
  • Cinema --- Be sure to get the .dll if you want to watch movies with us.
  • Cyber farming --- ???

Special events:
  • Mini-racing --- Get turned into mini cars on a mini track in the city and try and race to the finish.
  • Boxing tournament --- From last year, sign ups will be available long before hand and people will be matched off in pairs until a winner emerges. They will win VIP.
  • Pacer test --- From last year, whoever lasts the longest will be granted VIP.
  • (Team) deathmatch --- The stage is replaced by a skyscraper which will have its own fully contained (T)DM you will be able to join and leave at will.

If you win in one of our scheduled events, free VIP will be awarded!
  • ??? --- Server is opened, preload and pre-party begins
  • 3:00 --- Preload ends, gates open
  • 3:30 --- Team deathmatch build loaded
  • 4:30 --- Mini-racing tournament begins
  • 5:30 (or race end) --- Boxing tournament begins
  • 6:30 (or boxing end) --- Pacer test begin
  • 7:00 --- European celebration
  • 8:00 --- Prison break
  • 9:00 --- Deathmatch build loaded
  • 10:00 --- Pacer test second round
  • 11:00 -- Boxing tournament second round
  • 11:45 --- Gamemodes close for main celebration
  • 12:00 --- Main celebration
  • 12:15 --- Normal activities resume
  • 1:00 --- Central time celebration
  • 2:00 --- Mountain time celebration
  • 3:00 --- Pacific coast celebration
All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Kidalex (Building, making the topic)Queuenard (Scripting)
Blockbyte (Building)Celau (Forum pictures)
Sugar (Moral support)Razer (Building)

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Two New Years events? RIP achieving new highest player count i guess

However, this one is not infested with clique memes

The only memes i need in my Blockland New Years event is Subway's hot spicy italian sandwiches and David Hasselhoff

Two New Years events? RIP achieving new highest player count i guess
Yeah that kind of went out the window a few months ago when the creator base split.
Also, we got 188 players last year. That's probably the limit of what BL can even handle.
However, this one is not infested with clique memes
The only memes i need in my Blockland New Years event is Subway's hot spicy italian sandwiches and David Hasselhoff
Yeah, we don't really care for all the weird inside jokes and stuff. It's more about the players, music, and games.
We do have the spicy italian suit though.