Author Topic: FelipeO_O_ || PMing Screamers and Generally Being Retarded  (Read 2901 times)

I eat turtles for dinner in my grass hut

So first of all I understand that there is already a topic regarding this waste of oxygen; however I feel that the current drama does not do Felipe's retardation justice.
Before we get into his brain-dead posts, here is him sending me a screamer:

He also sent the same screamer link to GreenBH
dude felipe sent me an epic message

it was an epic screamer trap link

it linked to (screamer warning)

is it bannable if it's in PMs or no

Enter the website at your own risk, you will be met with the dead girl and a looping screaming of a woman.

Oh and here he is denying it in the most half-assed way imaginable:
if you think that is me you are retarded.

it's obviously that dude is faking my posts.
Stop trying to make me guilty for no reason



Do you have evidence? stop


This is the part where I quote a large handful of Felipe's posts to exhibit his sheer lack of a brain.

are you retard?
you dont even know what  you are talking about

Am I a retard?

Where is your mom then?

 sucking other people richard ?
He is right about him being wrong, but he is wrong about him being right
dont know even how to spell

you are just like Curse You, a dumb
You must be retarded enough to make this thread.
I nominate too fire vine

cause he disagrees ne
this thread is retarded

Watch the real life
you are garbage itself
what about you? son of a american transgender
you bunch of weebs
im sorry

that is my richard
no stuff sherlock

In reference to a thread about a man DYING:
who is dis dood
when told who he is and is asked why he didn't just Google it:
Because it doesnt matter to me
Does it matter to you?

Stop posting and start to behave like a civilised
get out

I will be locking this until this incest stops.
If the three idiots want to discuss idiotic stuff. Go somewhere else other than behaving like brainless monkeys.
you call me idiot i call you retard
you are all ugly af
Not trying to be too transphobic  here.

But i have to agree at this point.

There is nothing that is hate more than Traps, and by traps i mean transgenders disguised as womans.

Do you know how painful is to a man know what the girl of his dreams for whom he dedicated for is a transgender?
so where am I living then?
lock this

useless stuff
two fat idiots getting mad at each other
Of course both require creativity and "thinking".

I'm just saying that game design emphatizes more your creativity.
prove me
Why does american taste like vomit?
what the forget is a "pendulum"?

black = USA should've had another 9/11

everyone in the bl forum is a stuffposter
omg another gay thread
is your mommy real?
retard drama again
no i'm not gay

I only speak english

Overall, I'm not sure why Felipe is still here; he definitely should have been banned long ago; his post history only spans nearly two years but nearly 75% of it is flaming and retardation. Don't be surprised if he spergs out and PMs anyone who replies to this thread a screamer link.

thank you GFD /support

here is another screen-recording of the screamer except without my BLF style enabled and I also reload the cache and the page several times.

part of me is convinced he's actually a troll whenever he does stuff like this

*angry Brazilian noises*

He seems to think he's being funny but he's really not lol, I really don't know if he's a troll or not. I am too surprised he hasn't been banned

it's a screamer, right? shouldn't he just be banned?

it's a screamer, right? shouldn't he just be banned?

Yeah except I guess Eric Hartman doesn't check his email too often; I guess I'll tweet Rotondo about Felipe

Yeah except I guess Eric Hartman doesn't check his email too often; I guess I'll tweet Rotondo about Felipe
make sure to say "FelipeO_O" so car felipe doesnt get banned

The only thing more serious than regular autism is brazilian autism

make sure to say "FelipeO_O" so car felipe doesnt get banned

The "help" I was referring to were two tweets in regards to getting the reCAPTCHA v1 updated on the forum registration and key retrieval pages.