Author Topic: the forget wrong with hootaloo  (Read 7328 times)

now the monkey comes out of the sleeve

alright thats too far wtf man

how do I flag posts on this website

oh you trying to assert dominance up in here don't worry I get your lingo

this ain't it chief

u ain’t dutch til you’ve put gorbachevstein on your auschwitzel
because im the only dutch person on this website

espio is a belgian waffle
to be fair he has the iq of a dutchman

so hootaloo why are you denying my dutch dna anyways.

because im the only dutch person on this website

I think the term  "disgusting Swamp-German" is more accurate.

dutch are basically the brazilians of central europe

dutchies don't even wear helmets 0/10

gotta wonder how the Dutch made an oven out of dunking your loveual partners under the covers when you fart. Sounds like some next level kinky stuff

maybe he was having a bad day

all that student debt made yall salty as forget 😂😂

i'm not in college yet dumb head