Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 507176 times)

you get a pair of shoes

i insert my. Bleached jugular

You get nothing and the machine turns off because the electric bill wasnt paid for all these years. In fact, was this building still intact? Holy forget.

I insert a dollar.

Felix edit your post..... i haven't flamed you in a while..... now..... follow the rules you insert a dollar and no being stupid.
chill brother damn

the machine magically starts working once more and you get a dr pepper.

i insert a spas 12

You get a shotgun slug in your skull.

I insert a dead fully grown healthy skeleton.

you get a living midget

i attempt to insert a tahoe but i end up just backing into it

You get charged for vehicular manslaughter

I insert two dollars

an offbrand soda was supposed to fall out, but it got caught.

as you left in diappointment, i come to shake the machine.

the drink falls down but it bursts, nice job, you got the machine sticky.

i carefully insert a plate of nachos

you get a plate of nacho cheese. no nachos, just the cheese that would go on nachos, if you had nachos
i insert an xbox 360

You get robux
I insert 5 nerf guns

you get shot in the face

i insert the titanic

a horrible recorder cover of "my heart will go on" plays, as it slowly dispenses the iceberg that destroyed the titanic

i insert a melodica

the machine gives you a carrot covered in aids blood; its in a bad mood today.

i insert indiana jones' fedora

several snakes slither out of the machine, wanting to escape
what does the inside look like, anyway?

i insert a webcam hooked up to a monitor outside the machine