Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 899269 times)

You get a canceled christmas out of 10.

I insert $1.

you get soda

i insert the furry disease cure bcz why not there is like 9000 of them anyways

You get fursuit

I put in a phone

you get a broken phone

i put in a super shotgun

you get a sub shotgun

i insert the lemons i've been getting and hope to get the reference

You get lemonade, life gave you that!

I insert the fursuit bcz i not furry

you get a sawblade stuck in your skull

i insert gekyume

you get circumzized

I insert a broken phoner

you get a knife to the richard

i insert a blank cd

you get a cd with a single second of audio that said pee pee

I insert a tasty and big and juicy (YUMMY) "hotdog"

a very echoy "mmm" can he heard from inside the machine
i insert all the items on the taco bell menu

the vending machine has diarhea

i insert my like $500 steam account

the vending machine buys copies of bad rats until it runs out of money

i insert a gundam

You get scrap metal

* Masterlegodude inserts one

you get your one dollar back

inserts one dollar